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You just can't beat that team and as far as a Harley - it's an investment, a great bike and one heck of a ride - NO other bike compares. Thanks Chandler Harley!!! I ended up talking with Steve Harrington in sales and did'nt feel preasured,in fact had great time talking with him ,explaining that i was just visiting the area and possibly moving to arizona. We talked like friends,not salesman to customer. If i do make the move,I'll definitely be doing bussiness with you guys. Thanks again,and tell steve hello for me. CHD Treated me great. It took a few to get my Financing together.

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My sales guy hung out with me almost all day. Great guys at CHD! Wouldnt shop anywhere else!!!!!!! Mary and I have been so satisfied by Chandler Harley after buying our two Harleys there that we decided to bring her sister yesterday.

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She had decided it was time to own a Harley too! We were welcomed by everyone at Chandler Harley like we were long lost friends. Sean and Shayne took excellent care of the sister in law while Mary shopped for things on her own. Katie and Sharon took good care of us in the accessories department. All the parts folks did their best to take care of us there, as well.

We enjoy our trips to Chandler Harley each and every time we come up. Thank you everyone for making it that way. Rode the sister in laws new Softail home to Yuma I just recently bought my second bike from Chandler Harley Davidson and the second time was just as good as the first! You guys definitely have top quality sales and service! Thank you once again and keep up the great work! In my field of work the term 'customer service' is discussed constantly and practiced as much as possible. Because of this it is easy to appreciate good customer service when it occurs because unfortunately it does not happen that often.

The staff at Chandler HD has some of the best customer service that I encounter, and on a regular basis. It started last summer when I met Craig on the sales floor one day and after several visits following the first, he was able to assist me in buying my first HD. He was very professional and knowledgable and made me very comfortable by being so patient and friendly to me. I always recommend friends to your dealership and to seek him out! Over the past year, I have worked with the service department many times never for problems with my Road King!

Although I've encountered many great people in back, I always seem to deal with Aaron S. No matter if I ask him stupid questions or bring my bike in at closing time, he always treats me with high regard. He is a perfect example of a professional and just another reason why I love coming back to your dealership! Thank you for the hard work and the 'service with a smile', it definitely makes a difference!

Craig Keating has sold me both bikes, He's Great professional and he is reliable answered all my question took the time to explain. Thank you Craig K. I work for safeway were we work very hard with our employees on providing great customer service to our customers. And I can see Chandler Harley has much they can teach other businesses about great customer service. I have had a very good experience in every dept. Thanks To All Lou.

And it didn't stop there - every visit since has been a pleasure and I always feel like everybody there cares about my satisfaction as a customer. Only thing missing is a part time job at CHD to help pay for all of this: My first experience with Chandler HD was a little rocky. As soon as management became aware of the trouble they went above and beyond. Their philosophy was clear, do what we can to make the customer happy, and they did. They have earned my business. Thanks for everything you did.

The Service Manager and the General Manager should be commended. I have previously purchased a form another dealer and have been discussed with them since. My wife has wanted a new Harley from the time she was old enough to know what a bike is. Chandler Harley made that happen. You gave us what we needed for our trade and worked with us in ways I did not think people still did.

Every one has made the experience the best. I just wanted to thank you again for helping make my wifes dream come true. And the new 07's are outstanding. Any one I know I will send your way as you also treated our son very well when he purchased his bike at Chandler. Jack and Jodee Fountain. My wife and I were in town for the Nascar Race and stopped in just to take a look at the bikes. Sean showed us a few bikes never pressuring us to buy. The staff at CHD took great care of us staying late on a Saturday night to take care of things. We left very happy with our purchase.

Everyone we dealt with at CHD has treated and helped us with anything we needed.

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Thanks CHD. This is our 4th bike we purchased with CHD. We came in on Friday to just pick up my heat shield and ended up getting a beautiful 05 Sportster for our daughter. Saturday, it was delivered. We are truly treated like family when we come to CHD. From sales, to service to parts we are always treated with kindness and respect! The staff always goes up and beyond to make sure that we are happy. Our list is: My Mom-well she rides with whoever she chooses. We love you guys!! Carl you know you are the best, thx for everything I just bought my 3rd bike since October The 1st bike was a sporty, which I traded in for an Electric Glide Standard.

Now thanks to a careless driver I had the opportunity to purchase an Ultra Classic. I worked with Rich Gomez to purchase my last two bikes. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone that is looking for a bike. Rich went out of his way Saturday to help me get into the Ultra. I had to have the rental car back by two in the afternoon so Rich followed me to Williams Gateway Airport to drop of the rental. He then took me to my house in Johnson Ranch Queen Creek so that I could get my insurance card for my motorcycle so we could finish uup the financing.

