Best gas and electricity deals for students

The nice thing with a fixed-rate electricity plan is that you will know what to expect every month, which can come in handy when splitting your Texas electricity bill with your roommates. Unlike a fixed-rate electricity plan, a month-to-month electricity plan has no term length. That means you can cancel your electricity plan whenever you like without having to pay the early termination fee.

What Are the Best Electricity Plans for College Students?

This electricity plan is attractive to many college students as many students move multiple times during their college career, and paying an early termination fee multiple times can really cut into the already limited college budget. When you sign up for a month-to-month electricity plan, you will receive a variable electricity rate. This means the amount you pay for electricity will depend on the energy rates in the market and could change every monthly billing cycle.

As a result, depending on the current energy market, you could pay either more or less each month than you would with a fixed-rate electricity plan plan. When you sign up for a prepaid electricity plan, you will pay the amount you want to pay for your electricity up front. This means you will have more control over your monthly electricity costs — including how you want to pay it, when you want to pay it, and how much electricity you want to use.

As a result, a prepaid electricity plan is often attractive to college students as it helps them sign up for electricity without having to pay a hefty deposit or early termination fee. Some Texas electricity providers have made prepaid electricity plans even more attractive by offering plans with free electricity on the weekends, like our Power-To-Go Free Weekends plan.

Best ways to save on gas and electricity

You can still watch pay TV without signing up for an expensive long broadband and TV contract. What's more, you can add and remove the NOW TV pass without paying any penalty fees, and the passes last for only a month. Watching Premiership football on TV can be an expensive habit. Depending upon your setup, you may be able to 'cast' this app onto your TV to watch these matches on a big screen.

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Planning to watch BBC output live on your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Or record programs live? Then sorry, but you do in fact need a TV license. If you've only ever lived with your parents, you may not be well acquainted with an energy bill. Unfortunately, you'll now have to get to know those confusing pieces of paper a bit better.

You'll need to register with the current energy supplier first, but after that you're free to switch.

The student's guide to gas and electricity bills

Three of the big six suppliers have already raised their prices following the Ofgem price cap increase. In general, fixed energy deals are cheaper than variable tariffs. There are some variable plans on offer that could still save you money, but bear in mind that you run the risk of price rises.

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If your insurer tries to hike your costs too much, you might be able to get a cheaper deal by shopping around and switching insurers. Run a comparison for your new address.

How to organise student energy bills to save time and money

Make sure to get a student current account. Banks offer lots of perks to students, such as large, interest-free overdrafts or travel cards. Also consider if the account offers an interest-free overdraft after you graduate.

This can be very handy to get you on your feet when you leave university. Some student accounts offer a free student railcard or coachcard, saving you a third on eligible journeys. Other accounts offer perks including Amazon Prime membership or discount cards for dining out, and some banks will let you choose which benefit you get.

While these freebies can offer good value, you should always measure out your estimated savings against other deals like a bigger overdraft limit.

Your credit score is like your financial CV — the better it is, the easier it is to get the best credit cards and loans in future. Even paying the TV licence will stand your credit file in good stead. Your bank may offer you a credit card, but you could get a better deal somewhere else so it could pay to shop around. The main and arguably only reason to get a credit card as a student is to improve your credit score by spending responsibly i. It can also provide a last-resort emergency fund but really this is what your overdraft should be for.