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Amazon may not be the only website providing money saving coupons, but it is by far the most popular one.

's Best Baby Registry Sites: Best Perks, Freebies, Discounts, + More

When you need to build your diaper supply, such stores are extremely handy. You will also get discounts and coupons for anything related, such as maternity apparel. Free ebooks are not to be overlooked either if this is your first baby. However, there is one requirement — you have to be a Prime member to get the freebies as you sign up. Special offers vary all the time, so refresh every once in a while.

Buy Buy Baby. Buy Buy Baby gives new registry customers a free goody bag. You would have to pick it from a local store though. The bag comes with all kinds of samples, as well as multiple coupons for registry items. New parents may also gain access to special offers for them only, price matching guarantee, access to a referral program and some free baby guides.

It is a welcome back for new customers.

Expecting a little one?

Both the free shipping and the discount will make a bulk purchase look insignificant. Enfamil has one of the most generous baby registry freebie programs. You get all kinds of samples, including baby formula, baby rash creams, bottles or diapers. Even if you plan to use a different formula, you can still take advantage of all the other stuff. Plus, you get multiple coupons as well. Motherhood Maternity. Motherhood Maternity gives out hundreds of dollars in gifts, samples and coupons.

Moreover, you get a free magazine subscription with all kinds of guides and information. All you need to do is start a gift registry. As a short final conclusion, there are quite some interesting baby registry freebies out there — some of them more attractive than others. You can never have enough stuff for your little one. Besides, you will be surprised by how fast your little one will go through creams, wipes and diapers.

From this point of view, more is better, so do not hesitate to sign up with multiple services. Baby Shusher white noise maker. Which presents a problem if your phone text alert goes off and you have to remove said white noise. Or if you need to call someone, or look something up, or kill time on Instagram. Let's be honest. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: Probably Anabelle's favorite toy as a baby. Slightly annoying, totally worth it. Instant entertainer in a car ride or when I'm desperate for her to stay happy for 5 more minutes while I check out at Target.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether: Every baby's favorite teething toy. This thing has magical powers, I swear. Are you still with me? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is awesome! You are amazing for doing this!!! I read your post the first time and just went through the whole updated one!

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Till the end! And I just wanna say how awesome it is to have something like this to go to when you have questions. Thanks again!! Thank you! Seriously though, this list is amazing!!! Great job girl!!! I am pinning this in hopes that everyone sees this!!! I just went through my baby registry again and added almost everything you recommended!

Thank you so much! It made it soo much easier.. Terrific List! Off-Topic question, where did you get the pink dress in the top picture? I must have it! Love the dress! Thank you SO much for being a lifesaver! Thank you so so so much for putting this list together! It is one of the most comprehensive and helpful lists I have come across! All carseats have to meet the same federal standards to be sold. For all we know every single seat on the market could pass those same tests. The best carseat is the one that fits your baby and your car. When that day comes, I will be SO prepared thanks to you!!

This is amazing and so helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to write this up and include links! Wow, this is seriously a life saving list! I have been looking at this multiple times a week and have made some really great purchases. Thank you for sharing! Do you recommend a place like Amazon or a store that might carry most of these items?? Would you be willing to do a product review on our Rip n Go baby or junior lines? We are Eco friendly, which mean our product can be washed and reused.

Please email me at Marissa ripngo. Love this list! This is my second pregnancy and I keep referring back to it! So cute! Love your registry! Is your Maxi Cosi car seat compatible with the City Jogger? This list saved me time and allowed me to breathe and stay sane! I feel so much better now that I have some info!

And the descriptions you gave and the reasons behind why you put them on your list were super helpful! Thanks so much!!!! I have been so lost on what to add to my baby registry until I found this. This is amazing! Thank you!! I love this list! Our first baby is due in November and I have been on bedrest my entire pregnancy. I have done exactly zero shopping. Now I know where to start. I thought it was great. Then I bought an Orbit carseat for Baby 4. In fact, I had a problem with the Orbit handle.

