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Johnson made good products from big names affordable for the masses. The difference? At Target, Johnson had an established culture, ready to embrace and willing to achieve his vision. You can't transform a company without changing the culture - The hope was chic but the talk was cheap at JCP. Upon joining JC Penney, Johnson wanted to start yet another retail revolution.

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  • A Strategic Mistake That Still Haunts JC Penney?
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  • A Strategic Mistake That Haunts JC Penney?
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  • The 5 Big Mistakes That Led to Ron Johnson’s Ouster at JC Penney.

The problem is that he didn't have an army of brand champions behind him. And, as a result, he fought a lonely battle. He banished the words "sale" and "clearance" in Penney's new "fair and square" advertising campaign. The ads were colorful, reminiscent of Target, with a touch of Apple whimsy. Recall the TV commercial with a dog jumping through a hula-hoop held up by a cute little girl?

The message: No coupon clipping. No door busting. Just great prices from the start. Interesting strategy backed by a cute, visually stunning TV ad. The agency hedged its bet using two old standbys in the ad, a kid and a dog, but it still failed because it was what Johnson wanted, not his customers. He admitted publicly that JC Penney didn't have "several months to waste on testing" because the store needed quick results.

Even if these were brand promises consumers wanted to hear, Johnson moved too fast to make them promises his employees could embrace and deliver. Johnson tried to spark a retail revolution without a battle ready army behind him. Like any army, his troops needed a cause to believe in, a code to follow, effective weapons and thorough training to have the best chance at victory.

What Went Wrong at J.C. Penney?

Johnson set out to win the war before his brand vision and army were battle tested. Having someone to come and service them is a hassle. They send you to many different departments. Please do not purchase anything from Samsung.

The 5 Big Mistakes That Led to Ron Johnson’s Ouster at JC Penney |

Bought 2 appliance from JCPenney store in Clermont FL only to told that delivery is out of their hands and it is a 3rd party provider name GE Enterprise that will call you couple hrs before and said that they will be between 2 and 6 pm to deliver, call the delivery office and ask for a specific time because customers have a lot of things to do or either working, ask for 3.

I have been a lifelong customer to JCPenney for various purchases. Unfortunately, it is with great disgust that I am writing to provide future shoppers a "heads-up" before they purchase ANY appliance from JCPenney. Their staff at the Deptford, NJ store, I feel do truly care for their customers. However, once you make your purchase you can expect to be left to fend for yourself.

J.C. Penney’s Poor Showing Is Another Retail Miss for Ackman

The people behind the retail store aka "customer care" do not care in the least as to what problems you may face with your purchase. Once they have your money they will do nothing to assist you in any way. I recently purchased a washer and dryer from JCP only to have my home damaged by their delivery people. In an attempt to be an understanding customer I filed appropriate complaints and did not request anything further to be done regarding the situation.

Once the brand new washer and dryer did not work properly I made the sound decision to request a return of the items. The staff at the Deptford store were completely understanding. Further, the staff agreed that a return was a completely understandable request and processed the return.

I was advised that I would receive a call in days to set up a pickup date and time. After day 4 I received an email from "customer care" stating that they were not going to process the return. I immediately called JCPenney Deptford, to find out what the issue was. The staff have made various phone calls and emails and I am still in the process of JCP and its affiliates granting my return. I have been weeks without a washer and dryer and have been doing wash at my in-laws home.

As I stated before this company and its affiliates are there for one thing only and that is your purchase and hard earned money. The company as a whole should be ashamed in their morals and leaving a family without a washer and dryer for weeks on end. I ordered a Beverly Curio Cabinet on December 10, for my parents. The JCPenney website listed the item's shipping info to be delivered by December On Dec.

So I thought everything was going on schedule. They don't know why the website said Guaranteed Christmas delivery and that many people were upset for these same reasons.

They weren't even sure where the location of the cabinet was!!! So by Jan 11, I received a call from a delivery company. The guy says they only deliver on Fridays!

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So he told me that they would call back on the following Thursday to schedule a delivery time. I am done with the games. The following day, the delivery company calls and leaves a message that they are 10 minutes away!!! What a complete mess from start to finish! The only reason I gave 1 star is because I got a full refund. We ordered our nursery furniture on December 7th and have gotten the runaround ever since. Apparently it shipped out on December 11th from a 3rd party but no one can actually locate our order and put their hands on it.

On Monday I called and was told that it's due to so many holidays. I order things online all the time and manage to receive them in a reasonable amount of time regardless of holidays. Tuesday I called back and finally felt like I had spoken to the 'right rep' that would solve all my problems.

She said that none of the other representatives had submitted a VOL demanding that the merchant declare the location of our furniture and give an exact date of delivery to the shipper. She assured me that it takes hours but she would call me no matter what on Friday and finally have answers for me.

It's end of day Friday so I took it upon myself to call and see where we are in the process and when I can finally finish my nursery. In our opinion, J. Obviously, Mr. Johnson assumed that a refurbished J. Penney with steady prices would have customer crowds flocking to its stores, as is the case with Apple.

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To be fair, JC Penney has brought back the old fashioned pricing strategy. Once the buzz is gone, it is hard to revive it..