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Most people who pay via BillPay already know how long their bank takes to process those, but they don't know that when Reliant gets that payment it will be 2 weeks before it is credited to their account, so their account will show as past-due and they will be assessed fees. I have informed my Energy Ogre to steer clear from Reliant in the future. I'll also make sure to inform my friends and family to avoid them. This is unacceptable. I contacted Reliant Nov 14 about a business service. They send me an email with an offer of 8.

When I realize 6 months later and called to complain I was told that the oral contract was lawful and not the writing one. Be aware what the send you via email and when they read your contract on the phone, better yet request a writing contract. They are bunch of liars, When I was moving out we contacted them to have our service cancelled and we asked not once but twice if had to pay anything before we cancelled and the agent told us NO 2 times.

He told us NO, and I recently found out that I owed them money. Not only that but they never notified me about the charges and sent it to collections and destroyed my credit, they claim they did notify me but I never received any E-mails or letters from them. The only reason I even knew was because I saw it on my credit report. Since 2 years I had service with Reliant, every time my bill was so high. We don't even use that much AC or heater. Finally when we close the account due to moving they charged me additional dollars for something about averaging the billing.

Since , have used their app to pay on or before the due date with my bank acct. After selling our house and needing to establish service in an area not serviced by Reliant, I attempted to get a Letter of Credit. They said I had 2 late payments. Although I had paid ON TIME with their app, it was marked late twice 1 day and 2 days because it did not go through my bank account until after I had paid. I never received a notice or warning the payments were late. Nothing on their website or app states to pay earlier than due date to account for this.

Customer service was terrible. Called 3 times and received 3 different answers. One even told me this would be corrected and a new letter sent. Never happened. Avoid like the plague. I am dead serious about this review: I am literally begging you guys not to join this energy company. It must not be that much since I have just 1 tiny bedroom apartment.

I am adding my bill of this month check it out you will understand what I mean. Seriously, everyone stay off from this spam energy. All this 5 star without any good msg seems fake with my real experiences. When talk to customer service about if they can do anything, they threatening straightly say it will go to collection, wtf.

But this employee are like they dont care, I can feel they hate their job and working for their company. We had Reliant and we were selling our house. They turned our electricity off two weeks before they were supposed to and it took a whole day and four calls to get them to turn it back on!

We had to open a new account!!! It was awful and the customer service is terrible. I would not recommend them to anyone! Reliant is carrier for Centerpoint Energy in Houston. Always positive experience with any outages or issues. The worst energy company. I live in Texas for 6 years and I live in Katy for 2 years. This is the most expensive electric company I have ever use.

Before Reliant Energy, my average was 75 monthly.

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After I choose the Reliant, it became It increases every month. I am very disappointed with this company. I will never ever choose this company again. As with everyone else here who's had any experience with Reliant Energy or their so called companies you soon realize that you too have been scammed.

My husband, without my knowledge spoke to a representative of Reliant Energy at of all places the New York State Fair and he talked him into signing up to receive their supplying our gas service to our home. Something I always do first and he never does unfortunately.

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Anyway, we had a man come today to check out our insulation in our attic and wanted to see our bills. This is when I learned my husband had switched to Reliant Energy. I immediately noticed our service fee was more than double what the normal should be. After this man left and our discussing the situation my husband called Reliant Energy. Well, the number was bogus. The address was bogus. I told him to call our local utility company and get rid of Reliant.

We will deal with them later.

I will not pay any cancellation fees or contract fees IF he signed anything. A contract cannot be legal if the company doesn't exist and apparently, this one does not. They will not get one more penny from us. I'm sure this is the beginning of a journey all of you have gone through. I'll keep you all informed! Reliant Energy in Harris County is the worst. Every time it rains a little or gets a little cold, the power goes out for many hours. I would give them a 0 star rating if I could. Reliant if you're reading this, do something to improve the system that you sell to customers, I don't think they care.

This is the worst system I've ever seen. Do not use Reliant!!! I just signed up with Reliant and highly suggest if you are thinking about switching to them you think twice. When signing up I asked for the cheapest rate and was given Being naive and not doing the research I trusted what they told me. I was also told if I wasn't happy with that plan I could change to any other plan. In talking to a friend she pulled out her bill where she was paying 9.

I told them about what my friend was paying through Stream at 9. They said only 2 different plans. Free nights and weekends which really isn't free because they adjust the daily to Still no real savings. Some other consumption plan that they said would not be beneficial to me since I used kWh. I opted to go with option 2 only because it saves me.

Oh but wait that plan will not go into effect until the next month because I am already 4 days in. Oh and I forgot to mention that I was informed that you can only change your plan for the first 90 days. So technically by the time the plan goes into effect and I get my bill for that month my 90 days will have been used.

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Wow there were much cheaper rates on their website for a bunch of different plans. I was quickly informed that none of those plans were avail to me because I am an existing customer. Only the plans that they had previously given me the day before were avail to me. Remember I am only like days in as a new customer.

This company is a scam. I should have been given those rates from the get go if they were for new customers when I called the first time. After writing and emailing Reliant Security Monitoring about my discontent with their security service, I received a phone call from their Retail Operations Supervisor of their Commercial and Residential Security.

He was very concerned about my situation and offered me a couple of options to resolve my problem. Since I wanted to cancel my agreement with Reliant, he agreed to cancel it with no cancellation fees. I am very happy and satisfied with how this was finally resolved and owe it all to the kindness and concern of this Supervisor. For that reason, I am updating my star-rating for Reliant. I signed an agreement with them for a month security system on July 29, On the evening of Saturday, September 9, at 7: Since I was otherwise involved at the meeting, I did not hear the message until an hour later.

