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Best Budget iPhone in 2018!

Black Friday will be dominated by Walmart. Walmart's Black Friday sales are taking shape Walmart. This week Walmart made its Black Friday shipping fees official. We have updates…. Note the equivalent deals from last year have been cited after each prediction.

Walmart 'Black Friday' 2018 Sales: What We Know So Far

Hit the Follow button on my author page to track my daily Black Friday guides, leaks and recommendations. The big day itself is coming soon and you can find ad scan dates for every major store here …. When Is 'Black Friday' ? Amazon 'Black Friday' Apple 'Black Friday' As I began to casually browse for early Black Friday deals this year, I noticed something disturbing. And as I kept browsing, I saw more "deals" for other iPhones and iPads of a similar vintage.

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Besides the horror of buying a phone that's already four years old. What I found so disturbing is that the iPhone in question is no longer receiving any operating system updates or security patches from Apple.

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But it's not just the iPhone 5c to watch out for. Quite the contrary, none of these devices is still receiving security updates. And it's not just Apple devices about which consumers should be cautious.

Here are all the Black Friday Fitbit deals you’ve been waiting for

Many cheap Android tablets and smartphones are being sold with Android 7. As an aside, consumers should also be cautious about cheap or off-brand " Internet of Things " devices such as Internet-enabled baby monitors, security cameras, and other products, which frequently have poor security and wind up becoming infected and part of a botnet put another way, the device becomes a zombie in a collection of compromised devices that does an attacker's bidding. Resist the urge to buy any Internet-enabled device on impulse; do your homework and make sure the product and its manufacturer have good reputations and a track record of taking security seriously, and that the device is still receiving frequent firmware or operating system updates from the manufacturer.

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  • If you're not sure how to research this yourself, a good place to start is to check whether the manufacturer is still advertising or directly selling the device on the official company site. When in doubt, ask a knowledgeable IT person for help identifying whether or not a product is likely to be safe. Unfortunately, the average consumer has no concept of how dangerous it is to use products that will have perpetual zero-day vulnerabilities.