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Penn State says it believes settling is best for everyone involved, including the victims of Jerry Sandusky. No ruling has been issued on the hearing held in Harrisburg last week. Penn State was also banned from postseason football games for four years. The university lost a significant number of football scholarships and all wins under former coach Joe Paterno were vacated between The fine money will eventually be distributed to charities that support victims of sexual abuse, and Corman wants the funds to stay in Pennsylvania because all of the revenue is generated in-state.

Sandusky, 69, was convicted last year on 45 of 48 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys over a year period. Playground, from page 1 state. According to Courtney Hayden, the communications and special projects coordinator for the State College Borough, the Orchard Park location was chosen due to the high number of children and young families in the surrounding neighborhoods. The new playground is expected to accommodate 1, kids a year. Hayden added that the old playground in the park will remain for another five years, but the new structure will feature equipment chosen by local YMCA kids following a day in April when children submitted design ideas.

We made sure to provide plenty of climbing opportunities for them. The color scheme, chosen by local children, combines orange and purple with a bit of green mixed in. Hayden explained that a portion of the playground would be designed for children ages The rest of the area would be for older kids ages Find out more now at Thrivent.

Not all products are available in all states. Registered representatives for securities offered through Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Allen St. To submit News: Reproduction of any portion of any issue is not permitted without written permission.

The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement for any reason. On June 20, the conservative, anti-spending newcomers cut the legs out from under Boehner and Cantor by helping to vote down, , a leadership-backed extension of the farm bill, normally a routine matter. They included: One undid an agreed-upon compromise on dairy-price supports; the other would allow states to impose work requirements for able-bodied food-stamp recipients. Republicans fell back on their default position of blaming former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The fact is, the GOP leadership lost 62 of its own members, more than enough even without the promised Democratic help. And now, Republicans are fast running out of options. Normally they might sit back to see what the Senate does, but the Democratic-run Senate has already passed its own version. The House can do nothing for the time being, allowing the existing farm programs to expire Sept. That would be the same status quo that House Republicans feel is in such drastic need of change — if only they could agree on the change. Am I contradicting myself?

Much material is legitimately classified for important reasons. Secrecy can be vital in all kinds of matters, not the least of them national security. And if you say it is permissible for people to break their oaths and the law on their own judgment of what should and should not be publicly shared, you may be risking mass killings of the innocent, among nu-.

There are obvious complications here, not the least of them the fact that leaking classified secrets is a Washington game frequently played, and not just by previously unknown contractors. I myself have little doubt the revelations were meant to make him look good, and I have a hard time believing these and a number of other highlevel leaks on different topics were legal. Maybe there are technical or other factors that erase any criminality, but it was mighty strange stuff from an administration that has prosecuted more leaks of classified data than all other administrations combined.

Supreme Court rulings on First Amendment rights have made it close to impossible to stop initial publication or broadcast on most subjects, and there are difficulties as well in prosecution after the fact. While I hardly think the press is always warranted in. Manning is a military guy who seems to have badly betrayed his country. As for the celebrities who made a video praising him, they have every right in the world to make fools of themselves.

Come home and accept whatever punishment he may get for his civil disobedience. Some 14thcentury Europeans mistakenly believed that the world was coming to an end as the Black Death killed, by some estimates, 50 percent of the citizens on the continent. But worstJohn M. Email caust dystopia. If him at jcrisp the climate spidelmar. The globe becomes less and less hospitable, until it reaches uninhabitability, a barren cinder.

Here are a couple of examples from recent news: Last week, administration officials announced that President Barack Obama is planning new regulations that will limit carbon. This sounds like progress until you realize that these new regulations are the kinds of half-measures to which Obama is limited by the impossibility of moving meaningful climatechange regulations through Congress. At best, new regulations will take several years to implement, and they face opposition from Republicans, from business interests, and probably from some Democrats who fear that new regulations will slow down the gradually recovering economy.

Furthermore, last year the Environmental Protection Agency proposed greenhouse gas regulations that would have banned the construction of new coal-fired power plants, probably the dirtiest method of electrical production. The proposal has stalled as the agency considers concerns raised by the power industry. Similar preparations are being developed in other low-lying cities. The psychological milestone —. Humans are always inclined to use politics to protect their personal interests, and doing so often involves ignoring long-term global concerns in favor of short-term advantages.

