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Yes, UPPAbaby umbrella strollers are pricier than most others, but the build quality is excellent. Until then, they are completely out of stock of previous models. It will be updated once info is provided. Maclaren — the original inventor of the umbrella stroller concept. The Maclaren Mark II — the lightest, full-size, reclining stroller ever. You get the easy, one-handed fold that Maclaren is known for and wait for it… four-wheel suspension.

Yes, the wheels and canopy are dinky in comparison to the G-Lite, but for this weight…. Bottom line: This is the stroller I would choose if weight is your top priority.

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I hate it when I do that. Build-wise, it feels a bit cheap, especially compared to more expensive models on this list. But, when you compare features vs. The Net delivers a smooth ride, has two recline positions though the recline is NOT very deep , and is the lighter, hipper hipper?

The Triumph is a tried and true friend. Weighing in at 11 lbs stripped down with no canopy or basket the Triumph has many of the same features as its competition: In fact, I used my G-Luxe for years and it still holds up. If sun coverage is your main concern, this is the stroller for you. It looks great and steers very well for an umbrella and stands on its own when folded. With beauty and brains, the new to the States, at least… Cosatto line is turning heads. Yes, a very, very heavy fashion statement Seriously, the weight is outrageous, but anything for fashion, non???!!!

Umbrella Strollers

And entertainment!! This guy has an MP3 attachment and speakers on the hood so you can jam all the way to the park. But really? It also includes chest pads, a head hugger, and a rain cover. Check out our quick review of these strollers here. The Maclaren Techno XT is truly in a class of its own.

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You get the convenience of an umbrella stroller with the features of a luxury stroller well, kinda. The Techno has shock-absorbing suspension, which makes it glide like butter you know, for an umbrella stroller and all…. With an extendable canopy with a flip-out UV visor , a rain cover, a peekaboo panel in the rear, and storage pockets… all your bases are covered.

The Summer Infant 3D Lite does not stand up on its own when folded, unlike our upgrade pick, the Joovy Groove Ultralight , and some other more expensive models. And while the Inglesina Net and the Maclaren models we tested have mesh in the seat or canopy to let in more air, the 3D Lite has a solid seat and canopy. My daughter did not get sweaty in the seat, even during our summer camping trip. Some more expensive models, including the latest edition of the Uppababy G-Luxe, have more convenient single-action linked brakes, while the Summer Infant 3D Lite has independent brakes on each back wheel.

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You need to step on both to engage them and flip up each brake individually to release. The canopy fabric, while designed to block sun, is thinner and feels cheaper than that of other models we tried out. While Amazon reviews of the 3D Lite are overwhelmingly positive at this writing, some reviewers do find the canopy to be too small and complain that the cup holder fell off. Others report that the front wheels broke, and one parent writes that one of the handles broke when they gate-checked the stroller during a flight.

Now one wheel is stuck in the lock position so it won't maneuver as well on sidewalks. The Joovy Groove Ultralight reclines into multiple positions for comfortable napping—including full recline, which our top pick does not offer. Unlike our pick, the Groove Ultralight can stand upright when folded, which is a huge convenience for storage and regular use. This model also has a more generous sun canopy and more versatile storage than our pick, and it handles just as well thanks to its similar 6-inch wheels. But it weighs 2. The Groove Ultralight includes a mesh foot pocket that you can safely use with a newborn when the stroller is reclined flat; aside from the Maclaren Quest, this model is the only stroller we tested that you can use so early.

Its weight limit of 55 pounds is 5 pounds higher than that of the 3D Lite, which suggests that it could stay in service longer than our main pick as well. You can look in without ducking, unlike with the Maclaren Quest, and the Velcro-secured window easily opens and closes. The canopy also incorporates light-reflective material for strolling at night.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

When folded, the Groove Ultralight can stand up on its own; for some parents, that feature alone might be worth the extra cost. This umbrella stroller is not the only one that can stand when folded—the Uppababy G-Luxe and others have this feature. The Groove Ultralight has another advantage if you tend to bring a lot of stuff: During our diaper-bag tip test, this Joovy stroller stayed stable both with and without a baby inside our pick tipped when we tested it with no baby; only a handful of competitors stayed stable without the baby.

Joovy added bigger, 6-inch wheels to this latest, third edition of the Groove Ultralight, and during our testing, this version did great on the sidewalk and pushed better on grass and uneven ground than strollers like the Maclaren models, which have 5-inch wheels. The trade-off for all those added features is more bulk and weight.

The Joovy Groove Ultralight, at To bring it back up, you pull on each end of the strap with both hands. This design makes the mechanism a little harder to use than the recline on other models we tested, including the 3D Lite. Like the 3D Lite, the Groove Ultralight has independent brakes on each back wheel, instead of single-action linked brakes. It also has a canopy and seat made of solid fabric, without any mesh to let in air.

The version of the Joovy Groove Ultralight had amassed only 48 Amazon reviews at the time of our research, and most of the editorial reviews we found discussed earlier versions. Many parents who did weigh in about the Groove Ultralight found that it was excellent for travel. A lot of umbrella strollers have the handles further down but these handles are higher so you don't have to bend over.

