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Then there are plenty of websites like groupon. Even the manufacturer or service provider website has coupons. For instance Subway has coupons on its website. Everything that you want to buy, you can get cheaper with a coupon! India was so far insulated from the coupon culture but that is now changing as the retail sector seeks to expand and wring out more from the well-heeled young Indian consumer. For a few years now Pizza delivery big boys Dominoes have been doling out deal coupons. But recently, online deal sharing companies like dealivore.

For manufacturers and retailers, giving discounts counts as customer acquisition cost and advertising expense.

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How does it stack up for the customer? How coupons or deals can benefit: The flipside: You may end up buying something because you have a coupon, and not because you need it.

Sometimes, just shopping around a little more and comparing prices between brands and between stores can get you a good deal. A coupon-discounted purchase of one brand or store may still be more expensive than a full retail price of another. As young Indian consumers move from being not just value conscious but also aspirational, all businesses out there will vie for a share of the pie.

Tech Science Reviews Search for: Logout Login. Search for: Extreme savings June 14, , 6: Guess what I am referring to when I say the following: The coupon industry!

Never pay more than you have to! Save money by couponing | Technology News, The Indian Express

Money Happy Returns! Money Happy Returns A chartered accountant by qualification and a personal finance writer by profession, I believe if you take care of your money, your money will take care of you! Get these by signing up at the store or online at the company website. Signup for a website's email list and you will get special email only coupons in your inbox.

You will also get any sales they have open to the public. If you shop at a specific store a lot you might want to think about getting their branded credit card. The Amazon Credit Card gives you cashback you can use at Amazon. When you are in a store, a person or machine may be giving out free samples. They will almost always have a coupon to give you to buy a full package of the product. Sample Machines are usually at the entrance of a store. They dispense a free sample and a coupon in case you want to buy the product. Website or store discount that all customers get by shopping during a specific time.

No coupon or code needed. My haul was 4 boxes of food, 3 new shirts, and 2 new mobile phones. Large stock of goods or products you have accumulated from your shopping that are waiting for use. Here are some simple things to keep in mind:. If you want to save a lot of money only buy things on sale or have a coupon. If it's not on sale: If you can't wait then buy another brand that is on sale. If need something but can wait till next week when you think a holiday sale will start When using coupons for food you should pre-plan your meals every week before you go to the store.

Different stores and websites have different coupons and sales. Huggies diapers may be full price at Amazon but half-off at another place. When things are cheap buy more than you need today. Especially if they are things you or your family uses often. Use a coupon for oatmeal from a manufacturer you printed off Quaker. You "stack" them together to get extra savings. You go to the store and use both at the same time. Some stores want to always have the lowest price.

They try so hard they will double the savings of a competitor's coupon. To get "Double Coupons" you find a competitor to the store you want to shop at. Check if they have this policy. If they do then just show them the competitor coupon during checkout. Do not shop a week before a major holiday deals happen. You should also pay attention if a product goes on sale a lot. If it does and it's not currently on sale. Just wait. It will go on sale again and that is when you should buy. There are so many good deals every week you need to make sure you get what you need at the lowest prices.

Basically, you have a box that have can folder inserts with headings.

Never pay more than you have to! Save money by couponing

Make those folder headings something like "Laundry", "Beverages", "Restaurant". Then whenever you cut out a paper coupon you drop it in the proper folder in your box. When you go to the store just go through your coupon box and pull what you need out. Here's a post on how to make a: Coupon Box.

Find a nice binder you like that can hold a good amount of clear, pocket inserts that can be labeled. Label each insert with a category like "Snacks" or "Laundry". Then drop in coupons you cut out from magazines, newspapers or inserts you want to use later. When you go to the store pull them out and use them.

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Many people also like to use baseball card holders and then section separators. You can see how to make this type of binder here: Couponing Baseball Card Binder. Create a spreadsheet with a couple columns in this order: Next time you go online shopping you can then sort by category, store, or expiration date and use the offers you know you wanted to use. Here are a couple tips to make sure you are in control and not them:. Don't waste time picking out items then get denied your savings because you do not know the rules.

Read before you shop.