It takes some contorted psychology to put such self-interested politics into play. Much of our failure to deal with climate change involves unadorned denial: We like the world as it is, and a significant change in the weather — or in the level of consumption, comfort and pleasure that lies behind climate change — is too horrible to contemplate. But we know a lot more about science now than they knew in the 14th century. And speaking of the end of the world: But reasons for optimism are scarce.

Letters must be factual and discuss issues rather than personalities. Writers should avoid name-calling. Generally, letters should be limited to words. All letters are subject to editing. Letter writers are limited to one submission every 30 days. Send letters to S. Letters may also be emailed to editor centrecounty gazette.

Be sure to include a phone number. Jacklyn Van Arsdale, R. Hershey Medical Center, offers some tips for healthy eating while away from home. If your only choice is fast food, consider sub sandwiches with turkey or roast beef and low-fat mayo. Some of the bigger chains are on a health kick. Choose snacks that focus on those food groups. Pack fresh fruit and vegetables with low fat or nonfat salad dressing or dip.

Van Arsdale suggests homemade trail mix with low fat cereal, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, or raisins , string cheese, lunch meat rolls, beef jerky and nuts, along with baked whole grain crackers, pretzels, and protein bars with 10 grams protein per calories. When you have a high calorie meal, adjust the rest of your meals for the day to include more vegetables and foods that make you feel full without the extra calories. Van Arsdale said. Get creative and plan a stop for a hike along the way. Plan to take advantage of whatever your destination offers for physical activity, including swimming pools, walking trails and bike rentals.

Surgery restores nerve cell properties altered by diet From Gazette staff reports HERSHEY — Understanding how gastric bypass surgery changes the properties of nerve cells that help regulate the digestive system could lead to new treatments that pro-.

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Serving the community since The results may also better predict which patients will keep the weight off after surgery. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is the most effective way to get severe obesity under control. Doctors make the stomach smaller and bypass a section of the small intestine.

Besides restricting the amount of food a person can eat at one time, the procedure also seems to alter the properties of nerve cells. Complications from diseases such as diabetes can resolve before weight is lost, and sometimes before the person even leaves the hospital after gastric bypass surgery. In obese people, the nerve cells are less excitable, meaning they respond less to normal stimulation.

For example, there are neurons that help tell a person that their stomach is full, called satiation. However, as obesity develops, it appears these signals are less strong and easier to overcome. They then observed the effects of gastric bypass on the rats and have shown for the first time that the effects of diet on nerve cells seem to be restored to normal function after the surgery.

This would help in restoring satiation signals so that they can be recognized more easily. By understanding why this happens, we may be able to predict in advance which patients will respond to the surgery. Weight Loss Study The Penn State Food Lab needs overweight Women who are between 20 and 65 years of age to participate in a weight loss research study.

The study will last for 12 months. During the first 6 weeks you will attend weekly sessions and receive one-on-one education and guidance from a Registered Dietician. Then sessions will occur every other week until the 6 month mark, when sessions will then occur once a month. IRB Approval Number The board at Lewistown Hospital voted its approval of the merger agreement last week.

This vote brings the two organizations still closer to a full merger and integration. In a to 17 vote recently, the Lewistown Hospital corporate membership voted to approve the merger as well. The corporate membership is now dissolved and a new community advisory board will be created. Both Geisinger and Lewistown Hospital have been completing legal and operational due diligence since signing a Letter of Intent in December.

It is expected that the merger will be finalized in approximately three months. Lewistown Hospital and Geisinger already work together in a number of ways, including the hospitalist, tele-stroke, teleecho and eICU programs at the hospital. The multi-specialty Geisinger-Lewistown physician practice has served the community since , and a second primary care practice is located in Juniata. For more information about Lewistown Hospital visit www.

For more information about Geisinger visit www. Glenn Steele, Jr. Join us for a FREE seminar series designed to meet the needs of the senior homeowner. There really is no place like home Are you ready to stay in yours? For more information about how you can live independently in your own home, about the seminar series, or about Aging in Place Centre County, call May not be combined with any other offer offer..

Only at participating locations. Does not include optional enhancements. Interest-free financing not available without enhancement package. Optional off-site comanagement incurs an additional cost. Coploff Education Scholarship for the benefit of a Lock Haven University student majoring in education. The deserving applicant must be a rising junior or senior education major enrolled at Lock Haven University and seeking teacher certification in the four to eight programs or combined programs including grades four through eight.

