Telkom mobile prepaid data deals

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How much is data on Telkom mobile?

Follow Bryan Smith on Twitter: No mobile network, ISP, or data provider was involved in the production of this article. Tech journalist, podcaster, photographer, filmmaker, and general manager of Bandwidth Blog. Follow Bryan on Twitter: I discarded data usage on my android usage due to its exorbitant data rates and the not so slow data depletion rate as compared to Telkom.

I am sure since Telkom phased its Telkom network data bundle in late or thereabouts to all networks bundle, the roaming issue is no longer an issue. I will put Telkom so up there! Thanks for the article.

Telkom data can now be transferred

Thanks for the feedback, richiemz: They give me mb per month and I do top up. Sorry, I hate Vodacom just for personal reasons. I took a contract with them 10 years ago.

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They clear all my savings and when I enquire I was told countless times that they cannot do reversal of funds. I was a living hell to me. Since then everyone in my family is using Telkom mobile because of their exceptional service to people. You can buy more Gigs too depending on how much you can use between Cell C has the worst range in the country right now.

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  4. How to buy data on Telkom mobile?
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  6. Vodacom vs Cell C vs MTN vs Telkom Mobile: The best data bundles!
  7. I use Vodacom, Mtn and Telkom. Unfortunately none of the networks are interested in having reliable coverage in the smaller towns such as Meyerton, where I live. Cell C is worst of all. Over weekends, holidays and at night during the premium hours their signal fades literally as the sun sets. During the 24 months of agony, the life span of the contract, I could never reach the limit of minutes talk time and mb of data.

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    I tried using different ;phones, modems and routers to no avail. It became a chore to go to my bank every month-end to reverse the debit order. Eventually I cancelled my bank account of 18 years to get rid of them and finally, after 4 years, the nightmare was over. Both MTN and Vodacom dropped their out-of-bundle rates towards the end of last year. Despite the expensive data rates, providers have amped up their data promotions to ensure that they continue to please customers.

    Customers can claim double their chosen data purchase on selected once-off data deals. According to Vodacom's website, "this means that when purchasing a marked data bundle, you receive an additional data bundle of the same size at no additional cost! Data purchased on this promotion is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase giving you all the time in the world to chat, stream or game online. They are offering a number of selective data deal packages that provides the user with double their original purchase. An example of this package would the R package.

    This includes 5GB all day data and 5GB night owl data. The double deal therefore instead gives the customer 10GB of data during the data and 10GB night owl.

    New Telkom mobile prepaid data vs Vodacom, MTN, Cell C | ArrowLine Chinese Radio of South Africa

    Just remember that the promotion only runs for two weeks. Please note that this deal is only available to prepaid customers and not top-up users. Jason Snyman. Breaking News: Parliament Approves Demerit System. Sign up to our newsletter.

    Data Bundles

    Full Name. Email Address. No one likes getting the message that your bundle is 0 MB when in the middle of a fun browsing session. This is why it is important to buy the most affordable bundles. Telkom mobile data is among one of the best to purchase if you are looking for that bundle that will give you value for your cash.

    WATCH: Telkom launches new FreeMe prepaid bundles

    Here is how to buy their bundles. How to check Telkom data balance. There are various ways to purchase Telkom internet on your mobile phone. Here are the prices of prepaid bundles. Once-off bundles are valid for 2 months apart from the 20 GB, which is valid for 6 months and the 50 GB and GB bundles, which are valid for 12 months. Note that these prices are as of December 18th, , and the company may offer different prices for the holidays and other occasions as they deem fit.

    For FreeMe bundles , you will pay as follows:.