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If it's warm in your room you get very sweaty. Since the temperature has dropped in my area, however, this has not been a problem for a couple weeks. I have that chair in their white color. Honestly its wayyy better than even the expensive shit they bought everyone at work. I'd happily buy another. I've used this chair and it's very comfortable.

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The only problem I had with it was that after a year the faux leather started to peel off of the corners of the armrests. Had it for 4 years.

The Best Gaming Chairs

It gets a lot worse. For a while, I'd have pieces of it stuck to me every time I stood up. I will be messaging you on Parent commenter can delete this message to hide from others.

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Here's a search: Personally I'm sitting on an Ikea Markus, arms removed because I hate arms on computer chairs. Feels great with the lumbar support.

How to Buy the Perfect Computer Chair

If you have a Staples in your area try it out for yourself. Literally just had to clean the fabric and it was perfect. The support from the company was great as well. My chair cushion arrived with a tear in it and they replaced it right away and let me keep the old cushion. It's a drafting chair so it's great for extended periods of sitting. This is what Amazon does ahead of major shopping seasons -- up prices en masse.

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