Consideration will also be given to the financial need of the applicants. Coploff, Ryan and Welch, a law firm in central Pennsylvania, contributed the necessary funds to establish the scholarship. My wife Mary is a graduate of our state system of higher education and through her I have observed the impact a quality teacher can have on students.

The foundation administers approximately individual scholarships for students at the university. Developed through a collaborative effort with the director of the Pennsylvania Wind for Schools program, Dr. Susan W. Some students were chosen by their CPI instructor as the outstanding student in their respective program areas. Front row, from left: Heather Leigey, cosmetology; Jessica King, dental assisting; Loren Newman, medical science; Sara Packer, early childhood education; Ashley Bruss, advertising arts; and Kaitlyn Hendershot, culinary arts. Middle row: Back row: The award is based on academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service and financial need.

In four years at State High, Josephs has excelled both in the classroom and on the tennis court. He has won District 6 tennis titles in both doubles and singles and served as a captain during his senior year. In the classroom, he has excelled in multiple advanced placement courses while maintaining a GPA greater than 4.

During the summers, he has spent substantial time volunteering in the research labs at Penn State and working as a landscaper. In the fall, he will study at Bucknell University, with future hopes of attending medical school. Houserville Elementary School Library, 6 to 8 p. For more information visit scasd. Ferguson Township Elementary School Library, 1 to 3 p. As of presstime, the Senior Institute has raised. All of the members of the SI worked together to make their success possible.

Senior Dan Roan spent the night in the kitchen. I was getting emotional the whole night. SI advisors, English teacher Jessica. Lloyd and art teacher Meg Barton were proud of the student-run effort. Especially with decorating for the event. Being a part of the dinner was a positive experience for many students. To raise as much money as we did blows my mind. The SI students served burgers, hot dogs, fries, salads, root beer floats and many assorted desserts. More than people attended. This class gives me the opportunity to teach my students something that no textbook is capable of teaching them — compassion.

There was also a Chinese auction set up, along with different pieces of student art for sale. With Penn State Continuing Education, you can take classes when it works for you— evenings, weekends, or online. A welcome speech was given by class president Henry Lush. He congratulated his fellow class members on their accomplishments. District superintendent Brian Griffith said the Class of has endured many changes, including class structure changes, building renovations and five different high school principals during their school careers.

He said that the ability to adapt to change is an important characteristic in life. In fact, only 10 high schools in over outperformed these students in reading. Following a Penns Valley tradition, members of the class of were present on the field, and their class president Dr. Daniel Wolfe addressed the crowd. He said that 50 years ago his father told him that commencement would be the last time the entire class would be together.

We wish you all happiness and success in the next phases of your life. Your future belongs to you. Take the disbelief of others and turn it into motivation. Leedy thanked his parents and teachers for pushing him through the tough times. He mentioned the many changes his class has seen. He ended with a quote from Henry David Thoreau: Live the life you have imagined. I think we should make it a point to remember where we came from, and the people who helped us to get where we are. One graduate, Carolyn Darr, received her diploma and a hug from her father, board member Allan Darr.

The ceremony concluded as the class members recessed to the south side of the field for the traditional tossing of their caps into the air to celebrate their graduation. Family members and friends then poured onto the field for photos, hugs, handshakes and congratulations. David M. Gene Bianco, president and CEO of PARF, presented Rice with the Distinguished Career award in appreciation for his lifetime of service and achievement in providing choice, support and opportunity for people with disabilities.

PARF, since its beginning in , has actively worked toward improving the availability, accessibility and quality of rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities across the commonwealth. Rice, a. General exhibit hours are 8 a. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a. Plant pathology has a long tradition at Penn State as one of the first of seven undergraduate majors described in the College of Agriculture in In , the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology was formed, and the first graduate degree in plant pathology was awarded in Botany and plant pathology parted ways amicably in , with the formation of the new department of plant pathology, with James Tammen as the first department head.

Recently, the faculty elected to broaden the focus of the department to include environmental microbiology, a discipline closely associated with plant pathol-. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the department and its first year as the Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology Department. Today, the Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, in the College of Agricultural Sciences, is dedicated to being an international leader in the integration of research, teaching and extension for the protection of food and fiber crops; for the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable environment; and for understanding the role of microorganisms in the environment.

