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Harbor Freight 170 Titanium welder review

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Two Shelf Steel Service Cart. Disc Sander. Electric Chainsaw. Portable Shed. Professional Breaker Bar. View 21 Super Coupons valid this week. I used mine to do this cage 2. If you are asking should i buy a HF welder You buy a shit welder for 2 reasons, A: As someone thoroughly in camp "B", here's my thoughts: I've only encountered 1 project where I needed to borrow a friend's nicer welder. Sure I might spend a bit more time on a weld and cleanup, but I'm not making roll cages in a production shop, I'm making a workbench or tacking something back together.

For me it's been worth it to get some nicer name brand wire though, helps with the spatter a little bit. I took a class at a local community college New York City Tech. Was it worth it? A friend of mine says yes, I'm not so sure. So if your instructor is really good, then yes, otherwise you are only paying for supplies and someone to tell you to keep running beads. A lot of good welders don't really know why their work is good, and that's no help to you.

*coupon......harbor Freight: 170 Amp Mig/flux Cored Welder $159.99 *11/30

Start with their cheap ass flux core, and they offer sell a welding guide in store only. It's how I learned and now Im certified to weld underwater. I'd have to dig through my paperwork for the code but it's just subsurface welding. I'm a commercial diver. They are not good.

Harbor Freight: HUGE Welding Sale • Vulcan Beats Lincoln Electric | Milled

To some extent, you do get what you pay for in the welder space. The Chicago ones will work, but they're not particularly capable. I guess if you're okay with that then whatever, but I'd prefer to have the more broadly usable tool. But not everyone is like that, and that's okay. Thanks for the manual linked below go to anotherhftthrowaway Later on in the manual it clearly states that if you want to weld aluminum with this welder you have to use MIG and the proper spool supply for that.

Here are the specs lifted from the manual to make it easier for others to see. Based on these, I really like the Vulcan a lot better even with the price difference. I really wish they'd come out with a new line of plasma cutters. What market is this line of welders supposed to be targeting? Is there really anyone saying they don't want one of those cheapo Chicago welders, but aren't willing to shell out for one of the Vulcans or an equivalent Everlast? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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