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But the clue "One of the U. Soon after came a flurry of other clues containing sensitive names related to the D-Day operation.

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The final D-Day-related codename came on June 1, just five days before the invasion. The solution to 15 Down was "Neptune," the codeword for a naval assault.

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After thorough questioning by the MI5, it became apparent that Dawe was unwittingly publishing information related to the D-Day operation. Dave would invite his students to fill out the blank crosswords with words of their own choosing as a form of mental exercise.

Dawe would then write clues to their solutions. Dawe's Strand School was situated close to a Canadian and American military camp full of soldiers that were preparing for the D-Day campaign. Several of Dawe's students would spend time at the camp running errands for the soldiers and listening to their stories. The soldiers weren't afraid of the children being spies and spoke openly of the upcoming campaign. Missing Link Privacy.

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Business arrangement 4.

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Business transaction 4. Distribute cards 4. Bargain; wood 4. Begin a card game 4.

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It's least palatable when raw 4. Give out playing cards 4. Hand out cards 4.

Negotiator's goal 4.