The focus of the faculty is on innovative research, excellence in mentoring students, productivity in scholarship and outreach service to society. The plant pathology exhibit additionally will be open during the special events times. Call to confirm times. For more information, visit http: Boot Camp for Kids set for Aug. Registration deadline is July 5. For more information, visit www. Post Office Dept. Admission is free and donations are welcome. For more information contact Megan Orient at Submitted photo. Three young women competed for the title.

Each one gave a speech and performed a skit about the dairy industry. They were interviewed by the judges and given an impromptu question about the future of the dairy industry. Halee Wasson was crowned dairy princess. Charlotte Auman and Lauren Ebel were named as alternate dairy princesses.

There are 11 junior promoters for the promotion year. The Dairy Maids are: Lil Dairy Miss is Bailey Little. These 14 young ladies are the voice of the Centre County Dairy industry. If you are interested in having these young ladies promote at an event this year, please contact Candy Wasson at or email wassonfarm yahoo. Are you ready for summer?

No Appointment Necessary. Van Vandt Veterans Home in Altoona to conduct games of bingo for the residents at the facility. Rt , onto to W. Church Street. Str St treet. Go o 1 mile to greenhouse. Limited time offer. Dealer participation varies. Valid for new customers. Not valid with other offers. Must be presented before order is placed.

Cycling for Care riders can choose to ride either 62 miles, 31 miles or an 8-mile loop throughout Central Pennsylvania. Whitehall Road in Pennsylvania Furnace. Centre Volunteers in Medicine was founded in with the mission to understand and serve the health and wellness needs of the medically underserved residents of Centre County. Refundable bottle deposits apply. Dealer varies.

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Valid forafter new5customNot valid with other offers. Refundable deposits apply. See dealer for dealers. Standard rates apply after first month. Must with other offers. Installation may be extra. Must be presented at time of order. Water Analysis Call today for your appointment!

To date, there are three drop-off locations where miscellaneous plastic containers can be recycled. They are: Atherton Street, State College. Bishop St. The miscellaneous plastics accepted in-. The event was attended by more than people. Children are invited to decorate their bike, trike, skates or skateboard and join the fun. No motorized wheels are permitted. Line up begins at Foster Avenue and Locust Lane at 9: The route will go down Locust Lane to Central Parklet, where everyone is invited to enjoy a slice of watermelon and parachute games.

Bike decorating will take place on July 3 from 7 to 7: Centre Region Parks and Recreation will supply the streamers and tape, free of charge. For more information, call or visit www. Additional details can be found on our homepage www. This event will take place from noon until 5 p. Wee w W want ant to to be be your your Pharmacy! Rain or shine. Info at visitbellefonte. The award is a recognition program for young women ages 14 through 17 engaged in volunteer action within their communities or schools.

The award is given to young women whose activities make the community and world a better place. Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. Call about our Custom Slaughtering!

Shop Downtown State College Unique shops with variety and the latest fashions. Bob Steinbach, owner of Connections, began his career in retail in State College in His more than 40 years in clothing retail provides him with inside access to the style minds of locals, especially those of women ages 15 to Steinbach keeps Connections up-to-date by staying intune with the junior clothing market, often traveling to California to buy goods in contemporary and juniors sizing, size 2 to Other clothing options vary in price, offering something for everyone.

Steinbach said. The store offers a large selection of gifts for your gift giving needs. Gift Adventures has many items designed and created by local artists. You will also find many items for children and the young at heart. Gift Adventures invites you to visit us for a unique shopping experience. At Gift Adventures you will find very affordable one-ofa-kind pieces of jewelry as well as items for your home or beach house. Gift Adventures is your gift destination. Beaver Ave. State College, PA The Big Blue on the Corner E.

Located at E. You saw it, you loved it, you craved it Now you can OWN it! Born out of the Alpha Fire Co. Since , the Central Pennsylvania July 4th Inc. Everything we do is built around making good memories for families and throwing a big patriotic birth-. The parade will begin at 2 p. One such balloon will be 55 feet long, with another balloon standing 35 feet tall. Balloons have. More balloon sponsorships are still available. Keisling said sponsorships made by community members and local businesses allow 4thFest to continue each year.

Throughout the day, 4thFest attendees may attend three 30minute shows where lumberjacks will demonstrate all things lumberjack, from chainsaw usage and climbing poles to log jumping, log rolling and ax throwing. After each show has finished, the public is invited to try log rolling at the lumberjack camp that will be set up. The carnival will continue throughout the evening, leading up to the communitygathering fireworks display at 9: The show, which is choreographed to 18 songs, includes almost 11, aerial, middle and set piece fireworks.

