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Tequilas waterbury ct. Hasti rahsepar. Sargeaunt said the pews were required for strangers. The Chairman said he had no doubt the corporation would come again to the church, when they got a mayor whe was disposed to adhere to the custom. Votes of thanks to the vicar and the churchwardens con- cluded the proceedings. Thompson, vicar, presiding. The retiring churchwardens, Mr. Gaskell and Mr. Ingledew, were present, but there was a very small attendance of parishioners. The disbursements included donations of iJ27 6s.

Gaekell having withdrawn from office, as he was about to leave the parish, the Vioar, in nomi- nating Mr. Samuel as his successor, expressed his deep regret, which he was sure was shared by all connected with that church, that so highly esteemed a parishioner waa going to leave them. Samuel had, however, kindly consented to take hit place, and he had no doubt that they would wurk well together. Heard, Mr. Ingledew was re elected people's churchwarden, his desire to withdraw being unanimously opposed. Ingledew con. Aitken, the organist, for his ex. He also took occasion to allude with great satisfaction to the decided success of the recent Lenten services, which he con- sidered were now established as a most valuable addition to the devotional services of the Church.

Ingledow seconded the motion, which was cordially adopted. Aitken, in acknowledging the compliment, said it had always been a great pleasuce to him to conduct the services, but he felt that tho time had DOW come when he must resign, as, with other calls upon hia attention, he felt the duties of the service too great a tie In the course of a discussion which fol.

Hooper and others that the clergy connected with the church did not take sufficient interest in the choir, and that there was a feeling that a desire existed to introduce a boys, instead of the present mixed choir. The Vioar said he waa unaware that the clergy displayed any lack of interest in the choir, and, for his part, be fully appreciated their services. He ad- netted that ho was m favour of establishing in newly organised church servicos a choir composed of men and boys only, but as tfce-mixed choir in the church did very well, he had no desire to interfere with the arrangement, and he assured Mr.

Eeafd, the organist was pressed to continue in office, and he ultimately consented to do so for the present. Heard then said it was with great regret that he had to refer to a matter connected with the church service. He had noticed that in the change of curates which had recf-Ltly taken place there was a disposition on their part to, what he termed, slight the congre- gation.

Wigprina, for instance, persistently turned his back to the congregation during the whole of the Communion Service. He had noticed this particularly on Good Friday and at the early Celebration the previous morning. There was no meaning in doing thia, and as neither the vicar, nor the previous curates, Mr.

Arnoid, Mr. Venables, nor Mr. Jones, had dono so, and the practice was disrespectful and offensive to the congregation, Mr. Heard maintained that it should not be permitted. Therefore, he asked the vicar, in tbe name of the whole congregation, to see that the service was conducted in a consis- tent manner.

Adams supported Mr. Heard's statement, and held that the practicc complained of was contrary to the rubric. He also stated that the congregation was falling eff wretchedly each Sunday in conse- quence. Hooper said the vicar was probably net aware of another practice of Mr. Wiggins, who persistently went to the pentre of the altar at times in the service, and knelt there with hi3 back to the congregation.

Aitken affirmed that if Mr. The Vicar, in reply, said They certainly have no warranty or right to do anything that I don't do, or that I don't know about The subject then dropped, and the meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the vicar for presiding. Williams, of Roath Court, was re-appointei vicar's warden for the ensuing year. Lewis proposed that Mr. Wilson be re-elected churchwarden for the parish. Spencer seconded the proposition, which waa supported by Mr. Ferrier, and adopted nem. Leotard, Becouded by Mr.

Taplin offered to coileot the rate I? The amount of church rate SetS? The eccocnte, chifr 1? Tho balancQ wa. This was all the buBtMES. Betsy, ncaiiiated J- JNiekltes as his wardens, Mr. Hallat and Mr. Brcobs beirg nroposed as tho peoples wardens. Davies and Mr. Chick were appointed BIdes- men, after which a vote of thanks was given to Miss Elliott for her kindness in presiding at the organ.

A vote of thanks to Bishop Price for presiding closed the proceedings. The churchwardens nominated and elected for the enauing year were Mr. Bickards, of Caatlefield, and Mr. Harding, of Monaoty. Saulez rector, presided. This, however, showed a comparative improve ment, while in the church completion acoount the debt owing at the commencement of the year— JE—had been paid off with the exception 0; about. This was considered to be very satis factory, and the accounts were at once passed Mr. Pearse, efcondad by Mr. Jenkins, it was agreed that quarterly meeting bould be hdd in future for vestry aud ganerai purposes, such meetings t.

After some discussion, this was in substanoe agreed to. Tho rev. Bird as his the vicar's warden, and ou the motion of Mr. Thomas Jenkins, seconded by Mr. Butchinson, Dr. Pearee was re-eleoted parish warden. The churchwardens and the vicar received a vote of thanks, and the latter alluded with feelings of appreciation to the kindness of the churchwardens, who had on the day prior handed him an Easter offering of. A vote of thanks was also accorded to Mr. Roberta for the able way in which he had conducted the choir, and tbe proceedings terminated.

