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I think their SW stuff will go on sale at midnight as well. They have a countdown clock here.

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I have to say that it was very orderly. We were all told several times that there was no need to rush, and that there were plenty of everything for everybody there. My fingers are crossed that this goes just as smoothly.

Star Wars Force Friday: Deals & Coupon Codes :: Southern Savers

This is the real question. Not sure I want to go stand in line and be part of a mob that rushes into a store. Did that for the midnight release of figures for The Phantom Menace. That was madness. Really hoping this will be a widespread release! I don't even mind going to Tescos or something. Most shops will have the merchandise on the 4th of September, but only selected Toys 'R' Us stores will open at midnight, those being:.

Found some more info. Apparently Smyths will be giving out free posters to the first 50 visitors! The Target Australia site has all the information about the event and lists only 6 stores opening at midnight across the country - 3 Vic, 2 NSW and 1 S. Everything will also available online at midnight. EDIT - Always best to check with the store closest to you about any midnight release as they might not be listed on the site.

Toys R Us , too! Zing is doing it, but only when it opens. I hear my local Target sunshine coast is also doing midnight. These are the official midnight openings on the Target site. I definitely recommend people check with stores near them, I inquired at the Adelaide CBD store and they didn't even know about Force Friday even though there are signs in the store: Here are a couple of shots of some new things I ran across http: Did they not let you buy any of it? I'm excited for Star Wars catchphrase, but that's totally one of those games you can't play with normal people.

Unfortunately at the moment I'm broke so I didn't even try. I've heard of people getting the register to bypass the hold on it. Just ringing up the price and which section it came from. Has anyone seen what the Toy 'R' Us poster looks like?

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  • That will largely decide whether I go there at midnight or just hit up Target when they open in the morning. Let me just type in the department number and the price. Hoping for some exclusives from the Hasbro booth. I am also hoping for the fan expo exclusives.

    1. Star Wars Fans! Force Friday II Event at Target on 9/1 (In-Store Giveaways, NEW Items & More!).
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    Going to hit up the toys r us in North York at midnight and then get up early to hit the Hasbro booth at fan expo.. Most of my weekends budget it's going to new star wars stuff lol. It's too bad they aren't doing this on a Saturday night. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm not keeping my seven year old son up until midnight or pulling him out of school in the morning to go mob SW toys. Anyone catch any wind of Star Wars Tsum Tsum yet?

    I've heard that it may be a thing, but I've gotten nothing concrete. Ok, I remember seeing that there will be a re-issue of 6" Boba and Vader from the Black Series for this. Does anyone know if it's true? Found it.

    TARGET's Force Friday II Ad Revealed Online

    He is being released but it's one of those 3. Does anyone know how we can find groups in our area that are going? I don't want to go alone! You might make an individual post asking if anyone in that area is going to Force Friday. I don't see anything in the rules that prohibits this. Or if your area has it's own subreddit. Ah, I might try that. I also posted on a couple meetup groups to see if there is any interest there! Half my family lives in D. Alas, the boards near me have been dead for several years now.

    So has my "first" message board in Pittsburgh tears! I'm gonna try meetup. So what is everyone's "must have" items for force friday? Personally Im trying to limit myself to the Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren black series figures and the new Star Wars Risk boardgame for anyone wondering its not a "Risk" game per se, but plays a lot like the old school Queens Gambit game. I think I may end up passing on the Chewie, Rey and Finn black series figures. I already have the original black series Chewie and the Rey and Finn just don't scream "must have" to me. My personal must-haves come in the form of two LEGO sets: For those of you going to stores at midnight, what time do you plan on getting in line?

    Would 10 be OK? Is 11 pushing it? I'm also wondering what people have planned. I don't want to be the one guy lined up, but I also don't want to be last in line and have nothing left by the time I get in. I guess I'll just be there as early as possible. Like, sometime in the afternoon of the 3rd. I need this merchandise. Not sure how many people here care about fabrics and crafts but JoAnn Fabrics is also doing something special for Force Friday! For anyone who may have missed it: I'm so excited for Aftermath and Shattered Empire.

    Should I bother with Force Friday? I'd have to stay up uncomfortably late, and I can't imagine that will run out of products like Amiibos or something.

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    I'd say just visit the stores Friday morning or on Saturday unless you really need to get the toys as early as you can. Im hitting up my TRU at midnight since its literally right down the road from my house just to ensure I get what I want, then Im going to hit up target when I get out of work later in the day with the coupons that will be in their flyer and see what they have in stock. If it all works out I will just buy what I want from target with their coupons and then just return my TRU purchase if that ends up being more expensive.

    It also confirmed we're getting a Kylo saber, which wasn't in the catalog.

    Star Wars Force Friday II Event at Select Target Stores (9/1 only)

    Force FX has always been expensive though. Yeah I know. I'm just bummed cause I'm relatively broke right now. That's what I'm saying. I'm talking my expendable funds. Like the part of my budget I can afford to blow on whatever. Saw these today in Leeds,UK. Just that those stores are opening an hour early rather than 9am. WA has trading hour restrictions and won't even allow stores to open at midnight. They say park exclusives will be on sale, but they have park exclusives on the website, too generally speaking. I'm so torn! Disney Store? Gaaaah why haven't we invented a human cloning printer yet!

    TRU midnight, and Target on Saturday at 11am The sales at Target are all the next week. So the only difference is stock of particular things. I hadn't heard about the plushie Chewie until just now. I see more of the conflict. I was just looking to get the exclusive Lego whatever Sorry, but what is Force Friday? I just recently got into the Star Wars fandom so I am pretty unsure. I'm liking it! Force Friday is an event that is occuring on September 4th, It involves a midnight launch of the very first Force Awakens merchandise, among various other things.

    Here's an article on StarWars. Be advised, Disney Parks just announced that their events no longer require tickets, so they're free. If you already have a ticket you'll get your money back. I was at Apple Store 5th Ave. The flagship of all Apple stores only had 18 in stock. Surprisingly, there was only 20 people there at midnight. Please note that these coupons exclude LEGO and clearance items. Head here to find a participating store near you.

    These are worth checking out items for less. There are only 4 for today in the app versus multiple posts on the website. Anyone else? Oh how odd!

    Featured Force Friday Stores

    I just checked the app and am not seeing the same issue. It says there will be a give away and a chance to enter for the chance to win, but does not say what the give away is. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?! Latest Deals. Reader Fav. Latest Coupons Coupons. Latest Coupons. Print Now. Hip2Save Tested. Latest Recipes. Team Fav. Easy Air Fryer Empanadas. Latest Tips. Good Luck. About Us. How Coupons Saved My Life. Subscribe to Newsletter Login Register.