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Clam Tofu Soup. Beef Tofu Soup. Pork Tofu Soup. Dumpling Tofu Soup. Dumpling and beef. Beef and Octopus Tofu Soup. Bulgogi and octopus. Bulgogi B. Vegetable and beef. Sold out. Beef Rib Dinner. Nine pieces. Beef Dinner. Spicy Pork Dinner. Spicy Chicken Dinner.

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Non-Spicy Chicken Dinner. Galbi-Jjim Braised Short Rib. Yellow Corvina Dinner. Two pieces. Pork Cutlet Dinner. Beef Short Rib Soup.

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Ginseng Chicken Soup. Seafood Pancake. Spicy Octopus Hot Stone. Togo orders are not served with hot stone. Bulgogi Hot Stone. Bibimbap Rice with Vegetable. The service was still great tho. He was actually a great server. Just felt SO old. They need a filter above each stove because I was suffocating at one point from the stove smoke. But it's a cute place. Look no more! Although prices are a tad bit more expensive than what you would find in K-Town, it does make up for it through convenience and food choices.

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Where else can you find unlimited, big juicy steaks? No where I know of!

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If you do know, then let me know! This place also has a separate area where you can grab more food yourself if you want. This includes some extra sides and salads. Environment is clean, maybe because it's still fairly new. Service is quick, and your meats come out fast! If you want KBBQ in this area, do drop by here! Parking might be hard sometimes, but if you park further around near Pepboys, there should be parking there.

Last resort is to park across the street in the Ofice Depot Plaza. Although that is a pretty expensive for AYCE, you get some good quality meats and seafood. Definitely get the duck breast meat! This is one of the rare places that actually serve duck for korean bbq. The only other place I can think of specializes in duck kbbq in K-town. That's cheap for an import beer! Since I have not been to the other location but I goes here cannot really compare it to that one. The unique feature is the salad bar; they have stuff that you will not find in most KBBQ like oranges, lettuce wraps, beef bones, cold Tofu, and Soybean paste on top like your usual Bachan item.

They offer a large selection of meats, but the most popular meat, which is Brisket, was no good and was frozen which is a shocker! The Short Ribs and Bulgogi was very tasty and seemed fresh. Not cheap, but you are getting your money's worth. I wish they offered the lower price option.

Gen House is the closest rival to this place, is slight cheaper, but you are getting slower service and less options plus no Salad Bar or TV. I have been wanting to try Oo-Kook in San Gabriel for a while. Best meat on the menu is 6- marinated Angus rib meat. Brisket is usually my favorite, but the beef brisket here didn't thrill me.

It wasn't too good. The wine marinated pork belly didn't wow me, I'll just stick with the normal pork belly. Other meats are just OK. Quality is OK, not too memorable. I can consume A LOT of raw garlic. So having it at the salad bar is a great! I can get it myself and not be shy oh how many garlic I can eat. I don't have to keep asking for garlic as some restaurants charge for extra garlic these days. With so many options, how can you not be happy?

Easy and free parking vs. LA parking, how can you not be happier? I've been here twice for dinner. The first time was a monday, so the wait was short. The second time was a saturday, and my friend who got there first said he waited two hours I love the meat selection here. I could get enough variety eating the beef alone if I wanted to. The cuts are great, the meat is fresh and nicely marbled, the marinated meats are not overly salty. The sides are not the best Isn't the focus on the meat anyway?

Kimchi, fishcake, broccoli, pickled cucumber, I forgot a couple. Do they have spicy cucumber yet? I wish they would add ice cream The salad is great and the rice paper so softttt YUM. They also serve steamed egg, tofu soup, and soy bean paste soup.

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I'm generally not a fan of soy bean paste soup so I did not try it. However the other two were not bad. I like to add small pieces of grilled meat into my tofu soup: This restaurant has a buffet area where you can help yourself to additional sides such as pork rib stew, beef rib stew, some other kind of stew, squid, rice cakes, noodles, potato salad, tofu, cucumber, lettuce leaves if you want to make wraps, and fruit. I also saw recently that they've finally added radish slices! Moreover, in addition to the usual sesame oil dipping sauce and the brown one that looks soy sauce based with jalapeno soaking in it yeah I should confidently know the name of these sauces by now I love that sauce!

It's like a thick sweet and spicy asian barbecue sauce. On top of that, they have the best service. Our server was Holly both times. She was knowledgeable about the entire menu. She was quick and efficient. We never ran out of meat. She prepared our drinks at our table like a bartender. She even asked us if we wanted a little cup of aluminium foil with oil and garlic in it to put on the grill. You just let it sit there and the garlic cooks in the oil Though Holly was our main server, the rest of the staff was always there to help. The grill was constantly being changed.

We pressed the call button once, and someone appeared in 2. One last thing: Ok not so much for your legs. Flights Hotels Car Rental. San Gabriel. Things to do. All photos Barbecue , Korean. Ranked 6 in San Gabriel restaurants.

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Popular with:. Write Review. Edit info. So I gave it a Read more. They have met my standard as far as KBBQ spots go. People thought your review was:. Member Reviews Show Local reviews.

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People thought your review was: Derrick Achacoso. Recommended for: Luna Zhou. Schel schel Pro Tip: Laura S. Tons of free parking. Great deal. Morison Woo. Jennifer N. Muy S. First to Review. Mai B. Family Travelers Foodies. Virginia Dam. Amy Rubinstein.