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No height restrictions. More features: Info Free Airport shuttle buses run every 7 to 10 minutes to and from all economy parking to terminals. Report an error. Sort by: Distance Price. Hilton Phoenix Airport.

Visitors only. Booking Only. Courtyard Phoenix Airport spots. Customers only. Blue Sky Airport Parking.

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Sundance Airport Parking spots. Residence Inn Phoenix Airport spots. AZ Park It Storage 28 spots. Monthly only. Phoenix Airport Marriott spots. Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes. Please follow the redemption instructions provided on the coupon. Reserve Your Parking. Most of our parking providers ask that you make a reservation in order to secure your space. Reservations are fast, easy and completely FREE.

No credit card information is required. Arrive At The Facility. Please arrive at the parking facility location at least 20 minutes before you want to be at the terminal. Coastal visit Convenient, speedy and courteous. Easy in and out. It is very confusing. I am also going to write a complaint to the airport itself. This service offered affordable prices with quality service.

The drivers were helpful and courteous. We had airport to car service. My father is 92 years old and they accommodated him without rushing him and had storage available for a wheelchair. I was very pleased with the service.

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I will use your facility again and again. It was so easy and I really enjoyed the extra wide spaces. The only reason I did not give a 5 star was the website was not working properly and after I put in my credit card information the screen went blank and then never returned I tried 3 times and finally being unsuccessful and worried my card would be triple charged I called to make the reservation and she was helpful as well as all your employees on the actual lot. It was my first time using offsite parking and I was impressed with the ease and efficiency.

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Despite the website issue I will use your service from now on. On the return trip from the airport I was helped by the driver and tipped him for his services. It seems that on the last couple of trip in to Phoenix airport,we waited a bit longer than usual for the shuttle. Not a big problem but just a bit slower than usual.

I had a prepaid voucher. The gate attendant was very rude. I asked how do I get me refund and her answer was, I don't know, that's your problem, we don't give refunds. She said she didn't even know who they were and didn't know anything about them period. She said here's a cash register receipt with the check out date and time. The register tape's writing was not clear and half the numbers were missing because the typing was bad from the machine.

I asked about that id she could get me something better and she said that's it. I asked her for me to keep my voucher and checkin card and she said you don't get this as I'm keeping it. Not impressed by the lack of knowledge from the person at the house on checkout. She was either not informed by management on the refund issues or she couldn't be bothered to answer. She said all the parking lots around the area are the same.

Everything is fine but the color of the shuttle is hard to identify at night time, there are other company that have pretty much same color shuttle, at least look like the same color at night.. I very much appreciated the system and the personnel that I had the opportunity to interact with.

We were very pleased with the service we received from Sky Harbor Airport Parking. Thank you! The ticket dispenser was not working. I sat there too long before a woman opened the window of the booth to give me one. Someone on the van must have waited too long also because they managed to park without getting one. No one directed me where to park, and I basically walked back to the van where the driver was chatting with someone or something, because he took a long time to come get me.

I don't know if you guys only have one van, are low on resources, or just cheap because we waited about 10 minutes adding more and more people to the van til we were packed like sardines.

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I was shoulder to shoulder with men I did not know and it was very uncomfortable. I have used this website and chose the parking on Washington several times for which I have no complaints. They were fast, courteous, and professional. This place Large and convenient lot. Since it was degrees,a minute later for pick up was a serious problem, but we were treated kindly. Best experience!!! Had always taken another lot, but this was super!!!! I am miffed that I made a reservation and paid in advance for a covered spot, but there were no covered spots available.

The wait for the shuttle was about twenty minutes, which was about the max of what I would consider reasonable. Excellent Sky Harbor parking solution. The gate to the Sky Harbor Parking would not open. The lady would not get out of the shack until a few minutes that she figured out that the button would not work. Then she opened it up manually. I saw a running van. I went to the van but there was no driver. I went to the gate and stood there since the lady started a conversation with a car that came up. I then saw the driver show up! So far I am having a real bad first impression and he wants tips?

Then I was driving around the parking lot for 15 minutes while he is following other cars to there parking spot to pick them up. When he had a few passengers he started to go to the airport.

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He asked my airline. I gave him my answer.

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When we got to a terminal he took my bag out of the van. Since I fly Southwest and not United I did not know that was my stop. I had to ask him "is this were United is? Yet again telling me twice that he accepts tips. In all it was 8 times that he notified me that tips are accepted. I will write articles in TripAdvisor since I am a heavy contributes there and any travel web site.

I was veryimpressed that I was taken dirctly to my car - other paring lots I have used did not give such great service as being within frrt of my car and also the driver placing the bags in myh car. Thank you for such great service. Had requested covered parking but none were available. Agent told me I could ask for fee reduction at departure.

Sent parkflyride. The driver was very friendly and helpful. Checking out was a little slow. I don't think the girl knew how to process my paperwork and had to call someone. I was pleased with the stay and plan on using this facility again in a few weeks for another trip I have planned.

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I asked them if they had any coupons and they said I can pull them up online. Have used often. Very friendly drivers and checkout went very smoothly. Have used your service in Chicago and In Phoenix. Always have been very happy. Today on my return to Phoenix, I did wait about minutes for the shuttle which is longer than usual. It would have been useful - as a first time user - if the driver had taken just a little time to mention to have any pre-paid information immediately to hand when leaving your facility.

Very organized. The person at the checkout had difficulty printing our receipt, so we left without as it was 1: More clearer instructions on return from flight as the coupon was confusing, indicating only terminal 3 and 4 had service. I did not realize we had to phone for pick-up. Fortunately, someone already had, so we did not wait. The lot was crowded with many cars double parking necessitating that staff keep their keys.

Parking staff did not communicate to us or other staff how to handle a customer with a reserved spot. I was irritated because when I was returned to my car, there was another car parked in front of mine, blocking my exit. I had to wait several minutes for the attendant to find the correct key and move the car. This is not what I expected upon returning to my car.

Waited at my car for 35 minutes for trip to airpor. For return trip, my slip said to look for the blue diamond. Walked the length of the north curb two times and didn't see a blue diamond. Then, spotted a van. Asked the driver about the blue diamond and he pointed to the blue stripes on the pavement. I told him that those strips weren't a "diamond" and he said they were. Not to pleasant. Another passenger said they were told by their driver on the way to the airport that the blue diamond signs were on the back side of the pillars on the north curb When I first arrived, there was a lot of disorganization between the staff and some were a bit rude.