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Could one of these spark your interest enough to become your next car? The best hybrid cars. The Parkers electric car guide. Now in its second generation, petrol- and diesel-powered versions of the Kia Soul already look unusual, so the conversion to EV format only has subtle changes to visually enhance it. A re-profiled nose section, EV-specific alloy wheels, and an interior fitted out with white and pale grey materials give this Soul its own identity. Like the others in this quintet, the Kia Soul EV is a doddle to drive smoothly, making especially light work of the trudge of urban driving.

Once again braking energy is recovered and stored as electricity in the battery pack.

Top 3 Extremely Cheap All-Electric Cars in the World

With its own dedicated EV specification, this Soul comes with cruise control, DAB radio, reversing camera, inch alloy wheels, climate control and an eight-inch touchscreen with sat-nav. The fourth-generation of the battery-powered Smart Fortwo remains ideal for city dwellers, with its notoriously tiny turning circly 6. Smart claims you can get miles between charges. From a version featuring a 22kW charger will reduce this time to 45 minutes — worth bearing in mind if you plan to buy a Fortwo Electric Drive as soon as it comes out.

Despite its tiny size, you still have enough legroom for two adults, plus litres in the boot, too. The three standard trim levels remain but with the electric car you get a special dashboard-mounted power meter.

Best electric cars UK: The five best EVs on sale right now

Heated steering wheel is an option, plus an Electric Drive styling pack which adds green paint to the Tridion safety cell and door mirrors. Sweetening the deal is the inclusion of a faster-charging domestic wall box that could reduce a full recharge to just three hours. Its boot is smaller than the standard Kona but it's still practical enough to be a usable family car.

The Renault Zoe has an official range of miles pretty good for an electric car and another one of the reasons it why it won our Eco Award at the carwow Car of the Year awards. Electric SUVs combine the best of all words - great fun to drive, practical interiors and are emissions free. Bookmark this page and come back regularly as more electric SUVs come on sale. The Hyundai Kona Electric is quick and has a long range.

The e-Niro is slightly bigger, has a slightly longer range and is a bit more expensive also it's not officially on sale until April Boxy-yet-eye-catching, the Kia Soul is an electric SUV that's well equipped and cheap to run, even if the battery pack takes up some interior space. Small electric cars are brilliant for zipping around towns and cities thanks to the combination of zero emissions and their great acceleration away from traffic lights and coming out of junctions. These are our best small electric cars.

The Renault Zoe is one of the cheapest routes to electric-car ownership and also one of the best electric cars period — which is why it won our Eco Award at the carwow Car of the Year Awards.

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It is a fantastic small electric car with stylish looks, a competitive price and low running costs. The Leaf costs buttons to run, is easy to drive and surprisingly nippy. Shame that its infotainment system is outdated and the interior quality is inconsistent.

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Other electric cars are more comfortable, however. It is more expensive than the Leaf, though. Good range, practical interior, fun to drive These chargers are usually rated at 50kWh — this means they can supply a battery with 50kW of energy every hour. These usually come in 7kWh and 22kWh varieties. You can get wall chargers installed in your home or garage, too.

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  • Want to buy an EV in 2018? Here are the best electric cars for sale in the UK?

These usually come in 7kWh and 3. The former will be just as fast as a 7kWh public charger but the slower 3. Unfortunately, these are rated at just 3kWh so fully charging your car will take significantly longer as a result. It depends on the type of electric car you drive, the batteries it has and where you buy the electricity from.

Take a look at your home electricity bill. You will see a price per kilowatt hour kWh. The average price these days for your home electricity is around 13p per kWh.

The best electric cars in the UK 2018

You then need to look at how much electricity your car's batteries can store. Take, for example, the Nissan Leaf - its batteries have a 40kWh capacity. Charging your car at public charging stations is usually done either by paying a monthly subscription or paying for the time you use to charge your car. Just like conventional fuel, charging your car at motorway service stations can be more expensive, so check before you travel.