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And thus, the intrigue began. Think of it more as your own personal shopping scout. On the main page , you are immediately greeted with the top deals of the day, which sidetracked my investigation quite a bit. Brad- and a team, I am sure- have apparently scrubbed the web for the best deals they can find on just about any item out there, and then they link you to where you can take advantage of that deal.

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This may take the form of a coupon code, printable coupon, sale, clearance or combination of the above. Fifty dollars for a one hundred dollar Travelocity gift card? Thirty minutes and a planned mini vacation later, I came back to check it out a bit more.

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The size of the catalog can make a difference too. What did you do for that first one? Did you just track someone down to get that very first one? I know what we did. Then I got a call within about 24 hours from that person. I love it, I want to put you in and then we started the negotiation of price and then I quickly lost my enthusiasm, because I realized I was paying more to get them made than they were going to pay me to make them. What did you do then though? He said I can see your drive and I can see how much you care about this and all those things. Even though he knew he was kind of cutting his own throat at that situation, because he was making nice money off of us, but he knew, I think, as long as we can make the pie bigger then his slice could become bigger, even though he was kind of in the short run making it a smaller slice for himself.

In fact, instead of him giving me space, I now give him space. He still owns all of his shops but I give him space in my factory because he builds all of our wood frames for us. He fronts all the money for the wood, which is great, but he likes it because he makes a lot of what they call ready-made frames like right behind you on your wall there I see a frame. We play poker together and we do things together. You started doing that, you started doing stuff on your own. Take us until the next few years.

How did you start growing it? We had a couple articles in our local newspaper about our business that were timed such that it was right in the gift buying frenzy and this catalog started going crazy around this time. Both of our catalogs that we were in. So I ended up having to hire maybe 8 or 9 people. I mean my parents were helping, my in-laws were helping. Everybody was on the payroll that was of age. Then I hired just some people from the community. I was on a radio show locally and probably got 4 or 5 perspective employees from that and hired a couple of them.

So in , really early on in we actually had gotten invited to the Oprah Show in the audience.

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I drug her here. I think I just must not have looked like her standard fan, which I found out was the case when I got in there because it was mostly women. There was some older guys with their wives that were bringing them there and they probably were, their wives probably dragged them there but in my case I was happy to be there. At one point, she comes to so you took the day off work to bring your wife here that was nice.

So it gave me a chance to promote. Anyway so we leave and go home. Within about, we sent a keepsake to the lady that got us the tickets as a thank you and we thought it would be a nice thank you.

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Within a couple of weeks the lady that had called me up onstage called me. She got my phone number somehow. She might have called my number but it got to me, because I was still answering them all. We were really wanting to get on the show as small business owners or something. Well we were not that at that point but we were doing well.

The business is kind of going a little bit. I mean Paula Deen was on that show. Ang Sally who was the wedding dress making was on that show. So we were not there but you will be in the special audience. Oprah may or may not talk to you on camera. Well we quickly learned that special audience was basically like the regular audience.

You just come in a different door. Instead of waiting in like this holding room with these giant flat screen TVs of all these Oprah shows playing over and over with other people you come in a special door with like 10 people. Well we brought a keepsake up to give to Oprah but they confiscated. When you come in there is like some security, of course, and you have to give them your ID.

So we just left it with them figuring worse come to worse somebody has got a nice keepsake sitting there that says Oprah. But she kind of hung around and taking questions. She probably gave about an hour of her time extra to the audience after the show. But she was just being really gracious and my wife is ribbing me, stand up, raise your hand. So I raise my hand. I mean you were noticed the last time. I knew as soon as I raised my hand she was going to call me. I appreciate you having us to your show. Would you be willing to accept it? Oprah gets these like giant gleaming scissors brought out to her.

You only see them in the movies. Somebody was probably shining them before they came out. So they bring the scissors out and she cuts the ribbon off delicately at the perfect angle and she opens it right there in front of everybody. She really was genuinely, I think, she liked it a lot. She started asking us all these questions about it to the point where somebody behind me is muttering I wish these guys would just sit down.

Every time I tied to sit down she asked me to stand up again. So they all turned the cameras off. Could you make one for me? We told some friends and family, because it was kind of a cool thing like hey guess what Oprah bought this from us to give to Tom and Kate. Then they called us like a couple weeks later and she wanted to make another one for her niece. Well they had gone down the roster of companies that appeared on that Oprah show that day, because we had like a minute video segment, but we were still on the website which was great.

They had gotten to some people a few ahead of us who kind of said have you talked to Brad and Jera yet? People magazine eventually found out and so they put us in there. It lends to some credibility. So what did it do for sales?

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I mean once you were on and everybody sort of knew that, did you see a huge spike or what did it look like? In October we got put in there. We also were on the Rachel Ray show in early October. Then my wife had worked herself into a spot on the Martha Stewart show where she opened the show one day for about eight minutes.

