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Customers who contact Unicom will experience:. Unfortunately telecommunication fraud exists and is a risk that customers should consider and be aware of. Customers should be reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure with their equipment provider that all possible actions to prevent fraudulent use have been taken. Unicom does not provide a fraud monitoring service but will provide support where practical where the customer may have experienced fraudulent activity.

Methods of fraudulent activity are multiple and varied, as such Unicom cannot guarantee that any potential fraud is immediately detected. Unicom will offer advice and support but no liability can be accepted by Unicom for any loss, monetarily or in relation to service delivery experienced by the customer through fraudulent activity.

Unicom Customer Service Unicom is constantly looking for new ways to deliver an exceptionally high standard of customer service.

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Customers who contact Unicom will experience: A UK based customer service centre We do not outsource our customer service functions to cheaper, overseas call centres, which have been widely criticised for using poorly trained staff and for providing a low quality of service. All of our customer service staff are UK based and trained to the highest of standards, to give the customer total satisfaction. These accreditationss are confirmed by outside experts against strict criteria focusing on areas research has shown to be priority for customers for example professionalism and staff attitude.

A Hi-Tech Call Centre Our call centre uses sophisticated call routing and monitoring equipment to ensure your call is answered at the earliest opportunity. Service levels are visible to all employees to ensure maximum motivation to deal with your call promptly and efficiently. Online account management tools As a Unicom customer you will gain access to the online Customer Zone. Recharge is also easy too. The best advice I can give you is to try an offer first, without committing for a year, and see if it works for you!

Has the internet improved since this article was written? I heard of many people that can watch streaming tv from China, while other complain they cant. Does anybody have actual experiences that China Unicoms internet sucks in South China? That fewer people use it could be actually an advantage right? Hi there, I know this article was originally written a few years ago. Has there been any significant improvements overall in speeds for both broadband and mobile services?

What sort of download speeds do you see nowadays? I keep hearing China Unicom is the service to go with for the fastest speeds available. We updated the article last year. In jiujiang i goT admission in jiujiang university which network will be best according to data connections and calls tax. Hi Omar, Your question is a bit difficult to understand are you talking about a getting Internet in your cellphone or at home? However all the questions have a simple answer all depends in the type of contract. I need the internet speed to be fast for my UK staff coming to China and want them to have access to UK sites like google, insta etc etc.

As for VPNs, here all we know: Ghost, I see your post was a full year ago — I hope you found a reliable vpn, I am in Dongguan and have been using expressVPN for 10 years with very few issues. I do find the internet here extremely frustrating — I just tested my speed with Speedtest by Ookla and my DL speed was 20mbps DL, this being on a mbps line — hence the reason I came on here! I have tried various things from upgrading my router to a RoG router pricey and made no difference, although it is nice to have three connections.

I am an avid football fan so always try to get the games from back home — generally tend to find the player struggles to play anything above p without stuttering. I saw someone mention Netflix and youtube — Youtube and facebook are not an issue with a VPN however Netflix and Hulu cannot be accessed as they have regional detection software whether you have your vpn on or not.

The service delivered from my building basement to the apartment is Ethernet over copper. The speed test the Unicom technician runs is between your apartment and the equipment in your buildings basement comms room. The technician explained as follows, when they state MB speed, they purely mean the access links capable speed to the basement, it has nothing to do with actual download speed. Current real download speed average in my area is approximately 4MB.

Do you have any suggestion? Many universities provide free internet for students and if you have to pay will be cheap. It has no sense to pay for an unlimited data plan for your cellphone, it will be much cheaper and faster to use university access than your cellphone especially if you have a non Chinese cellphone. I see the article is quite outdated. Also, could you recommend me any good provider? I got my broadband from China Telecom in They will tell you to switch off your router and turn it back on after 5 minutes.

Is it possible to apply for or just pay extra to get a faster connection out of China if I create a company there. Do you have any experience about best internet provider in Shenzhen? Speeds are surprisingly fast when I connect to the right server. You should go to the china unicom office in your area to cancel it. What would be the best company to go for in Xiamen?

Which company is this? Hello, Do you know if it is possible to get home internet by the month in Beijing? We have extended our lease but our year long internet contract has finished. Hello which is the best internet company in Shanghai?

Terms and Pricing - Unicom

I am looking for the best speed it says 50mbs and how do you sign up, Many thanks. I will do my best:. I am paying around for 1 year Mb actually the speed check went to when tested. I never have any kind of issues at all and can even tether to several people at the same time with everyone flying. We just let the other one run out and used our new one in the meantime. Thank you for the comment, the article need an update and I will add your comments some parts where written a while ago.

And many of the things you said are spot on. However, claiming that everybody in Beijing has at least 50Mb is just plain wrong. Has that happened to anyone? Seems China mobile is my best bet. But I will be staying around cities on the first 3 days and then suburbs on the last 3 days. I am feeling C. Telecom then change to C. Mobile on the last 3 days. Just arrived 10 days a go in nanjing!!

Normaly in south China, China mobile and telecom are the best.


Does anyone know who the provider is in Shangrao, Jiangxi? China Unicom seems to be the best by far. They are in the process of upgrading. Secondly, if it works out probably purchase a laptop for Tina lady in Wuhan who speaks Mandarin and English. Originally from UK now living in San Diego. A laptop will cost you around I live in Wenzhou Zhejiang province and my question is…is it possible to play games online-multiplayer call of duty: The former is eight times the amount of data of the later.

KPN and China Unicom sign reciprocal IoT network deal

Data volumes are usually measured in the former, while the speeds in the later. I have a hard time believing your speeds since I am using an internet connection with Mb Megabits and the landlord pays for 3 years… Please explain how you got those numbers or re-check them. China is big and conditions may change greatly, even from a neighborhood to another as there are many variable in place. If you can reach 60 Mb, good for you, however we never saw these speeds in person! I pay kuai a month.

China Unicom Broadband Online and ASSIA to Improve 10 Million DSLs

Yes this is what Chinanet is about, anyway VPNs sometimes helps to bust the speed surfing non chinese websites. I have been living in beijing for 3 months and china connections get up to around 2. VPN has been working awkwardly in the past 3 months. I have all of the following VPNs: IPVanish can get you up to your max speed you get on china websites but I believe the china firewall caught on to some of the proxy servers that they use so for the entire month of november it was basically useless.

I work late nights and have noticed a pattern in the internet speeds.

What you say reflects our experience: Express may not always be the fastest, but in the longterm is usually the most reliable. Your email address will not be published. You can read how to solve this problem on this article: How to access Facebook and Youtube behind the Great Wall. Internet in China is extremely slow: If you only want to visit Chinese websites most internet connections work pretty fine though.

Huawei Wins Unicom Router Deal

Internet in China is relatively cheap: Most public Chinese connections are not safe: Internet at home Which company should I chose? There will be always someone ask you: How to contract an internet connection in China? How much it costs?