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A reduction in bounce means that your table is absorbing more of the energy of the ball than a standard table.

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This usually means that your table isn't "hard enough". It's not rigid enough, so it's absorbing some of the energy rather than reflecting it back. To get more bounce, try a harder material.

This link tells you that a pingpong table is usually made of high density fiberboard: Matterwave , Oct 7, Oct 7, 3. Naty1 , Oct 7, Oct 7, 4. Doubling up with the same material is not going to help Instead of doubling up with the same material, add a layer of another material.

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As suggested, try a high-density-fiberboard FDF. Oct 7, 5. DaveC Gold Member.

DaveC , Oct 7, Old Street. Opening hours: Opens 4pm Mon-Thu, midday Fri-sun.

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