Not only did Rich go the extra mile, the service department did too. I wanted the Black Pearl and the only one they had was still in the crate. They went right to work putting the bike together for me. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the motorclothes department. The staff is really great and helpful not to mention good looking! When I walk into the dealer it seems like Iam part of the family. There is always someone there that calls me by name. Being in customer service, I can tell you that goes a long way.

Now the only thing they need to do is hook me up with a good looking lady to ride on the back of my bike! Keep up the good work Chandler Harley-Davidson and give Rich a raise! For Rich in sales, thank you for such a great experience in buying my first HD. You are a very laid back seller and that is so appreciated by me , you have know idea.

Knowing me as I do hard core sellers are a major turn off! You are also know all there is to know about these beautiful bikes you sell. Thank you for showing me around, and selling me my new Harley!!!!! We have purchhased bikes from other dealerships but our experience with Rich was the best we have ever!

Our first visit to Chandler Harley was not the best Rich and Chandler Harley will definately get referrals from is! Thank you!!!!!

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On my birthday in 06 I acquired a sudden urge even my girlfriend couldn't handle. I had to get a new Harley Road King. The folks at Chandler H-D were professional and friendly. Per the break-in instructions. Don't let a lot of good road time pass you by. Come on down here to Chandler Harley-Davidson.

Get out there on the blacktop and crank on some serious Harley thumps. CHD helped me realize a dream come true. I bought my first HD after many years of wishing and dreaming. After a few false starts, I have to praise Alex B. Jeff and John were super. Kudos to Rick and the rest of the sales staff who always had a smile and a word of encouragement. Great Bike Fantastic People! I have purchased my fourth bike from Chandler HD this week and again I have had an excellant experience. I look forward to dealing with Chandler HD for another eight years. After a rough start partly my fought , what a great experience!

These folks are amazing and the atmosphere at the dealership is better than any I have visited. I took my Road King in for service and my bike was nasty as I ride everyday. When it came out of service, it looked as good as it did the day I bought it. I will not go to another dealership as long as I am in AZ. Everyone is friendly and professional and open to any and all questions. Clark Goodyear.

I recently picked up an fuel injected Road King. The previous owner had service done at another valley HD dealer. The bike didnt run good. Wonder why the other HD dealer didnt pick up on that. You could tell as soon as the bike fired up. Was popping and backfiring. I called the "other" HD dealer and explained the issue.

I was told that the bike had something wrong with it and I needed to bring it in. Not convinced. I then did some research online and found that the bike was most likely running lean as the symptoms indicated. I found a fuel processor that would work to richin the fuel at the injectors. The Cobra Fi Really didnt need those..

Called back the other dealer and asked for the Cobra item. They didnt have it. I asked if they could order it. They said no, its not in the catalog. Alright then! I then called Chandler HD. Asked for the Cobra item. You guys had it. I asked for a price. Got a price and then asked if that was the best price.

It wasnt. Got in the van and headed over. The install was simple as described by your people. Mike was a big help. I had a tuning issue which your people cleared up over the phone. My issue solved in a few hours by Chandler Harley-Davidson!! Thanks a million! The other dealer lost my trust due to poor customer service and lack of knowledge about their products. We are full-time RVers. Spending the winter south of Casa Grande. Didn't buy a motorcycle here. Came up for new mirrors for the wife's Harley, December The old ones rusted in Texas, Rio Grande Valley.

February , found a nail in the rear tire of the wife's Harley. Interesting no appointment time was made was just told to show up. But was told they would have the work done that day and it was. Also had new rear brakes installed. Very nice dealership with friendly employees.

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I've just recently become obssessed with Harley, having found that it's an addicting passion. My best friend has his own Harley A Heritage Softail Classic that I'm hoping to inherit, and so fell in love with the tradition of Harley. Now I'm on a first name basis with most of the staff, and they even call me "shop girl". It's a friendly and fun enviornment, refreshing.

I love going into that store, and do so often. Good job, guys! Pete is the best. He took the time to walk me through all the of different bikes from the to the Road Glide - Can't get carried away. He spent quite some time explaining all the different models so I was fully prepared to make an informed descision. I left and visited other dealers in the valley but the time Pete spent with me and my family that first visit made me come back.

He is the reason why I came back to Chandler to make my investment and to join the Harley Family. Thanks Pete - I love my bike. My wife and I have bought three ultra classics in three years,all of them across the country as we live in New Hampshire. Our first bike was bought in Oregon. We and three other couples flew to Oregon and bought four ultra's, we had so much fun riding home it should have been illegal,we called this the coast to coast tour. Last year my buddy put a bunch of stamps on his bike and mailed it to Phoenix. My wife and I bought our second ultra at Chandler HD. From there we rode east crossing the Canadian border, attending HOG rallies in Minnasota and having way too much fun,we called this ride the Three Country Tour.