I used my Peg Pegero while they fix it. Orbit actually sent me a newer mode for free in 2 days because of the problem. They were great to work with. During those few days, I really realized how much I love the Orbit. Baby can face all directions. Love it! Just wanted to let all the moms out there know about it.

Great list! Two items that we use and love are the Kiinde Kozi bottle warmer and Ubbi diaper pail. The Kiinde has a timer and then drains water into the resivour so the bottle never over heats, it works for bottles or breast milk bags. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite items! I love the pink ruffled shirt you are wearing at the top side profile with turquoise pants!

Can I ask where you got it? And great job on this list! I just spent a few hours updating my registry and I want to thank you so much for posting this. I cross-checked your suggestions with Amazon reviews and in most cases your suggestions led me to better and more affordable products than what I had registered for. Thank you again. This is such an awesome list Corrine…. So helpful for a lost first time mom! This has helped me so much in putting together my registry!

How many and what all should be on our shopping list. To say that I adore this list would be an understatement. I will for sure share it with all of my Centering girls and any future expecting friends! I was really excited to find this list! Thanks for the list! I have bookmarked the page so I can refer to it when I start registering.

The only thing I was disappointed not to see were cloth diapers, I really want to cloth diaper, but there are SO many choices out there! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first and totally overwhelmed with starting a baby registry. I loved reading your comments and the links to Amazon were super easy to help me quickly set up my registry. I love you. You are a saint. Corrine, how has the mattress you bought held up after two years? I am a first time mom and so overwhelmed trying to get the best products. I can only imagine how much time it took to do all of this research.

Such a big relief!!! Thanks for the great list of recommendations! I feel much less overwhelmed now about this new parent shopping! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! I need to get cracking on my registry but so far have felt overwhelmed with all the options. I have three kiddos, and used to be all up on all the good gear. With my last one being five, and most of her things were well used from the older kiddos I sold or gave away all of it after she was out of the baby stages.

Totally starting from scratch is going to be both fun and a little crazy! Corinne, my friend Allison Z. Thank you, thank you for this list — it was so helpful when I was overwhelmed with baby purchases, and I still look at it every once and a while. One thing I wanted to tell you was that the medela instyle is a closed system as well.

Create Free Target Baby Registry & Get 50% Off Starbucks Beverage Coupon + Over $100 in Freebies

Nothing goes through the tubes. I was stressed to get it after your review but ordered it through my insurance company and it has been great. Thank you for this list!! If you have any updates, please let us know. Thank you!!! There are tons of things I would never have thought of! And […]. FYI there is an oxyclean baby and oxyclean free. Powder and stain remover, they are not as harsh chemicals and of course better for our skin and babies. According to the ewg or ecg website where you put the names of products and it tells you what grade it is , oxyclean free and baby are and b and normal oxyclean is like grade f.

This is such a great post — thank you so much! Would love your thoughts! That makes sense — it has tons of awesome reviews on Amazon so it must be great right!? Thanks for the reply. Thank you so, so much! So many cute things! Hey Corrine!

11 best baby registries

I was just wondering where you got the onesie and the bow Lyla is wearing in your picture above where you guys are in the hospital? We just found out were expecting a girl, not sure if you have a favorite place to find hair bows. This list has been an incredible life saver! I am 3 months along with my first and was totally overwhelmed by making decisions — thank you thank you! On my third child and I totally agree with a lot of these reviews.

I hope the book you recommended helps! Such a great list. My favorite is the 4moms mamaroo. Been wanting to try it with baby 3 coming in just four weeks. Favorite item on the list is hands down Tubby Todd!!! We love their products and we are so grateful to have stumbled on them. Love the Fawn and Solly! There are a lot of products I still need to try! Baby boy should be here any day! Love seeing all your favorites! So much changes every year when it comes to baby gadgets! Thanks for all the on the newest items!

My all time favorite is the 4Moms mamaroo. I love putting my babies in it and listening to the sounds myself. If I had to pick a fav…. I feel like it would be a life saver. I loved the original best baby registry list for my first born back in and now this updated one is amazing, for my baby girl due December 1st.

