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Deorro Villager Oct 6, Talk to me Massive i get u the best deal. Deorro said: Bantu Village Elder Oct 6, My conversation with ochithunder last month. Vile Deorro amesema. Massive which one do u want, ndio nijaribu by kesho. Hata core 13 ni laptop sawa. Usiitishe juu nimesema halafu you fail to buy. I had similar specs in mind. Any way its mostly the SSD I want. Non-techies may not put a lot of attention into the kind of CPU than comes with their laptops but it is important that you do. When it comes to processors, laptops users are usually faced with a bewildering array of choices. If you are buying a laptop for basic or business use, you can go with the older-generation Intel core processors.

Currently we have Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors. Laptopmag has a really nice comparison of the different types.

Go check it out. The chart below is from a ranking on Laptopmag. The ranking is based on laptop quality and features rather then popularity. Lenovo is known its consistency in creating high quality and innovative products. Most of its laptops come with outstanding build quality, durable batteries and great performance making them most preferred by many consumers in Kenya. They create a wide variety of excellent laptops many of which are among the cheapest laptops in Kenya. When it comes to HP, it is easy to be spoiled for choice. They have been consistently rolling out some of the best laptops in Kenya giving consumers a wide variety of innovative products to choose from.

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Most of HP laptops have great designs and other plausible features that easily place them among the most used laptops in Kenya. Read this review for more: A list of the best laptop brands in Kenya without Dell would be incomplete. Dell has consistently proved to be an indisputable laptop manufacturer for many years.

It is well know for its line premium laptops which invariably boast of high performance and capability for heavy duty tasks. The Taiwan-based laptop manufacturer is a favourite among low-budget and entry level consumers who fancy cheap and simple laptops. Acer laptops come with sleek designs and premium features which position them among the best laptops in Kenya. Asus focuses on a minimalist design which makes it laptops easily likable and impressive. Apple is known for its line of premium products which always comes with high price tags. Apple laptops are often associated with the elite in Kenya and its kind of a privilege to own one.

Although Apple laptops are highly priced, they come with great features that other laptop brands are still struggling with.

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Samsung laptops have been in the Kenyan market for some time now. Although it may not be as popular among Kenyans like HP and Lenovo, they still enjoy a satisfying market share. Samsung laptops feature great designs, high performance, durability and are affordable for most Kenyans. A mid-range laptop should function optimally for at least three years or more if maintained properly.

You should also invest in a good protective case to protect your laptop from damage when it falls and gets hit by something hard. These are basically laptops that have been recycled or improved after being used for some time. When a laptop is severely damaged or the hard drive dies, they are refurbished and sold again. A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet that runs on the Chrome OS operating system. Chromebooks have limited functionalities as compared to other laptops and usually perform light duty tasks revolving around the Google Chrome browser.

Most of its applications are stored in the cloud rather than locally in the laptop. Nathan Laibuch is a passionate content writer, tech enthusiast, Internet marketer, SEO expert, and artist. He has an inexplicable interest in startups, entrepreneurship, electronics and internet business. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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What You Will Learn. Lenovo ThinkPad X The list also has mini laptops in addition to transformers.

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