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Additional products Electrical calibration instruments Engineered solutions Accessories. Display Gas density indicators. Transmit Gas density sensors. Switch Gas density monitors Gas density switches. Maintenance Service equipment Analytic instruments Detection instruments.

Accessories Valves, couplings and hoses Calibration systems. Industrial Machine building and automation Mobile working machines Heating, ventilation and air handling Refrigeration Industrial and medical gases Semiconductor industry Power transmission and distribution SF 6. Process Food and beverages Oil and gas up-, mid- and downstream Petrochemical industry Chemical industry Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Power generation Water and waste water Basic materials. Making accurate decisions can be critical to you and your business. The reports contain important information from ASIC and the CreditorWatch credit bureau so you can better understand the financial health of a company as well as the people behind it.

Of particular importance are the directors, shareholders and CreditorWatch aspects of the reports. An ASIC insolvency notice is present on this company click here to view.

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Purchase This Report. In-Depth Information Available. View Our Reports. Frequently Asked Questions. What is an ASIC extract? My LG G4 is now sitting in top drawer and a standby phone…. I have no confidence or trust in. QD may have been the seller, but with Kogan offering refund or replacement, for anyone with same issue, they could have handled it differently, there lack of contact is disturbing and I won't be shipping with QD any further either. LG not acknowledging and taking responsibility for the workd wide boot loop issue, regardless of grey market or not, ensures I don't touch LG again either.

Still left with a bitter taste after it all….. I can't really blame you for not wanting to deal with either company after your bitter experience…. Please kindly find the attached photo provided by LG technician. The LG official testing software detected the phone was rooted on July 25th evening time. We further checked DHL and confirmed the parcel was delivered on July 25th.

According to LG, they are not able to cover the warranty since the phone firmware has been modified. Are they kidding me? There's no way to root or unlock boot loader for H to date, and yet their "technician" still accuse me that. From the screenshot they provide, LG has a tool to detect if the phone is rooted or not, but apparently this is not the case?

What should I do now? So this is more of a terrible LG warranty experience than a Quality Deals' one. I know it doesn't help you but make help others in making a distinction between the retailer and the manufacturer. My 11month LGV10 H froze yesterday and since then it's been stuck in a boot loop. Managed to factory reset it today, but it continues to freeze and reset on it's own whilst trying to set it up. I've contacted QD-AU today, fingers crossed. I was looking to upgrade my G4 boot looped and fixed once to a V10 - now I won't bother due to reports of that boot looping as well.

Good luck getting your phone fixed. The LGV10 is a fantastic phone and I've had no complaints until this happened. Unfortunately looks like the bootloop issue is also widespread with this handset: Same day response from their support, so far so good. Hopefully I'll get the RMS form today. Judging by people's responses and experiences with warranty, I may be looking at weeks without a phone.

I've been advised weeks to fix the phone. So far so good. Happy with overall warranty experience, was kept up to date throughout. Hopefully no further boot loop! I couldn't back it up before sending it as the phone was completely dead. My G4 boot looped as well and they fixed it and returned it to me wiped.

See the quality and capacity of MiniMax heavy duty bandsaws

I think when the phone boot looped LG replaced the motherboard which meant wiping the phone to factory settings. I knew that when i get the phone back it will be wiped. However, for the life of me, I can't understand why they needed to wipe my phone in order to fix a faulty micro-USB port! All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. My warranty expires in exactly a week, so needless to say I'm getting very nervous. Quality Deals. They're grey import phones, how do you know you have a warranty 1 year later? Taken from a current listing: I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't come with a 12 month warranty: Why bother with warranty then? Just picked at random, click in, and click the "Warranty" tab.

Sorry but you're not helping your case. Check the warranty tab under any new phone, it's 12 months. QD have been crap for me… Got a LG G4 with a bootloop issue, returned it and had a very long turn around time for a repair weeks easy , get it back and the phone still has the issue. Overall, pain in the ass to deal with - they are not even in Australia. Would need to be a much more substantial saving to get my business again.

Just have to weigh up the risk vs cost. Grey stock is no different to the product you would get hear.