Thanks for taking the time to help all the mamas out! I Hope to try the 4moms mamaroo this time around! My best friend had one with my second and she loved it but she was almost to big when I discovered this! Now with number 3 I hope to try it out! You have a ton of awesome things listed on here! Thank you for this fantastic list!!

It really is the list of ALL baby lists! The top of my list is the Snoo and the DockAtot. UPPAbaby vista and owelet are my faves on this registry! Thanks for putting this together, it has been so helpful as i prepare to have my first child! This is an incredible list!!! I am excited to learn from all this and thank you for your time and knowledge you shared to make it easier for me as I prepare for my first baby! My favorite thing is the Willow Pump-seems to be lots of pros!!

Ahhh thank you so much! After almost 4 years and 2 miscarriages we are finally adding a 3rd baby to our family. I feel so out of the loop with everything that has changed baby wise! This list is amazing. Haha wow! Pregnancy brain is real! I meant to put with my first born in haha I got married in Love this list so much. Thanks for all the recommendations! So excited! I never win anything but I figure I have a better chance with this than the lottery!

So happy I found your blog! Just added them to my amazon cart! I have never heard to the Willow before, but now I feel like I need one. Congrats on your girls. I loved this post! Such good info!! A sleeping baby would be perfect! My must have item for all three of my babies was the SollyBaby wrap! You get the closeness of holding your baby but it frees up your hands to get things done around the house or play with the other little ones. I have three in three years so the SollyBaby wrap was a life saver!! This is so nice! This makes me so excited to have another one someday hopefully a girl!

I cant Wait to maybe purchase the dockatot! Really though such a great list to Go back to for my next one! The happiest baby is my favorite from your list!! Love the fawn design diaper bag! My favorite item ever is definitely the Dockatot! Sleep with a newborn is so tricky and worth every second, the Dockatot was a life saver! Will use it with every baby! Everything on this list looks amazing! Navigating this time is so stressful, and there is SO much information out there. This guide is a huge, huge help. Thank you Corinne! I definitely added these things to my registry, especially the Dock-A-Tot!

This list is amazing!!! I want everything on it! This is so helpful to look at and such great advice! Thanks for putting this together and what an incredible giveaway! This list is seriously amazing!! I have so much to learn and this looks like the perfect place to start! Favorite item would have to be the Fawn Design. This is an amazing list! I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have been lost in making a registry. Thanks for sharing!

I was excited to see that the nuna pipa made the list. Also love the gathre mats! Due with baby boy in March! Love this list!! That bassinet looks like a real life dream!!! Sleep is so underrated!! So many amazing products, hard to pick the best! I would have loved to have some of these products at my house, and even more possible.

I teach fourth grade and the Willow Pump would be my top pick! Every minute counts when you teach and have little ones at home. Would LOVE to have the hands-free option! This list is amazing! Your original list was a lifesaver when I had my first baby, particularly the mama recovery parts!

What a cool give away! Thanks for the awesome list! How fun is this! I have followed you before you had your last baby. I have ordered some of the things you have used and love everything you suggest. Thank you for putting this on! Hope I win!!!! I love my solly wrap so much!

It was such a life saver those first 9 months especially! This list is really impressive! My favorite would probably be the Happiest Baby Snoo since we really struggled with getting our first babe to sleep and stay asleep when she was first born! I would honestly love to try all of them though. Thanks for putting this together! My favorite is the Solly Baby wrap! This is the list of all lists!!

I have used your list for all my babies and so excited for an update for my upcoming! I would love to try the willow pump! What an amazing list!!! Such a great guide for a soon to be mom! I love so many things of these things! I recently got myself a Nesting olive dress and ahhhhmazing! Thanks for all of your great recommendations! This list is beyond amazing and helpful. I had a nightmare of an experience nursing my 3rd and was terrified to nurse my 4th. That nipple cream saved me. Thank you, thank you!

