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Hold on to it: To choose the zones you need to buy for your ticket, just look at the zone you're leaving from, the zones you'll go through, and the zone you'll be arriving in. For example: If you're going from Aulnay-Sous-Bois zone 4 to Evry zone 5 , this means you'll be passing through Paris. So you'll need to buy a ticket that covers zones , i.

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The Navigo weekly pass Navigo Semaine is valid for one week, from Monday to Sunday, and gives you unlimited travel within the zones you've selected. It can be purchased starting on the Friday before the week in question. Buy your pass as soon as possible to avoid queues! You can load your Navigo weekly pass starting on Friday. Hello, It is not clear to me if the actual Navigo pass can be recharged for one week only.

I still have my Navigo pass from when I studied in Paris where I charged it monthly and am wondering if I can pay to use it for just one week when I return there soon. Thank you very much,. This post is one of the most easy to understand when it comes to traveling in Paris with the Navigo pass. Thx for this!! I am here for three week summer course and will leave Paris on 30 July.

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I am confused about the concept of zone-free travel mentioned in the comments by KC June 23, at 2: Do I have to buy a monthly Navigo for zones costing I visited Paris for the first time in , during which I got my Carte Orange, the predecessor of the Navigo card. Knowing that the weekly period of validity goes from Monday through Sunday, I always time my visit accordingly. The Navigo card is especially valuable if you take part of a journey on the Metro and part on a bus, because there is no such thing as getting a free transfer from one to another.

A side benefit of having the card is that it enables me to go on adventures that I call Random Bus Rides: Just keep looking out the window until I see something that catches my attention, get off the bus, and explore. More likely than not, I will walk a little until I see yet another bus, or maybe even a Metro station.

The best aspect of having the Navigo card is simply not having to worry about getting any more tickets for the remainder of the week. I especially appreciate your info, above, about the benefit of the monthly pass, wherein you can travel to and from the airport during the weekend. Now I have a question for you: If I can do that, I would arrange to pay before I arrive, and then be good to go when I get there.

The Navigo Semaine weekly pass is good for a calendar week — Monday to Sunday. You could buy a card for Aug 4 — 10, and would need to use regular tickets from Aug 1 — 3. Kids 4 and under are free. If I buy a monthly pass but need an extra week, can I add a week and not an extra month? Good comments on the Navigo Pass, but a few other points are worth considering for those staying in Paris a week or more:.

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The Navigo is valid on both the bus and Metro, so you can easily transfer between them for journeys that require both. For example, in some locations like Montmartre, you can be 8 or 10 minutes from a Metro, so a bus to the Metro saves steps. You can just bring a photo with you of the required size. They worked fine. I have a month navigo card. I have to go to the airport on Monday. The RER stations have machines that sell the supplement. The Navigo is one of the great conveniences of the Paris public transit system. Navigo can now be used to register for Velib — check out its web site, Velib.

First, Navigo is not just a Metro pass. It works as well on the buses and trams. You just swipe your card over the reader as you enter. Depending on the journey, buses can just be plain easier to use than switching on the metro. Second, the Navigo month or longer besides during holidays and summer vacation mentioned above also allows one to travel in all zones during school holiday periods of Zone C Winter, Spring, All Saints, and Christmas. Lastly, do not underestimate the ease of just slapping down a card on the reader instead of fishing around for tickets, or change to buy tickets, or finding a station that will actually accept your non-chip credit card to buy a carnet.

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We will be there from July 7 to Aug 7… with kids who are 3. Thanks for the tip that monthly Navigo passes are good for all zones on the weekend! You can also save the cost of the photo by bringing one from home. I printed mine on photo paper on an ordinary inkjet printer. The RATP website has details on the size. Have questions about the best hotels to book for your upcoming trip? Since , our mission has been to make your time in Europe affordable and memorable.

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