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Do we need to bring our own snorkel gear? Is the snorkeling good? Is it worth going there? If I pay a lot, I want it to be a must see.: It's not Walt Disney World but it's a unique and beautiful place. If you and your family are adventuress you can camp there overnight. Some people are terrorfied by wild life - if that describes you then skip it! It has superlative coral reefs and marine life. Its one of the tree largest coral reefs in the world.

I believe that the a Ferry provides skin diving gear and breakfast. Also bird watching is excellent. Some of the best snorkeling in the world. Depending on when you go you will encounter a vast array of sea and marine life. Any suggestions on the cheapest way to get there? You can get there by seaplane or ferry.

There are not a lot of options as far as vendors go. There is also an entrance fee of ten dollars per person, cash or check only. We have been, and really liked it. Took the Yankee Freedom, I believe that's the cheapest way, they provide breakfast and lunch, snorkel gear also. There are bath houses where you can change, water and soda were provided on the YF, but we brought a cooler of goodies.

There's a small gift shop at the fort, cash only. I enjoyed snorkeling around the fort, I'm not a strong swimmer and it was easy for me to do.

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I think the kids would like it, there's places to swim from shore, and the fort is interesting and the day goes by fast. I'd go again tomorrow, if the conditions were right. That brings me to this-it's a long boat ride, just over 2 ours each way. It didn't bother me, as the winds weren't bad, but I've seen a few people not handling it well. My husband got bored of the boat ride, but they do have a cash bar on the way back, that helps. It does make for a long day, having to be at the boat at 7: The park fee is included in the Yankee Freedom price.

The only extra cost we encountered was the gift shop and bar on the way back. And tips to the awesome crew. I thought it was the most awesome trip. Other people I know have enjoyed it, but not found it anything that special.

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I guess it just depends on whether you have a real appreciation of the location, remoteness, history and magnitude of the fort. To me, it's a long way and an expensive trip just for the snorkeling. You can get out to the reef to snorkel for less money and time. If you don't really have an interest in the fort then maybe give it a miss. One of the difficulties is whether to book ahead or not. If you book ahead you can bet the wind will be blowing, therefore the ride will be uncomfortable and the snorkeling poor.

If you leave it until a day or 2 before then you can see what the weather is doing, but you run the risk of them being booked up. I'd be much more inclined to recommend it if you knew the weather wouldn't be blowing.

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Not sure how best to deal with that. I didn't have much time, so took the seaplane. I've been back numerous times over the years and still prefer taking the Yankee Freedom. It's the least expensive way to get there and gives you much more time to explore Garden Key. They have decent food aboard and the long ride back to KW went quickly, as they now show movies on DVD. Make a reservation online for the first day you'll have available in Key West.

If the weather looks dicey you can cancel 24 hours before and re-book. The weather in May is usually nice and warm, so be sure to bring lots of sunscreen and something to cover your back if you go snorkeling. It's some of the best beach snorkeling in the Keys. It's a wonderful place to visit, but with two children, I take one of the do it all type snorkel trips or other water sport trips instead. It also depends how much time you are spending in Key West and if this is your first visit.

If it was just adults and you had more than a few days in Key West, I'd tell you to go.

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  • KW isnt a good family destination. Go to Orlando. We took our boys age 9 and 11 there last October and it was one of the highlights of our trip! The 9 year old is studying the national parks in 4th grade and thought it was really cool to go to one out in the middle of the ocean. Both loved exploring the fort and seeing the cannons. They thought it looked like the set of Maze Runner: We brought our snorkeling gear too.

    I did the Dry Tortugas trip last November - it was wonderful and beautiful!!! Quote from MDJoviFan: Grand Master. Quote from JoshMcMadMac: Quote from orphicdragon: I rep everyone In my opinion Key west while it has a great views and nice attractions is completely over priced. I mean this is Denny's, image what a real restaurant costs.

    No wonder they have so many homeless people there. Last edited by JackScagnetti October 11, at Frank you are right! I grew up in Key West and it is very overpriced! However, if you've never been, it's worth a trip. I can help find a place to stay if you want to send me your email address. Also, if you like to fish, take one of the charter boats out half a day. It's one of the least expensive ways to get a good look at the island, experience the beautiful water and have some fun!

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    • Captain John's Greyhound is the boat my family always uses. Eat cuban food I recommend El Siboney. I can tell you a lot more when you email me.

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      Let me know exactly what you're looking for in your couple of days there. Quote from billyjoels: Quote from zzyzzx: Tripadvisor is a good site to find a place. Find something walking distance close to Duval St which is the most entertaining people watching street in USA. Walking distance or maybe a bike ride I mention walking or bikes cuz finding a parking spot is next to impossible in some areas and once parked - STAY there! We stay at Ambrosia, a bunch of buildings sprawled across the street from each other.

      Great breakfast, eclectic rooms and clean.. Dry Tortugas are for purists - While the view can't be matched, it's much like many civil war era forts You'll be asking why they dug a moat around a fort, on an island? Go simply to say you did it cuz the ride is gruelling I was not aware that you could spend the night on the island? Spent many nights there, but on our sail boat. While in Key west, try the hard to find, Hogfish grill on the next island, a great fish sandwich. Last edited by Spartanicus October 24, at Quote from Spartanicus: Page 1 of 1.

      Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Copyright - Slickdeals, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for the input! We will be coming off of a cruise, so we should be pretty well prepared for the ferry. I really want to check it out, though, so it should be well worth it. Pee before you get on the ferry trust me. If you haven't been on a boat that isn't a cruise liner you could have a rough go of it. Your travel dates fall during the winter season and seas are less than placid. It's not unheard of to see foot swells for the entire trip with a good wind.