Organization ideas for coupons

The best method is up to each individual, but reviewing a general overview can help you decide which works best for you. Many couponers use two systems to keep coupons organized. Generally, the organizer that is kept at home is fairly detailed with a lot of subcategories, while the one that goes to the store is a simpler system with mostly major categories and some primary subcategories.

Some couponers find the two-system coupon organizing method to be a waste of time and double the work, while others find that using a less cumbersome system at the stores helps them actually save more money because the coupons are more accessible. Either way, it is a matter of individual preference. Also, what works today may not be as efficient tomorrow.

1. Get a sturdy zipper binder that’s at least 3 inches.

When creating a major organizer, consider using the following list to select your categories and subcategories:. A good way to determine whether your current system is working is by reviewing how many expired coupons you discard on a regular basis. If you have a lot, it is a good indication that it may be time to revise your system.

Add tabs for each month of the year. Then, clip together multiple inserts from the same date. Finally, write the date on the cover and file it away! Then, before you shop, you find the coupon you need and clip it only then and use it. That way, you save lots of time trying to clip, sort and organize on a weekly basis.

You can then access the coupon database to find the coupons you need to clip before you shop. There are usually anywhere from 6 — 10 sections within the case, so you can organize your coupons. There are also tabs where you can add labels to help you find the ones you need. This system is the best one for someone who is new at using coupons or even a casual couponer.

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There are no labels on the tabs, so you will want to add your own. Here are some sample categories you may want to consider.

Labeling Helps Keep the Coupon and Refund Clutter Under Control

Add in any additional sections, or remove those that you do not need. The idea is to ensure you can find the coupons you need when you are ready to use them. Once you get more into couponing, you may have too many coupons to fit into a small folio. You might also want to see every coupon you have available, without clipping only when you need to use them. If this is you, then it is time to upgrade to the coupon binder.

This is what I affectionately call the Grand Daddy of coupon organizing. You will need to find a binder. Make sure it has both a handle and strap so you can easily carry it in and out of the store.

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  3. 2. Separate each section with these free decorative inserts..
  4. Organizational Idea #2: Folders/Filing!
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  6. Organizational Idea #1: The Coupon Binder?
  7. In addition, you will want to ensure that it zips shut that way, if it opens while you are shopping, you can close it and keep your coupons from falling out. When you are ready to clip, you will have everything right at your fingertips. Your goal will be to create a system that both keeps your coupons organized and is easy for you to maintain.

    I personally have used coupon binders for the better part of four years now and I have to say I like the feeling of finding a deal and knowing I have the coupon right then and there to use. I spend about minutes every Sunday this way, and my coupons stay neat and tidy. I also recommend a good quality binder, preferably one that zips up like the one pictured here Amazon link.

    I also like a binder that has pockets for couponing essentials such as scissors, calculator, pens, rebates, receipts, etc. The disadvantages of this system? A good time to do this is at the start of the month as many coupons tend to expire on the last day of a month.

    How to Use Coupons: Keeping Your Coupons Organized

    If you use lots of food and products with coupons, you could easily spend more time clipping and filing into a binder than my weekly minutes. If the binder method is not for you, you could simply file your inserts away each week. On the spine of each insert in tiny print is the week date. You can use a sharpie or thick marker and write the date across the front or put the inserts into file folders. I have stored the folders in one of these super cute, durable Bungalow bins before. I definitely recommend something sturdy like this to support all those folders and coupons!

    Use my coupon matchups as a guide! Use a coupon database. There are several online FREE coupon databases you can use. Use the results as a guide to refer back to your inserts. This method has its pros and cons. A couple disadvantages to consider: Also, this method is not very portable. Reader Sarah also shared with me how she uses the coupon box method to keep her coupons tidy:. After a year, the binder got too heavy, large, and awkward. You could never fully see what the coupon was for and the expiration date. I switched to a box and have loved it ever since.

    I fold the flap of the envelope in and tape an index card vertically to the outside of the back of the envelope. This allows me to color code and categorize the coupons…. Target has its own set of envelopes filed by category in the back of the box. The box is locking and has a handle for easy carrying. It is made by Snapware , which you can find at Walmart or Fred Meyer. Mine is What I do is designate a store for each section.

    If you are a light coupon user? You could potentially use this as a standalone method to organizing your coupons. The advantage of this organizer? By e-coupons, I mean the coupons that you load to your store reward or loyalty cards that come off at checkout.

    5 Easy Steps to Create and Maintain Your Coupon Binder - The Krazy Coupon Lady

    Now, when you go to a site like Fred Meyer , you can see many coupon offers you can easily load to your card. It can be tempting to want to load all of them — after all, why not? I add just the ones I think I want to use or the ones I think might make a good deal! If you liked this post, I also encourage you to check out these related posts on coupon organization: Use Clothespins to Keep Coupons Tidy.

    They are free to receive and include additional money-saving tips and coupon deals. I have an expanding accordion file that can fit a years worth of inserts. I used to have a coupon binder but after extreme couponing it got to embarrassing to carry.

    5 Easy Steps to Create and Maintain Your Coupon Binder

    The most important part of organization is putting the date on the inserts. I also carry a small pair of scissors in a section of my coupon wallet for cutting store coupons at the store. I use a few small top-loading photo albums. I have one for grocery coupons and another for health and beauty, cleaning, etc. They are very handy and do a great job of keeping my coupons organized. I do love the box idea, though, because of the space for storing weekly ads…our Walmart here requires us to provide an ad in order to ad-match and I have no place to keep them!

    Garage Organization: How I organize my coupon stockpile

    I LOVE this idea! Yes thats what I started out with. I found the side loading was a lot easier to use. If you want to put 2 different on a page the side loading work easier than the top loading. But I really did like these. I guess its really whatever works best for u. I am not embarrassed to carry my binder at all.

    I keep it with me most of the time. I was just at Target yesterday and a lady who is just starting to get into it stopped and asked me questions for about 20 minutes. I was happy to help her. I do agree organization is key. Every person is different, find what works for you and go for it. I also get to tell them about this site, which is another plus. I love my coupon binder. I carry it with me when I go into stores. I really need something larger than the expanding file folder…. Luckily I have one of those large purses, but I refuse to get a coupon binder…. Too many coupons in one category.

    The clipless method of just writing the dates on the insert took more time than clipping. I constantly had to flip pages back and forth to locate the coupon I needed from the database. One food and one non food. I carry them in a cute thirty one tote.