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In addition to sync folders, Tresorit also has a network drive feature called Tresorit Drive. While in beta, anybody can use Tresorit Drive. The difference between a sync folder and a network drive is that sync stores folders and files both on your computer and in the cloud, while network drives only store files in the cloud. That said, you can turn sync off for any folder in your sync folder, too, using a feature called selective sync. Both selective sync and Tresorit Drive let you free up space on your hard drive.

Tresorit also provides an Outlook add-on, which provides a more secure means of sharing files than normal email attachments.

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However, Tresorit has a pretty good excuse for that shortcoming: For the same reason, you can preview or edit files within Tresorit, nor can you stream music or media. Read our articles on the best cloud storage for music and best cloud storage for video for advice on those features. There are two personal plans available, one for GB and one for 2TB. Basic 3 GB Storage Limited free plan: The GB price is more than most cloud storage services charge for 1TB.

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Meanwhile, Sync. With either plan, you can opt to pay month-to-month or annually.

Still not cheap, though. Aside from more storage, there are a few other advantages of going with the 2TB Tresorit plan over the GB one. These include link password protection, the ability to sync up to ten devices instead of just five, and unlimited versioning versus day versioning. Tresorit recently launched a free plan called Tresorit Basic, too, which will net you 3GB of gratis cloud storage. Additionally, sync can only be enabled for two devices at a time. Signing up for Tresorit Basic can be a little confusing, too: Most cloud storage services have relatively thin desktop clients, built around a sync folder and a few menu options available via a taskbar icon.

Most other tasks, including managing file sharing, takes place via a web GUI. Tresorit, on the other hand, has both a full-featured desktop client and a matching web interface. Both desktop and web GUIs are arranged similarly, with navigation links lined vertically down the left margin, while the links themselves are somewhat different.

Both GUIs, for example, have views for tresors and account settings. Each object stored has a list of actions you can perform, which you can access via the desktop or web GUI by right-clicking on the object. File sharing is a key component of most cloud storage services, including Tresorit. You can share at either the folder or file level, with folder sharing having a few more options. Folder shares let you share with specific individuals by inputting their email address.

Or, you can generate a link pointing to that folder that anybody can use. Files can only be shared via link. Folder shares also let you grant permissions to others, which include view only and edit access, as well as manager access with share privileges. Link sharing with Tresorit is nicely done. Rather than just generating a link that anybody can use, you can protect that link with a password, expiry date and download limits. Moving on to sync, in order to synchronize files between devices with Tresorit, you first need to set up a tresor to do so. You can add files to directly to this folder to sync them, or add them through the desktop client, which conveniently supports drag and drop.

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Any file placed in your tresor will be stored on both your hard drive and in the cloud by default. You can connected multiple devices to your Tresorit account — five devices with a GB subscription and ten with a 10TB subscription — to sync files between them. Whenever a change is made to a file, that change is reflected in the cloud and all devices attached to your Tresorit account in ideally near real-time. We evaluate speed in the next section. File upload and download speed are critical to ensuring a smooth sync experience.

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To find out how well Tresorit stacks up against the competition, we conducted a few speed tests with a 1GB compressed folder. Test One: Test Two: Upload Time: At 50 Mbps, the fastest that 1GB could transfer is just under three minutes. The However, we were also sending those files halfway around the world remember, the Tresorit servers are located in Ireland and Europe. The speeds themselves are a bit slower than some other cloud storage services, including Dropbox.

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Overall, Tresorit performs a bit slowly, but not to the point where its not worth using. Some of that may be due to the fact that files are encrypted end-to-end. Unlike Dropbox, Tresorit does not cannot use file metadata for indexing files to access them more quickly. In brief, this means that you set your password privately and your encryption key is generated based on that. Tresorit never knows what that password is, so the company can never decrypt your files — whether for marketing purposes or for something else. The level of encryption used by Tresorit is AES, which means the encryption key is bits long.

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Recent post by Page. Last week we participated at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protect While we support the goal of facilitating access to electronic evidence in criminal investigations, we must also ensure that future legislation respects privacy rights and provide robust safeguards for citizens: We launched our non-profit program more than two years ago and are n While data privacy is essential for everyone, for NGOs, it can be a life-or-death question.

Hence, we find it essential to provide them with an end-to-end encrypted storage and file sharing tool so that they can keep their sensitive data safe in the cloud. We would like to raise awareness to the importance of data privacy by sharing their mission and explaining how end-to-end encryption helps them carry out their day-to-day work.

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