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By unlocking premium apps and more video content, you can create a more user friendly and interactive site with increased storage, bandwidth, and SEO boosters. All lame jokes aside, this plan includes all the features you get from the lower plans, and more. This plan comes with all the features of the lower premiums and combines it with extra bonuses only available on the VIP plan.

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This is really for those with a bigger website who need that extra bandwidth, and for those with a bigger budget who can afford that VIP service. It has all the features you need from accepting payments to creating coupons using the Wix Stores app. These are great add-ons, but what do you actually get with the Business Basic plan itself? For example, SSL security is vital to being trusted by customers and protecting any data being transferred during online payments.

This plan is still the best to start out on, and this should be more than enough to grow your online store with. But if you know you need more than this, take a look at the Business Unlimited plan. It has all the features included in the Business Basic plan, with extras! This Wix premium plan has the most storage of all seven plans at an impressive 50GB. Talk to customer support over the telephone, jump straight to the front of the queue, and move on — time is money after all!

Or why not compare Wix to other ecommerce platforms in our helpful guide. Wix pricing plans are actually more economical when compared to their direct competitors Squarespace and Weebly.

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Granted, each of these competitors offers you different features, and each plan is unique in who and what it is meant for. This table shows a general outline of the level of each plan. Prices are different between these builders because of the different services and strengths they offer on their plans. For example, Squarespace has extremely high quality templates and a ton of creative freedom, while Weebly is the best for small businesses and offers tailored features to support entrepreneurs. But Wix is the best all-round website builder, and this is shown here in the scale of its premium plans.

Wix has a more affordable range of prices, but provides the designs, features, and intuitive editing tools to make your site professional and powerful. Beyond paying the monthly subscription fee, there are other costs that you should take into consideration, including:. Each website has its own unique name on the internet and so there can be no duplicates. You can turn this setting off if you want to, of course, just remember to make a note of the renewal date if you want to keep your domain. We use G Suites ourselves to operate our business.

Wix is the most popular website builder and its prices are competitive. The range of features, premium apps, increased bandwidth and storage, and perks like a free domain offer great value for your money. We covered additional charges like domain renewal, but rest assured there are no hidden costs with Wix. It remains one the best value builders compared to its main competitors. So which plan you choose will depend on your needs and preferences as well as your budget. Wix has a free plan you can stay on as long as you like. There are no hidden costs or extras — you can create, edit, publish and then carry on uploading to your website without paying a single cent!

You get a great choice of templates, features like videos, galleries, maps and more, as well as free apps to add to your site. But, there are drawbacks to the free plan. So the free plan is best for starting out, creating and designing your website, and getting an idea of how you want it to look and perform. This allows you to accept online payments, removes Wix ads, gives you unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage and access to Google Analytics, as well as premium apps like Site Booster to help you rank on Google.

Wix has seven plans in total: Then there are three which are tailored to business and ecommerce websites. This gives you unlimited bandwidth and premium apps! Also, if you pay monthly it is more expensive than paying for a yearly subscription. Not a single one! There are always extra costs to think about, the main ones being domain renewal fees or setting up a personalized email mailbox as these things do cost extra. Just remember if you purchase a domain name, this will not be included in the refund. Email will not be published required.

I read this article and it has some great information about using WIX. I recently started to put a site together through WIX. I would like to start my own blogging site. That gives you unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage, so you have a lot more space to grow! Those are the two I would look at to begin with.

You can of course build your site on the free plan, and then upgrade to connect your own domain and unlock these more advanced features as per your needs. I hope that helps, and best of luck with the blog — let us know how you get on!

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  • Thanks for reading, Lucy. Thanks for your comment. Hope that helps you and your family out! Thanks for the information! Thanks for your comment! Simply choose the plan that suits you best — Wix actually has non-profit templates with donate buttons already integrated, which could be useful. You can download an app like Get Funding for free — just be aware you need a Business or Premier PayPal account to use these features.

    My site will be limited to my extended family. It will be used to share our family research, pictures, and video. I see limitations on video length on Wix. How about building an online language school website on wix? Can you suggest the best plan for such a website?

    That would include some writing, about 70 photos and 1 video per month. That sounds like a great idea, what a brilliant way to keep your friends and family updated with your travels! Wix definitely has the features to suit your needs. The free plan gives you up to MB of storage and bandwidth, and you can upload videos from YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. You also get up to 10 minutes of video live stream for your site. It has more storage and bandwidth, up to 30 video minutes, and it removes Wix ads too which is an added bonus.

    I hope that helps, and hope you enjoy creating your first blog. Thanks so much for reading, Lucy. Wix is horrible for professional websites. You should feel ashamed for writing this article in the way you did.

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    Wix has terrible tag management support. If you just want a hobby site, Wix is probably fine. If I had a nickel for every client of mine that ended up disappointed because we had the break the news that their site sucks cause they used Wix I could retire. With Wix, you can connect Goggle Tag Manager to your site to keep your tags and third party code snippets updated and organized in one location.

