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You can trust Surfshark VPN service as it has a strict no-logging policy. That means Surfshark never log your online activities, VPN usage and do data retention. It uses the unbreakable encryption method AES encryption to protect and encrypt all your internet traffic and personal information. No one can access your internet traffic and steal your personal information. Anyway, Surfshark does not collect any user data, it is a completely trustful VPN service.

Surfshark uses the most advanced security protocols to increase more security for customers while surfing on the internet. Surfshark can block ads, trackers and malware to make your internet traffic clean and you will not be interrupted by any hackers. Your device will not be infected with malware thing or virus.

It is a useful and advanced feature to protect your network. Once your VPN connection fails, it will soon automatically activate and soon switch off all important apps and websites. Then all your personal information will not be leaked out or transferred to others. To hide your online activity, it uses a multihop feature or technology to make a double VPN chain to protect your online browsing and other personal information.

CleanWeb is added into Surfshark VPN to enhance the ability to block malicious ads, malware, trackers and any potentially phishing things. Why you choose Surfshark? They do have very strong core values and competitive advantages: Unlimited devices support 2. Very rapid speeds 3. They are based in the British Virgin Islands 4.

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They have a strict zero log policy 5. All of their servers are obfuscated. Here comes our most favorite holiday.

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We spend this important holiday with our loved ones. Have dinners with families and friends to catch up. Go shopping and select the best gifts for people we love. Purchase a pant or bag you always want as a gift to reward yourself at the end of the year. Sign up your favorite VPN provider to let yourself have another year of solid protection on the Internet. Besides, a VPN also is great option if you would like to give your friends a special as well as useful Christmas gift.

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Surfshark is offering Christmas special deal to celebrate the holidays with all users. Want to save money on solid Internet security solution? Get deal during the best season for shopping. This plan includes the biggest savings and is chosen by most users currently. And there is no risk to use Surfshark VPN service, as it has a day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the Surfshark VPN service, you can ask their support center for a full refund.

Surfshark now has a large network with over servers in 50 countries across the whole world. You can freely choose the countries you want to access to connect to. Then you can access the content you want anywhere and anytime. SurfShark provides the large network with hundreds of servers in 50 countries. Surfshark servers are scattered into all popular locations and countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and more.

You can access any website, browse your favorite online content, and stream any popular entertainment services like TV shows, movies, music, major sport events and games from anywhere and anytime. It also provides extension working with browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. So you can use the same Surfshark account on unlimited devices.

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Please note that it requires Windows 7 or later! Please note that it requires macOS Please note that it requires Android OS 5.

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Or you can go to your Google Play store on your android device to search Surfshark and download it into your android directly. These files can be safely removed without impairing any system functions. Logs Cleaner scans your hard drive for system and user log files that waste disk space. If you wish to keep any of these files for any reason, simply uncheck them after the scan and they will not be removed. System and user cache files are created to store information that can be used later to speed up certain tasks. They are also used by your browser to make online activity more efficient.

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However, over time, these files build up and take up large amounts of space. Removing them is safe and can free up extra space on your hard drive. Cache Cleaner scans your hard drive for system and user cache files that waste your disk space. Use Smart Uninstaller instead of dragging applications to the Trash. If you feel that your computer or Mac works slowly, it is time to give it an overall cleanup and optimization. MacKeeper is a powerful cleaner and antivirus software which has protected millions of customers from viruses, malware, spyware and cyber hackers.

MacKeeper protects your Mac from Mac OS and Windows viruses, identity theft, phishing attacks, passing on viruses to friends, fraudulent websites, un safe downloads, threats from external devices, email threats and Mac spyware. MacKeeper has a strong ability to encrypt data. It encrypts your financial documents, restricts users from viewing unwanted files and especially encrypts your intellectual property. Besides, for the sake of security and privacy, expert of MacKeeper recommend shredding all unneeded files that contain your personal data before selling your Mac.

Shredding all of your personal data to make sure that no one will ever be able to recover it as Shredder of MacKeeper can permanently delete files or folders. MacKeeper manages all staff thing on your computer or Mac, regularly cleans up and optimizes your machine, deleted any unnecessary or unneeded files or folders, protects any online threats like viruses, malware, spyware, rasonware, adware and more from accessing your device. It helps monitor your computer or Mac on your mobile device via its advanced Track My Mac app, which can helps monitor your Mac or computer in real time.

Get this Deal Now. Your email address will not be published. MacKeeper License and Pricing: You can recover files that were once deleted from the Trash!

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Visualize the size of the folders on your hard drive so you can tell at a glance which folders are taking up the most space Data Encryptor: Make your restricted files absolutely invisible to anyone without the right password, protecting even your most sensitive information Backup: Detect and remove malicious software that many display unwanted ads. Your personal assistant has the solution for your technical problem — whether it is a minor annoyance or a catastrophic failure.

Quickly remove junk files such as temporary caches, logs, unused language packages and legacy application parts that may take up hard drive space and slow down your Mac. If your Mac gets stolen, Anti-Theft will track its location and even make an iSight snapshot of the thief. Take control of how fast your Mac boots up by deciding which applications launch every time you start it. Safe Browsing is compatible with Safari, Firefox and Chrome 2. Features of MacKeeper Anti-Theft as following: MacKeeper Data Encryptor Make your restricted files absolutely invisible to anyone without the right password, protecting even your most sensitive information.

Hide your personal data before giving your Mac to someone else or leaving it at a service center. Encrypt your financial documents. Restrict users from viewing unwanted files. It has long been the standard protocol for internal business VPN. The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol gives you a fast connection due to a very basic encryption.

It is also very easy to set up. SaferVPN expands its huge network to more than servers in 35 countries and locations. Moreover, SaferVPN also determines the best server locations for optimized performance. Usually when we come to choose a VPN service, we often will take fast speed connection into the first consideration. SaferVPN engineers their server network to raise the industry standard. SaferVPN uses the newest and fastest VPN protocols which ensure you connect the servers as fast as possible without any hassle. SaferVPN regularly test and optimize its global network of servers to ensure every customer receive the highest speeds.

Once you use SaferVPN, you can really experience its fast connection speeds. There is no server switching limit, no bandwidth limit and no download limit. With SaferVPN, unlimited really means unlimited. Since most geo-blocking is based on the IP address of your computer, it can be defeated by any method that alters or hides your IP address in favour for an IP address recorded as belonging to another country.

Any unfovarable contents will be blocked by its internet censorship —the Great Firewall. Your Internet connection and browsing activities are tied to your personal IP address and device location. It conceals your identity, location, and browsing habits.

This makes you virtually appear in another location, fooling websites, governments, and ISPs into thinking that your connection is no longer geo restricted! SaferVPN also can help you access websites censored by schools, university and work place. There is unlimited throttling, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switches. With SaferVPN, you can browse web with lightning fast connection speeds.

All your internet traffic will pass through secure and encrypted tunnel protected by bit AES bank-level encryption. Never worry about your safety over unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots again. SaferVPN will automatically turn on as soon as your device connects to unsecured networks. While protecting all your data and information, it enables you bypass the geo-blocking and internet censorship to access any websites from anywhere.

SaferVPN also guarantees fast speed at streaming service like movies, music, sport, TV shows, programmes, live broadcast contents and games. Grab the special SaferVPN coupon or discount sale, you can enjoy complete privacy, security, anonymity, internet freedom and fast streaming within 3 years with lowest price!