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Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms expert at broadband deals comparison site Cable. For most of us that would constitute the highest-earning quarter of an hour of our entire lives.

Cheapest Broadband Only Deals

If your provider hikes prices mid-term without prior warning, you've the right to escape your contract penalty free, according to Ofcom rules. Anyone who has taken out a line rental, broadband or mobile contract on or after 23 January can cancel their contract without penalty if their provider increases monthly prices without notice. To cancel, you'll have to let your provider known within days of receiving any confirmation of the price rise.

Alternatively, use it to your advantage - price increases can give you valuable haggling ammunition to negotiate a better deal. Have a scroll down for some tips on how to find a phone and broadband package, plus the top bundles of the week.

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For more advice, you can read more about switching here. If your supplier is not allowing you to leave penalty-free, contact their complaints department or take it to social media. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, take the complaint to Ombudsman Services. If you've a large family, you may want to consider an unlimited plan. How fast will your connection be? Over half of broadband users have never checked the speed of their connection and two thirds don't know what broadband speed they're actually paying for.

To test you current speed, enter you postcode into this handy uSwitch speed checker. Is it a bundle plan?’s £40m acquisition named Deal of the Month | Insider Media Ltd

Are free calls - including mobile numbers included? Note, all and numbers are free to call from a UK landline. What is the contract duration and will there be a mid-way price hike? Often the introductory rates are for the first 6 months of your contract only. After that, prices may rise back to standard charges. This is in addition to any small print price hikes. Watch out for the small print. We've teamed up with comparison website MoneySupermarket to bring you their top 5 broadband and phone deals this week. Broadband choices also have an exclusive broadband deal, although the offers will end in the next few days.

The best deals are often available online as you'll get freebies like free shopping vouchers thrown in. Switching usually takes around one to two weeks, however this can vary.

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Check the exact time period with your provider - you may also need to fork our for engineer fees to help you set up. Packages can be convenient, but which one will save you money? Getty Get the biggest money stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Usually included in your cheap broadband only deal is some kind of antivirus software for your home PC, laptop or Mac, for example Sky Broadband Shield, or Post Office Safeguard.

Finding your perfect cheap broadband only deal is as simple as popping your postcode in the search box. Even the cheapest broadband deals can be better for your wallet and better for your state of mind. As the cost of living rises and household bills go up, finding a cheap broadband deal is a great way to save on your monthly outgoings.

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These cheap broadband lines can reach a maximum download speed of 17Mbps. If all you do online is read your emails, browse Facebook or other social media, then this cheapest type of broadband will probably be fine.

How to get broadband for LESS (Best Broadband Deals 2018)!

Contract lengths vary between 12 months and 18 months. These companies usually offer broadband in the cheaper range of prices. We know them as budget broadband providers.

Home Broadband

There are fewer bells and whistles but they do offer reasonable value for money, nationwide operations, and decent quality customer service as rated by Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, Trustpilot, the crowdsourced reviews website, and Which? It depends on what you use the internet for. Cheap broadband comes in many forms.

Sometimes the cheapest fibre broadband can be suitable for you too. It depends on how many people in your household use the internet at one time, and what you use the internet for.

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Of course. You sign up to a new cheap broadband deal, then once your service is switched on, and up and running, you apply to get the Reward Card. Occasionally ISPs will try to grease the wheels with a fancy new piece of tech to entice you into signing up for a cheap broadband deal.