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The Moto G, for example, works on all four major networks, said Brown. For example, if you switch carriers and used more data, an overage fee could have increased your monthly bill. Your carrier is key to the coverage you need and want.

Why would you want to switch mobile phone network?

You can simply ask a friend or family member who is using the carrier you are considering to describe the good and bad, and also look at online coverage maps by the carriers or third parties. Be aware of your billing cycle. Timing also may be important if your lifestyle or job changes.

Switch to AT&T, keep your number, and save

Deals also are offered when a new phone launches and carriers provide trade-in incentives, and during the back-to-school season and holidays, with buy-one, get-one free offers. The cheaper option restricts data speeds to 3 Mbps. It also relies on 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots. Mint Mobile review: Want to lower your cell phone bill even more? If you have four lines of service, your monthly cost per line will really go down! There are special deals for those 55 and older!

The best cell phone plans for seniors.

When traveling abroad, you use data just like you would at home. With Google Fi, unlimited international texts are included in the plan and cell service is 20 cents a minute overseas.

Same number. Better network.

Before you switch to a cheaper wireless plan, review the five questions that we mentioned earlier. Those will help you identify the features that matter to you most. We also suggest that you ask around! If this is your first time switching cell phone providers, check out this guide that we put together to take you step-by-step through the process. Navigation Clark's Topics. Clark's Topics. Best cell phone plans and deals right now Clark Howard Staff. Image Credit: About the author: Clark Howard Staff.

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AT&T vs. T-Mobile Comparison Review 2018 - Speed, Data, Coverage, and Plans

Connect with Clark. Of course, the smartest thing to do is to try and match up the start and end dates of your contracts. Line them up right and you can ensure you won't be without a phone service for any period of time and won't be paying two contracts, if the dates overlap. So you've read all the above and you're ready to switch. By this point you'll probably have already made your mind up on the deal you want.

How to switch phone carriers like a pro and avoid early termination fees

Before you get things underway with the switch, it's a good idea to have a final check to make sure the deal is the best value you can get and the best one for your needs. SIM-only deals are becoming ever-more popular. If your smartphone is still fit for purpose, getting a SIM-only deal could save you a lot of money.

The advent of one-month, rolling-contract SIM-only deals have made it even more attractive to take the SIM-only route. One-month SIM deals can be cancelled with just 30 days' notice. That means you're free to change your mind and get a new phone if your old one packs up or you fancy a shiny new handset.

So rather than being locked into a two-year contract, you can opt for a month or even one-month deal, giving you more flexibility. Check out all our SIM-only deals. Finding the perfect phone for you can be a bit tricky. If know you want the latest model from Apple or Samsung, you can browse our iPhone deals or our [Samsung Galaxy phone deals].

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While data is the main selling point for most phone deals, value for money is still important. You can find loads more information and search deals on our mobile networks page. As the weather heats up, we'll help you make sure your iPhone survives the summer. Want an Apple phone? We'll help you get the best iPhone for you. Want an iPhone without paying a fortune?

This might be the way to do it. A guide to switching mobile phone provider Catherine Hiley - Last updated: Flexible cap on spending. See all Nokia deals. Need a bit of help switching? Switch now.