To have the best view of the brand new fireworks display, Keisling said viewers should purchase a VIP viewing pass. Passes can be purchased at the BJC up until the day of the event. On the day of the event, they will be sold at the entrance to the VIP area and at the 4thFest information booth. For Keisling, the fireworks show is the perfect way for the community to end the patriotic holiday. For a complete schedule of 4thFest events, visit 4thfest.

To become a sponsor for 4thFest, contact Bernie Keisling at It all leads up to a choreographed pyrotechnics show that is. Come Com enjoy the Parade of Heroes with large helium balloons, real howss throughou lumberjack shows throughout the day, food galore and fun for the wholee familyy.

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Visit our website for the latest updates! Not so on Monday. The year-old right-hander turned in perhaps the best performance of his career. He threw seven shutout innings, allowed only two hits, struck out two, and did not walk a batter as he guided State College to a win and back into a firstplace tie with the Jammers in the New York-Penn League Pinckney division. Perry, a 17th round pick in out of Methodist College, threw an efficient 71 pitches in his seven innings, but he nevertheless yielded going into the eighth to relievers Mitch Harris and Kyle Webb, who both turned in innings to seal the victory.

Great composure, good poise. He moved his fast ball in and out of the zone and elevated it when he needed to and got a ton of pop-ups. State College started right off against Jamestown starter Dovydas Neverauskas when Jimmy Bosco led off with a single and promptly stole second base. Caesar Valera then reached on an error and Bruce Caldwell walked, loading the bases and bringing up clean-up hitter Dave Washington. Ron Castillo followed with a sacrifice fly to make it and, after Washington was caught stealing, Neverauskas hit both Carson Kelly and Alex De Leon with pitches.

That was all for Neverauskas, who was. Matt Young greeted Diaz with an RBI double that scored Kelly with the fourth run, and even though Diaz escaped further harm, the damage was done. Perry took over and made sure the lead was never threatened. Thankfully, we took advantage of their errors and came up with some big hits. He allowed only three base runners on the night and retired 21 of the 24 batters he faced. So from the beginning of the game I had a really good feeling about my fastball control and command.

I kept it down and just let my defense do the work, really. So we wanted the keep the ball from being elevated and keep it on the ground and let our defense work. Once I came out of the game, I knew we were going to have two shut-down innings after that. And that it greatly reduces his penalties if the year-old coach leaves Penn State for the NFL before Amounts would be pro-rated, meaning they would be reduced based on how many months he has served of his contract year at the time of his departure, so the actual buyout will very likely be lower.

But he stayed aboard to succeed Graham Spanier during the rockiest period in Penn State history. A search committee has been seeking a successor, and Erickson has said that he hopes a new president is on board by this time next year. Whether Joyner will continue under a new president — to whom Joyner would directly report — is iffy. On average, raises have been in the 2 percent range.

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Twice in the past five years there have been no or deferred raises. As of now, there will be a GSI general salary increase across the board for , but no mention of percentages. Full disclosure: Just like. Those costs are for tuition, books, room and board, and fees only — factored as if the players were typical students, and not including additional football perks, like medical care and equipment. It is also assuming costs rise about 3 percent per year; players will attend one summer session; and half of the players receiving scholarships are from Pennsylvania and half are from out of state.

FREE Parking. That ranked him 11th among Big Ten head football coaches, just ahead. Mike Poorman has covered Penn State football since His views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Penn State University. This fundraising event consisted of three consecutive athletic events: The athletes, ranging in.

Participants in the triathlon were mostly Centre County and surrounding county residents, but some came from as far away as Colorado. The perfect weather of the day attracted the large number of contestants and spectators.

Beginning at 8 a. After leaving the pool, they sprinted to the. The ride route had to me changed from previous years to accommodate a bridge closure near Tattletown Road, south of Millheim. Jimmy Jazz Coupons. Cold Cuts Merch Discount Code. Blue Cotton Coupon. Psycho Bunny Coupons. Tiger District Coupons. Selena Gomez Coupons. Orlando Magic Coupons. Tommy John Coupon. Northern Sun Coupon. Gold Label Coupons. Hilo Hattie Coupon. Mypartyshirt Coupon. Detroit Lions Coupons. American Apparel Coupon. Mincers Coupon Code.


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