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No prescription required yet you can get prescription lenses.

$45 Eye Glasses Exam

They are decent priced and delivery is always fast. Been using them for years. The website is http: They are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your tip! I posted it in my previous post. So I just did it and it said my prescription would be ready tomorrow. You do have to verify that you had contact prescription before by sending in pic of actual prescription or your contact lens box. Thanks so much hip2save!! Contact lenses are an RX medical device for a reason. One corneal ulcer should convince any wearer.

There is no way to check for eye health or disease. Amazes me what people will try. Google corneal ulcer images and see if you want to play the game. This service was perfect for me a few months back…I paid a sale price for this service when I ran out of contacts but had an expired contact rx. I simply scanned my expired prescription and went through the exam steps. I would like to try wearing one lens for distance and another for near like my husband does.

Hope this works for you. Obviously an eye doctor needs to check your eye health but this is a fun idea. Curious to see how it compares. Thanks Hip2Save! I just took it and thought it was pretty thorough exam for current contact wearers. I would say this would be great for people like myself who have worn the same lenses and had the same script for years.

Thanks, Hip2Save, once again you have read my mind and posted something I really need as a super awesome deal!!! So far in the past two weeks it is like magic, I need something, check the app, and there it is just what I needed at a great deal price!!! Which has never changed by the way. I will be checking this out as soon as I get home! They charge for evaluation for contact lens to make sure your eyes are still healthy enough for contact lens. Things like ulcers happens with contact lens wear all the time and if not caught and treated early can lead to scars and permanent vision loss.

Seems like they are just trying to save the person money from an eye exam so they can buy contacts. Yet no one is checking the eye. Worked great for me in CT! I just need a new rx to hold me over for a month until my next eye exam. I agree that this should not be used as a replacement for an eye exam. Turns out, my sugars were through the roof and now am taking insulin for diabetes. The crazy part is, I had no symptoms and my eyes were perfect in my contacts.

This app seems like it would save money in the short term, but doesnt compare to the value of seeing the doctor in person. Mine might have saved my life. That is exactly the kind of thing I see on a pretty regular basis. Undetected glaucoma is another one.

FREE Online Eye Exam + Contact Prescription ($40 Value) - Hip2Save

Just happened to a friend of mine- under 40, contact lens wearer for 2 decades. She decided to refill her last RX for a year right before the expire date. Now, a year later she found out she has glaucoma and gets to go through a pretty intensive work up. You are not saving money if you end up sightless. Know what else causes things like ulcers? I sent to my son in college as a back up until we can get to the DR.

So grateful for this! Did anyone ever hear back from them, after taking the eye exam? I would like to know the same thing……it said response within 1 business day, however, I did mine on Thurs. This is a terrible idea as others have stated above. So sad…. Has anyone been able to actually download the prescription?

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Jeni September 27, at 2: Heidi September 27, at 2: Krista M September 27, at 2: Reply 3. Hip September 27, at 4: Thanks for sharing your experience! So glad you could snag the offer! Julie September 27, at 4: Coup September 27, at 9: Sam September 27, at 2: AP September 27, at 2: JeNjEn September 27, at 2: Liz September 27, at 3: Nicole September 27, at 2: ContactsDirect discount plan Have an eye exam and save today! Locate a provider You love choices - and so do we. That's why our network has thousands of independent doctors and retail providers. Visit eyemed. Schedule an appointment Online appointment scheduling is available on eyemed.

You can also call ahead or stop by one of the many providers that offer walk-ins. Most also have evening and weekend hours to fit any schedule. When you arrive, let the provider know you have a discount and show them the card. The fine print Discounts may not be available at all participating providers.

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Please see EyeMed's online provider locator to determine which participating providers have agreed to the discounted rates. Please note your discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, coupons or promotions. Discount does not apply to materials or to EyeMed Providers' professional services other than a basic eye exam and dilation as necessary.

Eye exams available from independent doctors of optometry next to LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Sears Optical in most states.