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The farm was spread in huge area and after having multiple attractions, we felt there could be better possibilities for Zombies and mazes. I recommend this place to be your next Halloween destination. I always had a great time whenever I visited Creamy Acres.

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The attractions were the sameā€¦ there was nothing new. The hayride was totally boring. I with my GF visited Creamy Acres.. My GF jumped and screamed many times. The actors and props were excellent.. The ticket rates were reasonable for the scare experience we got.

Where can I get coupons for Creamy Acres Night of Terror in Mullica Hill New Jersey?

Good one. It was the perfect haunt I was looking for.. The actors all did a great job..

I will recommend this place to all scare lovers out there. With the scary attractions added now, it got even better. The zombie adventure, walkthrough, corn-maze were indeed thrilling and terrifying. Some of the surprises even scared us, the adults, so you could imagine the effect on the kids. Just take your family along and have an absolute entertaining blast. Night of Terror left us with our heart pounding.. I screamed out loud few times and in a sense, it released the pressure building in you.

It had bone chilling scares, great sets and scary actors. Their makeup is enough to freak most people out. I will visit this place again with my family. Waste of money. Highly disappointed!!

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All of of the actors there are extremely intelegent, and really know how to make you uncomfortable. You don't need you wait in that long of lines, only for tickets and the haunted hayride. After the hayride, you just go onto the next attraction. There at many places so tight it is hard to breath. But I would recommend it to all people over 10 who don't get scared easily. I have traveled the tri state area for all haunted attractions for the past 17 years starting when I was 10 years old. Creamy acres does an excellent job and I still enjoy visiting them each year.

Its very close to home and they put on a good show. I would recommend this to year olds. Even though I love it, it doesn't give me that gut retching horror. Still they deserve a great review. Keep up the good work: We did all 6 attractions. You start off with the Hayride. IMO, I thought it wasn't that scary, but they did a good job with the decorations and what not. If you really want to jump during the ride, I would suggest sitting towards the back since that's where the fun happens--unless you are sitting the front and not paying attention till one of the actors are right in your face, lol.

After the hayride you go through the rest of the attractions. The corn maze I thought was a little too short--maybe because we found our way out so fast. There really weren't any lines when we through all the attractions. They kept the crowd moving, so you really couldn't tell how many people were there. They'll get you when you least expect it.

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The actors were great! They did a great job. I had a couple good scares and laughs after. I would definitely go back again. The actors over the past 2 seasons have just been awesome!! I found the haunted hayride spectacular and the haunted houses terrifyingly amazing. A must see. This place was very easy to get to and, getting there early, the ticket line was very quick. Once we got into the main area we went straight to the hayride!

Great choice! The hayride was excellent! Many automated monsters and a very creepy atmosphere! The best thing was that, if you take the hayride first, it drops you off at the next attraction and you go right in! All of the attractions were fantastic! The zombies were great and the headhunters were awesome too! I would highly recommend this place to everyone!! Had a great time and, for the price, it was one of the best in the tri-state area!!

This place took and hour and a half to get to from northern nj. We were in line for almost two and a half hours. We did five of the six attractions and I have to say it was well worth the price and wait and the drive. Hands down the best haunt I've been to Hayride was great and it ruled into the other attractions. Great job, while I am not easy to scare, I was made very uncomfortable in certain areas.

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Tales of Terror The Fear Factory NJ. High tech animations and digital sound effect make this not for the faint of heart. The length of the ropes that greeted us made us very happy we were not there on a crowded night,. We provide a promo code otherwise known as a discount code, coupon code, or savings code. This year the Bates Build Crew is concentrating on the this attraction, with new sets and trails. Take a look at our videos that were featured on the Travel Channel.

Big Fish Games Forums The Bates Motel is a high startle, high action haunted attraction and not recommended for children under 8 or people with heart conditions.

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