Thomas Woods was re-elected vicar's warden, and Mr. Evan Lewis was chosen the parish warden. The nominations of these gentlemen, who were accepted without the least opposition, waa all the business of the vestry. A vestry meeting was held at the Church of St. Faul, Grangetown, on Tueaday, the Bev. Vincent Saulez in the chair. The minutes of the last meet- ing having been duly read and confirmed, the accounts for the past year were discussed, and a balance of J61 8s.

This was accounted for, not so much from the usual cry of depression in trade as the fact that certain improvements had been carried out. The Rev. Saulez then re-elected Mr. Penn as hia churchwarden, and Mr. Kiddle proposed and Mr. Headford seconded the re-election of Mr. Arnot, as parish warden.

This was carried. The Bector duly responded to the vote of thanks accorded to him on the motion of Mr. The meeting concluded with the Benediction. The parishioners met on Monday morning, Rev. C, Parsons, rector, in the chair. Proctor and Captain Pengelley, were again appointed. The vestry for the election of churchwardens for St. Andrew's was held on Easter Monday, the rector presiding. Captain Guthrie, the rector's.

John Gratrex, the pariah warden, were re-elected. The Easter vestry was held at the parish church on Monday, the Rev. William Johns, vioar, in the chair. The accounts of the two churches at Caeraa and Ely were audited and paased. George Thomas, of Ely Farm, was nominated and appointed aa vicar's warden, and Mr. Bobert Jeffries, of Ash Villa, as parishioners' warden.

There was no other business. Canon Harries, rector, presided. Balfe and Mr. Lewis, the churchwardens, were re-elected, and the church accounts for the past year were passed. On Easter Monday afternoon the vestry of the parish was held at the Greyhound Inn, under the presidency of the Rev. Leigh, vioar. A rate of Id. The ohurch- wardens were re-elected. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the business. On Monday a vestry meeting was held, when Mr. Morris, of Oak Cottage, was appointed churchwarden in place of Mr. Henry Higgins, deceased.

At a vestry held here on Monday, April 14, the Bev. Dalton, vicar, presiding, Mr. Cai- man was re-elected vicar's warden, and on the resignation of Mr. James, Mr. Vickortnau, Heart Castle, was unanimously eleoted warden for the paiieh. A tender was received and accepted for the repairing of a certain portion of the church wall, which has lately been giving way the sum of.

Amongst other things under con- sideration waa the proposal for the parish to take over a piece of road in the village of Saundersfoot. At the Easter vestry meeting, on Monday, Mr. Jones, of Poulton. John WLite was re-elected parish warden.

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The wvsl Easter vestry was held at the parish church on Monday, presided over by tha Rov. Glanley, who elected as hia warden Mr. John Thomas, Lamb Inn, Cwmtwrch, was elected parish warden tor the ensuing year. The accounts foe the paat year were duly passed. For St. Paul's the retiring churchwardens, Messrs.

Cocroy and G. Bawn, were re elected, and tbanKed for their past services. A number of gentlemen were appointed sidesmen, and Mr. Bejbyrce consented to act as honorary vestry clerk. Mark's, Mr. Rmith and Mr. Bend were re-apppinted. A number of sidesmen were appointed.

The accounts were under dis. In conse- quence of dilapidations in the church, h vicar bad written to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. With regard to a new organ, it was said the mayor will t ivo. A committee wae appointed to carry out the pio- ject for a new organ. At the customary meeting, held in the vestry rocm of St. George's, on Monday last, Mr. John A. Shepard and Mr. Niohol Bradley were elected churchwardens for the ensuing year. Brown and Mr. Lewis, who have officiated for many years, thought a change might prove beneficial, and doubtless their successors will discbarge the duties of the office in 1 thoroughly satisfac- tory manner.

At St. Wilson in the chair, two or three parishioners only being present. Buckly, of Grove, was re- appointed rector's warden, and Mr. Thomas Smyth, chemist, re-elected parish warden. As the old church is to be immediately pulled down, it was ordered that the organ be adverfised for sale. The accounts for tho past year were produced and deemed satisfactory. Curran, a vestry meeting was held to elect a churchwarden. It was propoaed that Mr. Bobert Capper, general superintendent of the harbour, be requested to occupy the post during the Oh arch Congress year.

The motion was carried. Alexander Bitchie, the Buccesaor to Captain Nicholas, accepted the post of chaplain's warden. A vote of thanks to the retiring churchwardaa, Mr. Curran, was passed. The following sides- men were elected. Curran, T. Bevan, Brooks, Hare senior and junior. Ware, LIS. Hall was appointed mayor's, and Mr. Player vicar's wardens. Glasbrook was re-elected mayor's and vicar's warden for the higher division of the parish. Pardon and Mr.

TCli Clarke presided. The Chairman arpointed Mr. Charles Bath as hia warden for the enduing yeer. Davies, Beach. Henry Kinscy, Bute-place, Mr. David Thomas, of Trafalgar- teirace, was eleoted people's warden. Kinsey, seconded by Mr. Lowe, they were adopted. This church was tastefully decorated for tha Easter Sundav services. At Ihe annual vestry, held at Llangynwyd, on Monday noon, tho vioar appointed Mr.

