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He promises to expose the lies of conventional cancer treatment. He thinks he has information that will eradicate cancer once and for all. I was only too familiar with many of the names: I will restrain myself and simply say these individuals are not reliable sources of health information. Bollinger fails to do that.

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His mind is made up, and he is only willing to listen to people who agree with him. He voices unsupported opinions and makes claims that can be easily refuted by a little research or even by common sense. Here are some of them:. He says chemo is incredibly ineffective and is such a hazardous material that nurses who administer it have to take precautions. There is a simple answer: Chemo started with mustard gas. The American Cancer Society explains the history of how observations of soldiers exposed to mustard gas led to an effective treatment for lymphoma.

He ask: And because efforts to get patients to improve their health by lifestyle modifications are so often fruitless. That is absolutely not true. The study that claim is based on omitted all the types of cancer that chemo is most effective for, and it lumped chemo intended to cure with chemo used as an adjuvant or for palliation.

That myth was based on another old study where oncologists were asked about an experimental chemotherapy regimen for one specific type of incurable lung cancer. The majority of them thought that the evidence available at that time showed that cisplatin and other experimental chemo drugs were ineffective and toxic. Keep in mind that lung cancer is not particularly amenable to chemo.

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He claims that chemotherapy stimulates cancer stem cells. He interviews Blaylock, who seems to confuse embryonic stem cells with cancer stem cells. He says chemo has no effect on stem cells, only on daughter cells. The tentacles of the medical cartel reach everywhere.

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Chemo causes side effects, which gives doctors a reason to prescribe more drugs and multiplies their business. Matthias Rath says chemo is unethical and deceptive because it destroys the immune system and the immune system is needed to combat the cancer. Breakthroughs in immunotherapy are misrepresented: It is trivially easy to answer that question, and it is grossly unfair of Bollinger not to interview anyone who knows the answer. They say the FDA should be protecting us from chemotherapy drugs and other toxic substances but instead they are protecting the very industries that they were supposed to protect us from.

FDA approval means proven safe and effective. This film I have so much knowledge about cancer prevention since I have watched the series. I have also shared this info with my family. I feel confident and not scared of the big "C". What I most enjoyed was the down to earth and genuine honesty displayed through out the series. I found it to be not only informative I thank you and your team for both the time and effort taken in presenting such an important presentation and look forward to the next. My kind regards Janine.

I have been on a personal quest to gather information to find help for her which has been a daunting task, confusing and scary to say the least. The docu-series brought it all together for me with documented research, recommended programs, and enlightening testimonials that relieved all fears and renewed my hope and determination to find a direction for my daughter!

For me it was first and foremost tremendous encouragement and reassurance that I could heal myself with the right knowledge, professional and family support.

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For I had already decided against Surgery, Chemo, or Radiotherapy. The interviews with so many top physicians gave credibility to the notion actually the truth that the body could heal itself. I gained so many new strategies well, new to me for treatment and healing. The interviews with survivors were also inspiring.

With all the reading I was doing, these interviews reinforced my conviction I could do this as well. Doctors don't give you much of a chance when you're diagnosed with lung cancer. It was refreshing to hear that there is a chance, there is a way to rebuild your immune system, and there is hope. Your series gave us all of that and more.

Totally enjoyed the docu-series, as it was presented in a way to relate to those at all levels of awareness. This presentation was recommended to many of our friends and family, who did follow through and watched it in it's entirety.

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Speaking as a Naturopath, your hard work at putting this docu-series together is very much appreciated! I think the whole series is perfectly structured and I really enjoyed all the episodes but I found the Episodes 2, 3 and 4 especially helpful as my focus is to better daily life and diet habits in order to prevent cancer. Congratulations and thank you for your excellent work, and I wish one day this series could be translated into other languages so it could benefit more people.

Silver Edition: Gold Package: We are currently printing the series at the fulfillment center. Recent post by Page.

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