How do you do that? Number one, how did you get on Rachel ray and number two, how did you get on the Martha Stewart show? Rachel Ray was actually our PR company. They sent our product to Rachel Ray producers who I think one of them had a relationship with because they were both out of New York City and they put us on. But with the Martha Stewart, this is crazy. My wife saw a story in Martha Stewart Living magazine and the story was featuring one of her long-time friends and I believe like maybe her executive producer or maybe her editor of her magazine.

It was somebody who was high up in her organization and there was a story on her and her family. Yes, I think she found it on Zaba search and looked her address up, sent keepsakes to both of her sons who were young teens, maybe 14 and Well that lady called my wife directly within about a week of getting those keepsakes. So within a couple days and said how much they loved them and how much her sons ran upstairs and hung them in their rooms immediately. So anyway my wife is talking to her and she is like, she might have been her executive producer. Somebody else pipes up in the meeting and says that was the company that I told you about like six months but you guys all shot me down.

So we had been trying to get on through other avenues and then that happened. So when those two came together it was just a matter of what show can we get you on and how do we get you out here. So that was great for business. What did sales do? If you use a fitness tracking app to route your runs, it should be easy to figure out when you've hit miles.

Otherwise, make sure to regularly inspect your shoes for signs of wear and tear. If the soles are worn down beyond recognition, and the midsole feels tough instead of springy when you push your thumb into it, it's probably time for a new pair. If you need a new pair, Brad's Deals has you covered. Spices can sit in the back of your cabinet for years without being so much as looked at, but while you might think they're everlasting, they do need to be replaced from time to time.

If you rent, it's your landlord's responsibility to make sure your smoke detectors are in good, working order. It might be annoying, but your life is worth it. One of my goals in life is to have a craft closet that rivals my mother's when I was growing up. At any given moment she was ready to create. She had everything from sewing and knitting equipment, felt, beads, hot glue, glitter, sequins; you name it, we had it. Of course, as a Brad's Deals coupon clipper I looked into how I can make the most of my money at my favorite craft store.

The JOANN App keeps you up to date on every weekly ad, coupons that are exclusive to the app, upcoming events, and every promotion currently going on in the store. You can also use the app in stores to scan barcodes on items to see if they're on sale. There is also a "How To" section of the app with tutorials for projects, including the materials list you can grab while in-store or online, the skill level the project takes, and how long it takes to complete the project.

This is also a great place to find inspiration for DIY gifts and homemade furnishings. You cannot, however, use the same coupons in the same day. JOANN gives discounts to several philanthropic groups. This discounts are only valid in-store, so bring documentation when you go shop for your craft haul!

Most coupons will not be applicable on sale items, but you can still save big when applying more than one coupon at a time. JOANN will run sales on holidays weeks, or even months before the day arrives. I am a big Halloween fan and I find the biggest sales in August. Christmas items start arriving around the same time - might as well save some money and stock up on holiday supplies while it's at a steep discount. I hope this article will help you save when you shop for the materials for your creations. Hand making and crafting items is a process that involves focus, dedication, and in my opinion, love.

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! If your budget allows for a little more, you'll want to check out our complete collection of gift ideas in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide. If it left you wanting to give bubly a try, we have some great news for you! It's a tale as old as online shopping: But most online retailers still charge for shipping, because sadly, shipping still costs money.

If frequent shipping shock stops you from making otherwise smart online purchases, we know just how you feel. And because we spend all day, every day scouring the web for the best possible deals, we know a few things you might not. Apple is one of many retailers which allows you to place an order online and pick it up for no charge in-store. If you live near a brick-and-mortar location of your favorite store, you may be able to save on shipping by opting for in-store delivery. Many major retailers either offer totally free ship-to-store delivery, or a lower free shipping threshold on in-store pickup orders.

Another major perk of picking up your order in-store?

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Depending on availability, you might be able to go pick up your item right away, or even try it on before you make the final payment. Here are a few stores with free or cheap in-store pickup options:. But if you have Alexa, Amazon's answer to Siri, who David reviewed last month, you can get around that minimum and buy those items on their own. This article from How to Geek explains it step-by-step , but basically you have to:. These days, most retail sites have popup boxes that implore you to sign up for their newsletter before you access their site. While most of us mindlessly click out of these and go right to shopping, doing so can mean missing out on percent off discounts and free shipping offers.

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  5. Maxx and Levi's will send you a one-time code for free shipping when you sign up for their newsletters. If you happen to have a bunch of junk email addresses from junior high lying around I'm talking to you, artist formally known as k3wLGaL88 aol. Similar to newsletter signups, downloading a store's mobile app can get you free shipping.

    Kohl's for example, offers free shipping for app shoppers, as does Zappos. You can always delete and re-download every time you want to shop if your smartphone is running low on space. Here's a secret our deal editors know that you might not: Buy yourself a gift card instead. For anyone who still hasn't been convinced to sign up for Prime , this hack works for Amazon orders as well. We partner with top merchants all the time to get our readers exclusive deals on shipping.