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Best Answer: Source s: Add a comment. Asker's rating. Optimum Nutrition Store In Delhi. Existing questions. Cytogainer or Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein? More questions. When to take optimum nutrition whey? Syntha 6 or Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein? But it had a little powder leaked inside the outer zip-lock bag as well.

The expiry date of the product is July , and I was OK with that because of the deal. More about the seller, his name on the eBay site 'uaeimporters' and when I tried to see his profile now, it says 'this user is no longer a registered user'.

Reply from ON - how should I proceed?

I raised a claim for return and refund and it is due to be processed in 3 days, positive or negative. Meanwhile I will drop by the nearest supermarket and try to find and buy a 1 lb pack of the same brand same flavor and try it with the same quantity of chilled milk to see the texture and taste.

Do you people have any comments on the texture and taste, if you have used the same or similar products before? Last edited by quadsofgods; at Nutrabolics Forum Rep www.

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Originally Posted by emergency. Send in this data to ON Customer care for the check: Name of the place of purchase and location address or URL: Seller Name or item identification number if purchased from an online marketplace such as ebay or snapdeal. Lot number: Expiration date: The last 5 digits of the bar code: Pictures of the front and back of the canister: Last edited by sakmsb; at Interesting, sure hope it's real!

Based on my experience with ON, I haven't had it be "sandy" after mixing. Feel like that would detract from the overall taste and they wouldn't be loved so much in the supp world.


Best of luck. First rule. Buy from reputable sites. The above post is my personal opinion and does not represent the official position of any company or entity. Originally Posted by sakmsb. Originally Posted by GimmeProtein1.

Neulife Coupons

Originally Posted by TMac Originally Posted by quadsofgods. I will send them those today. Is it a good thing to buy a 1 lb pack at any supermarket and compare the taste and texture of both these products? Or am I just wasting my money on 1 lb pack?

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Great advice. Thank you.

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Hoping for a quick reply from ON customer care. Still no response from ON customer service.

It mixed well without any residue in water as well as milk. Tasted good with water and absolutely amazing with milk. And the remaining in a 2. The last 10 lb bag of whey from Muscleblaze filled 3 jars of 5. But this fake product was so dense that it did not even fill two jars could have been adulterated with sand really.