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Most bars and restaurants give out their wi-fi password for customers buying drinks or items from their menu. The alternative, especially if you want temporary wi-fi in your home, is to rent a mobile hotspot. Providers will cargo a hotspot to your chosen address, and up to ten devices can connect to unlimited wi-fi at any time.

When your holiday is over, pop it back into your prepaid package and inform the provider who will send the cargo company to pick it up.

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If you plan to stay in Turkey for more than days, you will need to register your mobile phone and for convenience, as well as cost, it would be to your advantage to sign up to a Turkish mobile provider. Read more about how to do that here.

Turkey has two main home Internet providers, as well as roughly 30 regional sub-contractors. The main problem with the smaller local contractors is that if you are using the internet to access foreign television packages, buffering can be a consistent problem. Likewise, a VPN can also slow the service down.

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Otherwise, they do offer excellent packages, and some will be of benefit to expats who come and go because you can freeze your internet subscriptions on the months that you are not in the country. Their fiber optic prices are higher than the traditional DSL version, but TTNET also sells excellent packages at affordable prices, if you sign a two-year contract.

One such example is unlimited internet and the premium television Tivibu package including English film and documentary channels for just 50 lira a month.

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Turk Telekom is the only provider of telephone landlines which you will need to sign up to the internet. To get an existing landline changed over to your name, go to your local Turk Telecom office with a copy of your tapu, passport and residency permit. Like their Internet packages, they offer incredibly excellent value upon signing a two-year contract.

The Turkish version of their website has extensive information which unfortunately disappears if you switch to their English version, so use an online translator - https: They offer some excellent packages but to date, have been unable to take the market share from TTNET. They also sell fiber and ADSL internet.

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Download and upload quotas are in place on quite a few accounts for both providers, and this is known as fair practice, but it is worth checking out if you use the internet for television, videos or online games. According to a report by Mashable and the UK Independent newspaper, Turkey has a lower speed connection ranking than that of the UK.

A report by the Internet society ranks Turkey as 59th in the world for Internet speed, but it is worth being optimistic because increasingly more Turks are signing up to the internet every day, so providers are clamouring to give the best service at the lowest price possible. Recognizing that economic barriers to technology can hinder the growth and development of all income groups and broaden the socioeconomic gap, TTNET is working hard to change the landscape. Its goal is to provide affordable access for new consumers ensuring that they do not pay a premium for products and to meet the complex growing telecommunication needs of one of the largest and emerging economies.

The TTNET program will provide 30, households with access to an online education platform called Vitamin , which provides educational content targeted at primary and secondary school-going children in remote areas of Turkey.

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This value added service is provided directly to the household, creating access to a vast online library of dynamic interactive educational content and internet literacy trainings. By encouraging more sustainable and expanded internet access, the company hopes to pioneer more affordable services and demonstrate the power of connectivity while simultaneously reducing the digital divide. By transforming the way important educational content is delivered, TTNET also hopes to build capacity in communities. In addition, by , TTNET commits to providing internet literacy training for more than 12, people.

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