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The drive to St. George, UT from Las Vegas is beautiful. Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Not only do they have a bucket of them on the table, but if you have to wait for a table, you can much on the while you are waiting too. Sometimes we get an appetizer when we go out for dinner. We almost never get more than one appetizer, but when I saw how reasonably priced their appetizers were, we actually decided to get two.

We ordered the Onion Blossom and their Fried Pickles. Both are delicious, but the Onion Blossom is probably the top favorite for everyone in my family. They get 3-days of preparation, with a unique blend of seasonings and a signature BBQ sauce. You can order them in a half or full slab. David ordered the full slab, of course. He loves the the signature sauce they use.

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I even got him to share one with me. They were so good and the tenderness was spot on. David went for the loaded baked potato and a side salad. And see those little wet towelettes? Of course, you might not have to drive miles to get to your local Texas Roadhouse, but if you did — it would be well worth it. I receive tips and a check at the end of the week working as a to-go host.

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse: Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs & More!

I wouldn't leave if it wasn't for the hourly pay we receive. Good people always very understanding. Would have liked to make more money ,raises where limited there of conflict between employee over all job was easy picking and dropping plating food clean shift at the end of the shift. Productive and fast paced.

The employees are nice and cool to be around as well as the managers. I wish we got paid more. Can be fun, but no where to go.

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The people have always been a strong reason to stay, it is easy to build friendships there. The business side of it leaves something to be desired. Not a bad place to work as a server or manager, but the kitchen staff is a little under appreciated. Atypical day of work for me is about hours long, on my feet, working at a very fast pace. I learned how to multitask well an communicate effectively throughout the restaurant. Management was not the best.

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She took great care of each employee and handled every situation in the best way possible. That being said, each of the other managers, especially several in the kitchen, did not follow the general manager's example and would normally be found yelling and arguing as opposed to handling situations that were presented to them. Texas Roadhouse is a great place to get a start. There, I was introduced to the working world and with it was a good experience.

I enjoyed my experience mainly because I knew most of my co-workers. Hardest part about the job was the work pace. Some days would be way more demanding than others. Fun workplace. Managers were awesome. Atmosphere was well above average and I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. The food is phenomenal. Demanding with appropriate reciprocation. I was trained for 2 weeks, which is my conservative calculation. After I was schedule as though I finished training and managed all hot food preparation consistently months following.

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Pay correlates value in any job but its the exception for boh. Peers with years there average only one raise after posturing. Surrounding areas competitive jobs requiring less, start with higher pay or at least equal to without its short comings. It was a quick paced and pretty stressful job but the hours and pay were very fair.

You can typically get any days off that you need and pick up shifts regularly. Strong Culture.

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Great culture. Strong company with great competitive advantage. Upper management is strong and growing. Tough industry to work in but great company to do so with. Specific story but great culture. Confusing with corporate and franchise markets. It was alright for a second job. Okay server job if you are about that life. Best tippers are drunk military. The location I worked at was very clique-y and they looked out for some, not all. Hated rolling silverware and the line dance around bar if it was requested.

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Managers took forever to check your sidework before you could end your shift. My younger brother has worked there for years or so and became a manager from a busboy so advancement is possible if you want to stick with it. This job was really flexible. A typical work day was pretty busy, what I learned is how to deal with irate customers. The management was alright they were pretty laid back. The hardest part of the job was when it became really hot in the store and it became busy.

The most enjoyable part of the job is the other employees. When you go to work at Texas Roadhouse it was like a well oiled machine. We were all family and all of us cared about one another. We would talk before and after work about our families, celebrate special events like birthdays. I love making cakes for workers birthdays and celebrate baby showers or other events we as a team shared. Fun work place, easy making money. This was my very first job and it's a good and fun environment to work in.

I worked many different positions besides being a hostess some people get tired of it cause hosting is boring, only if you work TOGO's where you make your money and you're able to take it home at the end of your shift.