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And, even as a Leaf owner, I have to say the i3 is hugely superior.

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Bol d'or , Dec 4, Newbury EV: With your mileage, you may be better to take gamble on future value and buy using a personal loan. Thanks for all your responses. They really back up what i was starting to think i. Terrance87 , Dec 4, Vale of the White Horse EV: John RB , Dec 4, ObsidianWalker , Dec 5, What do you think? Seems a good deal to me.


Terrance87 , Dec 5, Bol d'or , Dec 5, Wirral EV: A potentially dangerous game but if you have any intention of keeping the car at the end of the term then how about settling on a lower mileage to reduce the monthlys? It will increase the GFV so you will pay one end or the other but would make payments more manageable. However proceed with caution.

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ElectricIan , Dec 5, ElectricIan likes this. The BMW is the faster, delivering hot hatch pace. In fact, the i3 feels surprisingly sporty a lot of the time.

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Its steering is well weighted and quick to respond to inputs — so quick, in fact, that it can make the car feel a touch nervous on the motorway. However, it also makes it agile and fun to drive on twisty roads. Stiff suspension helps, keeping body roll to a minimum.

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The Ampera, on the other hand, is a softer, less focused offering. It'll take you a little while to get used to the abrupt way the i3 slows down. The Ampera feels more conventional here unless you select its maximum engine-braking mode, but the brake pedal response is inconsistent and hard to modulate regardless. Actual stopping power is also disappointing, with the Ampera taking five metres longer than the i3 to stop from 70mph in our braking tests. We did our range test over a varied route of town, motorway and B-road, with the outside temperature a wintry three degrees.

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The test was about as range-draining as it gets, then, yet the i3 still managed In both cars, you could expect to go at least half as far again in optimum conditions. Both cars come with standard three-point plugs, but it takes around eight hours to charge them from a conventional domestic socket. Both cabins feel suitably futuristic, thanks to pulsing, backlit buttons and warning bongs that would do George Lucas proud.

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Even the separate digital display that shows information such as your speed and range is easy to read at a glance. The Ampera, by contrast, makes do with coloured, gloss plastic inserts, while its centre console features touch-sensitive panels instead of conventional switchgear; they look good, but are fiddly to use and poorly labelled. Your settings will take affect when you refresh the page or move to a new page. Find out more about cookies.

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The amount you want to borrow, less any deposit payment and the value of any car you are part-exchanging is agreed upfront. Your application for finance is then submitted to the relevant motor finance company and, when you pass their checks, the lender will pay for the car on your behalf. During the term of the agreement, your monthly payments will cover the full price of the car plus interest, minus the guaranteed future value of the car.

When the Agreement Ends You can choose to pay the guaranteed future value in full and own the car outright Hand back the keys and walk away with no further obligation Use the car as a trade in by using any existing equity if of course, the guaranteed future value is lower than the current market value of the car as a deposit for a new finance agreement. You may choose a completely new brand of car at this stage. In the event that you wish to hand back the car, an excess charge will be applied if the forecast mileage agreed at the start of the contract has been exceeded. It should be possible to fully or partially settle a PCP agreement but the specifics of this should be verified with your lender as each finance company may have different operating procedures.

Advantages of Personal Contract Purchase Lower monthly payments than Hire Purchase for a comparable car and term A low deposit at the beginning of the term.