John 11 owell, timber merchant, Maesteg, aa his warden and the vestry appointed Mr. The attendance waB fair, and the DUBineea formal. Roberts and Mr. Isaac Davies were also continued in office. As regaria the Mission Church, its finances were reported to be most satisfactory. The building, together with the fxpense of enclosing and planting, had been paid tor, the cost of the harmonium had been collected by Miss Jeffreys, and there I rev: Morgin Lfjfl and Mr.

Boborts for her exertions ia articling Church work at Briton Ferry. Mary's ChurJh or Monday, the rpctJi" presiding. There waa a. Williams, chemist, his warden for the enerirg year. John Gwynne, town-clerk, proposed the re-election of Mr. TiolUhB Stokes as parish warden. This was seconded by Mr. Thomas Gibbs, and seconded by Mr. Jenkins, "That Robert hr- wis be sexton. On a show of hands being called, 46 voted fer Lewis, and 42 for Gunter. A pell waB demanded, and the election took place durirg the afternoon at the Town-hall, which resulted as follows: The v;car, the Rev.

Powell, presided. John Phillips has officiated as churchwarden for tbe past eight years, bat declined to be nominated upon this occasion, being desirous of retiring. On the motion of Dr. Stamper, seconded by Mr. Smedley, a unanimous vote of thanks was acoorded to Mr.

Phillipa for bis past services.

Marv's Meats

The vicar appointed Mr. Baggs as bis warden, and Mr. Edmund Lewis was elected parish warden for the ensuing year. The following gentlemen were eleoted aa sidesmen: T Williamson and S. Allen for the vicar's warden, and Messrs. Barton and C. White for the parish warden. It was Resolved that steps be taken for carrying oat alterations in the internal fittings of St. John's parish church in accordance with the plans already prepared and approved of by the Bishop, and that the incumbent and churchwardens be and are hereby empowered to apply for a faoulty for the performance of such works.

Williams, W. Jones, A. McAlpiD, W. Williams, J. Stamper, and I. A unanimous vote of thinks to tha rev. Sydney Davies, eolicitor, Crickhowoll, has teen unanimously elected churchwarden, in the place of Mr. William Lawis, solicitor, de. TDo annual vestry for the election of church- wardens and auditing accounts took place in the parish church on Monday.

The Vicar, Rev. R" Thomas, M. Herbert and Llewelyn Jones were re-elected aa vicar's and parish wardens reapectively. Mulligan, M. Winston were re- appointed sidesmen. We regret to state that Mr. Jones, Rook Villa, who has always proved himself a staunch supporter of tho Church, is on the ove cf leaving the neighbourhood. The annual vestry meeting took place on Easter Monday, when tha church wardens were re-elected, 68 also were the sidesmen.

The meeting waa adjourned until the 21tb inst. Morgan and Mr. Godfrey Thomaa WdoS elected in the place of Mr. Griffiths, with Mr. Jones, Tynyrhecl. Sutton and Mr. On Monday evening, Mr. James, of Mertbjr, adaressed a meeting at Ra. There were less than persons pre- sent, Mr. David Davies, Maesyffynon, presiding. After a few remarks from the chairman, the following resolution was moved by Mr. Evens end seconded by Mr. Price That this meeting disapproves of the warlike policy of the present Government, and ia fully convinced that such is detrimental to the commerce of th country ard believes also that such policy will bring tie nation into disgrace.

James supported the resolution in a rather long speech, which differed in some respects from those which he has previously delivered. Ho dwelt on the importance cf haTing a Liberal association for South Wales, in orcer that the people might see bov they were going or. He also referred fa the previous times of depression whioh bad occurred, and what had been done in respect to a redistribution of seats and past legislation. He was afraid that at present they were in the midst of a great calamity, caused by the great war feeling that hlOd seized upon the pooplo. Now it was difficult in a building like that chapel to think why the English people should have so given way to this great feeling, and, as he thought, this moss wicked principle of war.

Bat he hoped the feeling had not got hold of that class cf persons who were the strength and backbone of the country. He hoped the war feeling had orly come over the riff-raff of the people, those whem John Bright called the residuum. C8 then proceeded to point out that titee the cost of the army and navy of Englf. Then, in addition to this, there the cost cf the army in India, which, h3 said, amounted to J! Lid not these people recollect that during two years, in which itiwas said they had done so much for the country, one million and a half of people tad starved in India?

It might be said that England had India, and intended to keep it; lut he must tell them that hia coneoieaca was rot quite clear about this. The speaker next referred to the National Debt, the action taken by the Government to reduce it annually, the taxa- tion of the country, and reasserted that the war taxes amounted to. He urged them to give their attention to these war matters. Did not they think that if some portion of the war taxes was spent in useful work at home it would be a grand thing for England?

No good came cf these wars. Money was spent upon them like water; what was worse was tha number of lives that were sacrifieed, and they got nothing in return.