    It comes down to the amount of products you wish to sell and the power of the management tools you need. Wix provide an easy-to-use platform with simple, user-friendly ecommerce functionality. I would never be able to sort through this web site building dilemma without such a detailed and practical guide. If I get an e-commerce site to enable me to sell online — how does the payment system work with Wix? The new plan will come into effect immediately meaning your next payment, be it monthly or annually, will be charged at the new price. Great summery of website builders!

    Hi Liz, thank you for getting in touch. Are you trying to create a members-only page? If so, Wix has a useful article here — https: Hi Jeremy, my website is to rent my apartment out in Phuket. Is eCommerce the best option for me? I need my customers to be able to check availability and then make a booking and payment. Can wix eCommerce do these tasks? Will the plan I already paid for with Domain on a 12 month plan be deducted? We have been using shopify for our ecommerce store but have found that a lot of our profit is going towards paying fees.

    Are there any transaction fees associated with wix? Or is it simply the annual fee mentioned in the article? Your articles have been so helpful and I love all of the content and tips you provide. Right now my website already has the store attached. It looks like I can start adding items and selling already. You may be able to list products on a lower plan, but to accept payments you will need to upgrade. I currently bought a domain through another company WebAura.

    Thank you for your comment. In short yes, you should be able to transfer your domain over to Wix. Wix make this really simple but just be mindful that this only applies to certain extensions such as. Jeremy — I think Wix is a good solution and I have signed up for their unlimited plan and secured a domain. However to me the email pricing seems pricey. If I want to have an email MikeC …and another like info …it starts adding up pretty quickly. Is there a more cost effective way to use the registered domain and to emails?

    Hi Mike, Thanks for the question, great to hear that Wix has worked out for you. Is there an app for drop shipping or is there a way to manually import images from a drop shipper since I am starting my business out small with limited items to sell? I do know this is something that has been requested , so we may see it in the future. If dropshipping is the cornerstone to your business, it may be worth considering Shopify, which is much more geared up to support a dropshipping business than Wix is. We also have a guide to starting a dropshipping ecommerce business , so that may give you further food for thought.

    Hello I bought a Wix premium plan thinking I would be able to sell from my website. Now that I realize i did not purchase an ecommerce plan, what about the money I already spent for the premium plan…do I now need to purchase ecommerce in addition to what i have already paid for do they figure out the further purchase while considering or factoring in that i have already paid ie. I would never have bought just the basic premium plan if had not realized i could not sell with it. Wix will even knock the remaining credit on your current plan off the cost of your higher level premium plan. How do they compare is terms of domain name hosting and costs for first year and beyond?

    If you purchase a G Suite account through Wix, you will be able to access your inbox directly through Google or through your site. For eCommerce plan, what is the charges and fees for payments and gateways? Does WIX charge any commission? However, you will need to pay a percentage per transaction to your payment gateway provider, who each charge their own rate. You should also bear in mind that payment transaction fees are a fee that has to be paid to the payment processor for processing the payment collecting the money and transferring over to the merchant.

    All merchants have to pay this fee, even in grocery stores.

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    It might be worth having a read of our in-depth Wix eCommerce review too. Hi, If I will only do affiliate marketing like Amazon products do I need an ecommerce site? A regular site with links is all you need well apart from good on-site SEO and self-promotion that is! But, based on what I read in a comment here, it looks like I would have to pay for the eCommerce plan. Unfortunately to sell anything on Wix you will need an ecommerce plan as that is how their model works. You could look into the Wix App Market to see about adding a blog functionality onto the Wix eCommerce platform and that should give you the best of both worlds.

    If you go to other platforms, they usually charge transaction fees unless you subscribe to their higher plans. I own three domains, and my current web host routes emails to those domains to my Comcast ISP email address. I want to get rid of the old web host. Can my three domains all be routed to me through Wix?

    You can host up to 6 sites through a Wix account, but you will need to upgrade each one individually for each domain name you want to use.

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    For example, you can create and host your three sites on Wix, but would need to upgrade three times so each one onto its own separate premium plan in order to use your domain names. On the email front, Wix has partnered up with Google to offer Gmail for businesses so you can create custom email addresses with your Wix websites too.

    I am just in the creating aspect of my website…. You will definitely need a Wix ecommerce plan if you plan on selling goods — physical or digital. Regarding your model of moving from free downloads to paid downloads, it would be worth looking through the Wix App Market to see if any third party apps offer this functionality because — as far as I know — Wix ecommerce is unable to handle such dynamic pricing by itself.

    At some point in the future, I would like to add the eCommerce function to sell a number of one-of-a-kind books. Absolutely you can upgrade to sell products in the future. From there you can choose a plan to suit. Like tarot readings or a craft or book. Still, I wanted to make a few bucks in part, to afford the yearly cost of the site , and thought that I would be able to do that. But, based on what I read in a comment here, it looks like I would have to pay for the eCommerce plan which I cannot afford. Great job on the website. Feel free to use Wix. As we aim to provide comprehensive coupons including online coupon codes, in-store coupons, printable coupons, special deals, promo codes etc.

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