Wanting information about the alarm system going off, I began trying to reach Reliant Security by phone. I was unsuccessful in getting anyone on the phone, because the call went through various menu options, none of which would connect me to the Security Department. These are the numbers that I called: No one at any of those numbers could find any information about me at Reliant.

One of the numbers connected me to Smith Monitoring Service and that person was extremely rude and said they had never heard of Reliant Security and provided no help at all. After being put on lengthy holds at each of these numbers and being transferred to various people, I was upset and worried about what was happening at my residence. At that point, my daughters and I left the hotel and went home to see what we could find out on our own. It was not until we got there that we saw a False Alarm Notification posted on my front door that had been left there by the local police.

We again tried to reach Reliant Security but were still not able to get any information about this incident from anyone or reach anyone in the Security Department. On Monday, September 11, at 9: Then at I asked to be connected to their Security Department, and was transferred to a person by the name of Chase.

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Chase then transferred me to Shawn in a different department. I told Shawn that I wanted to cancel the service, because I was extremely dissatisfied and how their service had failed me. I explained to him what I had gone through on September 9 and that I could not get anyone who could tell me what had happened about my Security Alarm or knew anything about my account with them. I told him over and over that I did not want the service and that I was extremely dissatisfied with it. When he finally understood that I was determined to cancel it, he told me that I would have to pay for the remaining 36 months of service, if I cancelled.

I told him I was not going to pay for something that had failed me. If that is true, why was I directed to a company they no longer use? I am a year-old female; I live alone, and I no longer trust Reliant Security to protect me after going through this stressful situation. Since I was not able to get anyone at that company who could respond to any of the questions about my security alarm and was connected to a monitoring company they no longer use, I would say that this is a situation that gives me every right to cancel their incompetent service with no further charges to me.

I signed up to receive peace-of-mind security, gave them money, and when I needed them to tell me what was happening when my security alarm went off, it was like I never existed. All I want to do is cancel the agreement without paying for any remaining months on the agreement. The shadiest, most awful company to ever purchase energy from!!

I wanted to change my plan, as I signed up for the first month free promo they were doing that included a 90 day trial that allowed you to change plans without fees within those days. But I called Reliant first to see if any of their plans would even come close to other providers since I was still in that 90 day window. So I told him I'd shop some more and call back to cancel if that was best for Me.

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So Reliant billed me for the first month, and for the other 2. I called and told them I signed up for the first month free plan??? Their response was that I was no longer an active account holder so they can't honor that. I said, "Well I was too an account holder after the first month, for 3 weeks after the first month, and no one told me when I signed up, nor when I called to cancel 4 days ago that I would lose the first month free.

So I asked him, "Why would it be the second bill free when it's called the first month free plan, which is also stated on my billing statement, isn't that false advertisement? This company is disgusting and robs people of their money. This is the first time that I rent an apartment and not knowing that I will having a problem with my electric bill with this company. I lived in sq ft apartment with my dog, I tried my best to save electricity as much as possible which means turn on my AC on daytime only, my refrigerator only accumulate 70 kWh per month, and very seldom use my electric range.

Also, I replace all my bulb to led with average consumption of 7 kWh. I work almost everyday and go home at night time. I was surprise that electric bill increase from kWh to kWh and continuing to increase in my next billing cycle! I highly not to recommend this company and make sure do your search before you sign up to any service.

Check other competition first and people reviews matters. The worst energy company I have ever known. It is unclear to understand their Invoices. I don't recommend Reliant until you want to be overcharged. Reliant is a child company of the larger Fortune company NRG. They provide businesses of all sizes as well as residential customers with electricity throughout the state of Texas. Reliant offers rewards for customers who use their company, including airline miles, bill credits and more.

Extra services: Reliant offers clients a move center to help them set up their utilities in a new place when relocating. Discount plans: Reliant offers discount plans for people who want better deals on their electricity bill, including promotions such as free nights and weekends.

Looking for electricity rates in Texas? Reliant has you covered. As one of the largest retail electricity providers in the state, Reliant is the provider of choice for more than 1. A subsidiary of parent company, NRG, Reliant offers a diverse selection of electricity plans coupled with tools designed to save time, such as automatic payments, and resources that keep customers informed such as paperless billing, and weekly usage summary emails.

Headquartered in Houston, Reliant supports causes important to the Texas community. Through the NRG Retail Charitable Foundation, Reliant invests back into the community via charitable donations to nonprofits across the state of Texas. Sign up for a Reliant energy plan today and experience why millions of Texans choose Reliant to power their homes and business.

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When you sign up for an online account with Reliant you get access to a variety of tools designed to help you save energy and manage your costs. Solar Plans Homes with solar panels can earn and sell back bill credits for any excess electricity returned to the grid. Average Billing Avoid seasonal bill spikes and make managing your monthly budget easier with average billing. As the recipient of multiple excellence awards, Reliant leads the way in providing an outstanding experience and digital innovation to its customers.

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Frontier Utilities offers a variety of payment options to make your life easier. Pay by regular mail: Reliant Energy Retail Services, Dept. Set-up New Service: To set-up new service with Reliant today call Reliant has received a 4. Looking for a low electricity rate in your city? Reliant has great rates all over Texas. Find your city below and click to sign up for a low-cost electricity plan.