This year my wife and I bought our third ultra in case you didn't know we have two children,and we are best friends so they need to ride in Texas. We attended the nascar race in Texas. From there we headed west to Phoenix for the Nascar race there the following week. We rode up to Chandler HD and we walked in like we were the king and Queen of Phoenix and asked for a thousand mile service. They told us that they would squeeze us in first thing in the morning it was three PM We went to the rental desk to find the salesman who sold us our bike the previous year.

We explained to the rental man that we grew up in the sixties and we couldn't remember his name he gave us a bunch of salesmen's names finally coming up with Craig. We decided he was the one that had treated us like Kings and Queens the previous year. At about this time Craig was walking thru the front door with a bunch of sodas in cups I asked if he had bought enough for all of us. He replied that can only be one person and recgonized me by my voice.

We told him about last years three country tour and all the fun we had. In closing we would like to thank the service dept for squeezing us in. We would like to thank Jimmy in service for talking english he is from Mass. Craig for treating us so well two years in a row. The little lady in the clothing dept who helped my wife lug all the stuff we had to stuff into two saddle bags and a tour pack I am still continplating adopting you. My girlfriend says there is one other thing we do together that makes us happier The staff at Chandler H-D is very professional.

I had bought a sporter custom from phil who was very very nice toward me and my family. Sue C who works in the claim department was very helpfull and should be complemented for her exellent work keeping me posted of the progress on my bike and new paint job that Hector had done. The mechanic who put my parts together was right on. As new riders Tyler Hicks and many others treated us with the utmost respect taking the extra time to walk us through the differences and characteristics of all models. We have enrolled in the Rider's Edge program and have confidence that we will receive the same level of professionalism during the course and any future dealings with Chandler Harley Davidson.

Thanks, Scott. I have to say when we first bought our Bike I was a little upset with the time it took however Matt, Robyn, John, Jim and of Course Sean P has definitely changed any or all dissatisfaction we had. The help we have gotten from Robyn, Sean and John S has more then made up for any delays in our visit. We have to say we were unsure as to whether we wanted to take the time to do the new customer party or not however my wife suggested we try it, so I changed my flt from Denver and came home early as to attend the party and I have to say, Everyone and I do mean everyone made us feel like family and not just a customer number.

Even though the sale is done every time we stop by the store Sean is still the first to great us. I have been in sales for almost 30 years and if I were to change careers this is where I would most definitely want to make the change to. Too sum it up we will most definitely be buying more stuff from here and we will absolutely be sending family and friends to do the same.

Again thanks to all in our past, current and future purchases. We recently had a lot of engine modifications and accessories installed our Heritage Softail, as usual John Stapleton and the entire service department went above and beyond to ensure we were completely satisfied. Thank you John and the entire Chandler Harley Davidson staff. The entire staff at Chandler Harley Davidson has been so fantastic from our first purchase of our Heritage Softail to our most recent installation of a big bore kit. There is no dealership on earth that makes you feel like you are coming home.

We love you guys and want to thank you all for making us part of your Chandler HD family. I bought a new Softail Deluxe in July of this year. From the time I walked through the door, and was first approached by Don Abunis I felt right at home. Don seemed to be very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me select the correct bike for my style and needs. Most importantly I would like to thank John Stapleton for all the help I received on customizing my bike. He has helped me with lots of chrome upgrades, a stage 2 CU big bore kit, pipes and many other items.

He is always very excited to help, and seems to have a passion for his line of work. Even his wife Kristen in apparel was very helpful. Most important to me was they way that everyone I have had contact with at the dealership seems to try and remember there customers. Even after the original purchase of my bike everyone seems to remember my name. I was originally referred to your dealership by a friend. I know after the service I have personally received that I will recommend to all of my friends to shop with you as well.

Thanks again. The staff at Chandler Harley Davidson were most friendly, most helpful and were wiling to help me acquire the bike of my dreams, i can not give enough praise to those who helped me directly John Stapleton, Jeff, Scott, Doug and Kristie. They made my buying experience a very awesome one and i will recommend them to all my friends who are in the market to buy a bike. John who helped set up the bike, Kristie who helped me in chosing a good helmet and attire, Jeff for the financing, i couldnt ask for a better deal, Scott and Doug for making me feel like a family member and all those i didnt know or didnt see they helped also.