Also, Fawn design diaper bags are the best! I love this registry!!! This would be such a blessing to our family!! This list is SO helpful! Just found out we are pregnant and I cannot wait to get started with your list! Used it so much for my first 4 years ago and an update just in time for my 3rd. Most excited about the Snoo. Anything that helps baby slee is a must!

I seriously love everything so good! These are all incredible! Ok so many things I registered for from this. Excited to try the bottles as well. Thanks so much for your help! I definitely think there are so many cool new baby stuff available now! My new favorite baby registry item is the dockatot!! Thank you for compiling this amazing list! Loving this updated list!!! So many things I want to get! What an amazing list! Super excited to pour over this list!

The snoo sounds like a must have! It seems so big! Thank you for this post! I personally love my Fawn Design bag! But SO many things I really hope to try! The Munchkin Diaper Pail is a must in our house! Who wants their home to smell like dirty diapers!? This was the only thing that eliminated all diaper odor for us. I love this list!!!

Our second little is arriving in just a few weeks! We love the mebie swaddles too! So soft and big! I think the baby jogger city select takes the cake though! Such an incredible giveaway! How do you pick just one favorite item?! Baby products are my favorite!! We are welcoming baby 2 in December and this would be so perfect to win!


Fingers crossed! I have always wanted to try the dockatot! But lots of these things on the registry would be new items for me! The fawn design bag, the snoo, those bottles and everything else looks amazing!! Thank you thank you for this list. This give away is SO exciting! I am pregnant with my 5th baby and feel like most of my baby items are used up and outdated.

Babylist families share their favorite, can’t-live-without products and gear for baby for 12222

My favorite item on the list would be the baby jogger and car seat. Each item seems like such quality and so helpful. It will bless the life of whoever wins. Bless you and all involved for doing a give away! Honestly I would love all of these baby products! This is an awesome list! My favorite is the Dockatot. I am a grandma to-be and will be sending this to my newly pregnant daughter. I have so much to relearn myself after 22 years.

I do love the Fawn diaper bags! So stylish yet functional at the same time! The Fawn design one looks awesome!!! I am so excited to learn more about the Snoo! My babies always have reflux and it sounds like it would be so helpful for sleeping. This is so helpful!! My favorites from our first baby that are on the list are definitely the solly baby wrap and the Fischer price rocknplay. So many great things! Going to try the belly band you recommended. So helpful!! My babe is just 8 weeks and we could not live without our dock a tot.

Getting ready to have baby 2 and am so thankful to see this list!

Thank you for sharing your list. I really like the Baby Jogger. Thank you for this post!! Used your initial when I was pregnant with my first and have enjoyed this update as I am pregnant with my second. I love all of these things!! It makes me want a girl so badly!!! I want to try the SNOO!!

My 2 week old babe falls asleep every time we go for a walk in the stroller. It is so soft and light and I love the canopy. It is hard to choose just one of my favorite products from your list! Thank you for this list! My favorite thing with my oldest two was definitely my ergo! Corrine, what an awesome and thought out list for new moms. Adore you!! I love our Boon high chair! It was great for a small apartment and perfect for our house. Would love to win! It all looks amazing! The willow pump would come in handy! Thank you for doing this! You can always register at more than one store for the perks, and still only use one main registry for your friends and family.

Most retailers will also give you a free welcome box for creating your registry. I recommend that all expecting parents create an Amazon Baby Registry because Amazon is one of the best baby registry sites and carries the largest selection of natural and organic products. Amazon has really stepped up their baby registry offering in the past couple of years. I love buybuy BABY. Their customer service is exceptional and they have a good selection of premium brands and natural products.

There you have it — I hope this list was helpful in choosing your baby registry. Where did you end up registering? Planning for a new baby? Download a FREE copy of my complete baby registry checklist spreadsheet today! Make your baby registry planning process easy with this detailed Excel spreadsheet and manage your budget and actual spending, too! It's perfect for moms who like to plan and be prepared!

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