The carrying strap also is a plus for walking through the airport. I liked that there were mesh cup holders on the sides so my son could hold onto his cup and snacks. Some Amazon reviewers, though, found it difficult to open and close , and others thought that the most upright position did not sit their child up straight enough. Summer Infant has four other models in its 3D line, including the 3D-One , which solves many of the issues the 3D Lite has: It stands on its own when folded and has a peekaboo window.

However, this model is considerably heavier than our main pick and slightly heavier than our upgrade pick at 16 pounds, and most of the negative Amazon reviews complain about quality and durability issues, so we excluded it from our list of finalists. Given how well the 3D Lite performed in our testing, we will give the 3D-One closer consideration in future testing. The pricey but well-made Uppababy G-Luxe has a padded seat, deep recline, and rugged wheels that offer your baby a remarkably comfortable ride.

This stroller was the easiest to push and maneuver of all the strollers we tested, and it stands up on its own when folded. The folding mechanism, however, is a dealbreaker: You push a button at hand level and then use both hands to pull triggers on each handle. The lightweight, relatively inexpensive Inglesina Net has an airy mesh-seat base, stands up on its own when folded, and pushes and turns very easily.

Its canopy is generous but does not have a peekaboo window. The seat back zips and unzips to allow for two positions, but the recline angle is very slight and not ideal for naps on the go. In our tests, both models handled very well on the sidewalk but struggled a bit on grass and uneven terrain, and neither stroller stands up on its own when folded. The new Maclaren canopies are terrific, with waterproof material and a zipper to extend them even farther.

The Quest includes a poorly placed but functional peekaboo window, which I had to duck to look through. Both strollers come with a rain cover that shields the child, stroller, and canopy, but cup holders are sold separately. The pound Chicco Ct0. We found it generally easy to use, and it folded smoothly with one hand. However, the pound weight limit is extremely low, even lower than that of the bare-bones Cosco stroller we tried. Other reviewers, including BabyGearLab , found that this model was difficult to push and turn, and that the recline was too slight.

With the exception of the Cosco stroller, we also did not test strollers with three-point harnesses, including the Kolcraft Cloud. Its price, however, was well beyond the range we considered at the time of our research. The answer is yes. We tried out the Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy , which is a Target best seller and a design similar to the basic umbrella stroller we most often see parents pushing. It is tiny when folded and easy to open and close, even with a baby in one arm. But its small, 4-inch wheels, its low, plastic handles, and its lack of storage made this model such a pain to push and use that I found it much easier to just carry my baby in my arms.

In comparison, all of the other strollers we tested were very comfortable and easy to push for a mile or more. Otherwise it was useless and did not come forward enough to keep the sun out of my sons eyes. The American Academy of Pediatrics, in its stroller safety guidelines , recommends strollers with a wide base, which are more difficult to tip over. The company has since added a hinge cover. In addition, both companies warn you not to put hot coffee in the cup holders, and while it might be a no-brainer, the Summer Infant manual cautions people against putting a kid in the storage basket underneath the seat.

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Falls are the most common injury associated with strollers. Make sure to adjust the safety harness to fit the child securely both at the shoulders and around the waist, and confirm that the stroller locks open before putting a baby in the seat. Engage the brakes when putting a kid in or taking a child out of a stroller. If anything breaks, stop using the stroller until you can get replacement parts from the manufacturer. Joovy also advises parents to use the fully upright seat position only with children 6 months or older.

Summer Infant suggests cleaning the seat and canopy fabric with cold water and mild soap and using a damp cloth to clean the plastic and metal surfaces.

You should clean the wheels after every stroll in the rain or snow, the manual advises. The fabric needs to air dry completely before you use the stroller. Bryan Pulice, founder of Traveling Tikes , phone interview, June 9, Stroller Guide subscription required , Consumer Reports. Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Summer Infant 3D Lite The best umbrella stroller This easy-to-use stroller capably delivers on all our basic requirements.

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Upgrade pick. Everything we recommend Our pick. Why you should trust us Who should get this How we picked How we tested Our pick: Erica Pearson Umbrella strollers are generally suitable for babies once they can sit up unassisted, usually around 6 months. Katie Holm In our research and interviews, both parents and experts stressed that they preferred an umbrella stroller that was light, easy to push, comfortable for napping children, and equipped with a sizable storage basket.

We found that an excellent umbrella stroller should be: Katie Holm Easy to push and maneuver: The wheels on the umbrella strollers we tested ranged from 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Bigger tires make for better handling. Clockwise from top: Katie Holm Easy to fold and carry: That step narrowed our list down to seven models for testing: Chicco Ct0. Erica Pearson Photo: Erica Pearson. Katie Holm Our pick. Katie Holm Buckles like that on the Maclaren Quest require you to slide in the shoulder-strap attachments every time you secure them.

Katie Holm The Velcro-secured back pocket can hold a phone, wallet, and keys. Katie Holm Upgrade pick. Jump back.