Thank you once again. Joel D Manzutto. Don was friendly and Kristen in finance took her time and listened to me and what I wanted. If it weren't for her knowlege and understanding of my needs I would have never purchased. You have a winner having Kristen working at Chandler Harley Davidson. Thank you all!

We are previous buyers to Chandler Harley, this one makes our 5th bike. It is our pleasure to be able to come into Chandler Harley and the minute we walk in the door we are always welcomed. Carl worked his magic and I was able to get a new seat, rush pipes, windshield,and a back rest wrapped into my loan. Don, our salesman, understood what I wanted and they worked with the service team to make me happy.

This is why we keep coming back. We have brought in my brother who has bought 2 bikes, our daughter, sister-in-law from Texas, and I am working on my brother-in-law. If you want to ride, want to trust, then Chandler Harley is the place to go. Just ask us we will tell ya!! Thank you so much friends.. Carol Green. Ok, guys, you need to figure out how to add some stars above 5. I purchased my new Fat Boy 2 months ago, and boy, were they right when they said, "the bike is just a downpayment for the accessories There are two dealerships closer to our house, but CHD is my second home.

I swear, I should set up direct-deposit into my account there! Special thanks to Matt for the extra help getting both my buddies into bikes on Saturday. You all have a loyal customer for life here. When a problem occured, they worked it out immediatly. I want to thank them for the great work they did.

It's a joy walking into CHD, everyone knows us by name and treats us as though we're their only customer! Our dog "Rudder" enjoys visiting with the staff too. John S. Keep up the good work!!!!! You should ALL pat yourselves on the back!! Anonymous - North Pole, Alaska. My husband sent his surveys back he got in the mail but I'd like to take a minute and thank everyone at your dealership.

When my husband was out for a Harley I thought it was just the name thing honestly.. I wish I had remembered all their names to get them the individual recognition they really deserve.. Dominic was our sales person When we come back in we're greeted as fondly as when we came to buy and are even remembered..

There may be "red tape" or things you have to do when taken care of adjustments or corrections but we've never seen them.. I also own my own business with Mary Kay Cosmetics and pride myself on great customer service for my own clients You guys are fantastic! Everything has been just a really enjoyable and fun experience.. I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know that may be interested in a motorcycle.

I don't know that I will ever ride my own unless Harley starts making little little motorcycles and maybe some pink.. Could you maybe ask Harley if they might consider making some cars? That was just too easy and fun! Like how awesome is that!!!! You might mention maybe they can make some some cool riding goggles a little more "girly" maybe in brown instead of black with some bling?

Just a thought.. I know I'd buy some..

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Again please thank everyone again for us.. Merry Christmas.. Happy New Year! Sharon and Dave. My sales person Mike McCoullagh is the absolute best salesman in the world!!! He made our experience before, during, and after the sale absolutely effortless. His knowledge, character, and work ethic are what every customer is looking for. Mike really does work hard to do what is best for the customer, he takes the time to listen and he cares that the Harley you get is the one that is right.

His work after the sale is even more impressive. I actually had a huge issue in parts that made me so mad I vowed to never go back to CHD, however, Mike worked tirelessly to fix it and kept me coming back to Chandler Harley!!! I don't know what awards the sales people get but he should get the Purple Heart of Harley!!! I recently visited your dealership while on vacation in Arizona.

From the moment my friend and I walked through the door your entire staff was very polite and helpful. As most vacations for a Harley rider go, I was sent on a mission to purchase shirts for various family members. Kristen offered to assist me with finding a particular shirt , and Katie was my cashier.

Both ladies were very curtious and not pushy as some sales people can be. I just wanted to say thank you to them and the rest of your staff for making my visit a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work. Everyone was very nice. Made sure we knew exactly what we wanted and did not try to push us into anything. We could not be happier with our Road King!

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Thank you Chandler Harley!!! Bought a th. Anniversary FXDL. Ordered some goodies. You picked up my bike at my house, did the work, and returned the bike.

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Thanks guys. An Arizona native, I have purchased over 20 new bikes of all makes and models since January was my first experience with a new Harley. I was eyeing a XLC with orange and black color scheme and fell in love right away. Carissa Krausman left is the proud owner of Shoe Thrill and is known by customers as the "Shoe Guru". I began my comfort shoe adventure in at the age of Shoes have always been a passion since I was old enough to save my babysitting money for the coolest, funkiest doc martens in the 90's.

I always enjoyed fashion, color, accessories and personal style. Comfort became exponentially important after blowing out my knee on a trampoline at age This injury seriously changed my life-- from exercise to the footwear I needed to wear to continue a career on my feet. I didn't want to compromise fashion and style and because of this, my search for the cutest comfort footwear was born. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Travel feed: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.

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