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Here are a few questions to consider when making this decision:. You may think you need a unit for a year, but perhaps you will only use it for one full week out of each month.

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In this case, renting will save you a lot of money if you can just have the equipment shipped to you each month for a one week period. If you only need a unit for two days, two weeks, or even two months, without a question, rent! Is my need project-based or does my organization need regular access to GPS gear? If your organization has a regular and consistent need for a mapping system on various projects over a long period of time, you probably ought to buy a system.

Even if the project lasts six months or an entire field season, you should look into renting.

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If our annual budget is approved and you get funds to purchase a mapping system this year, buy it. If you are working on a time and materials basis on a contract or on a project basis, the ease of billing for the rental as an operating expense and not having to purchase the required software typically included with the rental make the decision easier. Renting for longer-term projects with monthly invoices may offer you the flexibility you need to fund the right equipment for the job.

Do I have adequate expertise and support within my organization if we purchase?

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Consider who will be using the equipment in the field and who will be supporting it in the office. If resource staff will be administering and operating the equipment as well as processing and managing the data, renting will be worthwhile as Elecdata offers free technical support with rentals and can help coordinate with both resource and GIS staff at your organization. When you buy a new system you purchase hardware and software and perhaps some accessories. Trimble equipment typically includes a one year hardware warranty and one year of software maintenance i.

Extending your hardware warranty each year that will cost about the same.

Trimble GPS/GNSS Systems

The nice thing is that these fees are optional and you still own your equipment and software whether or not you purchase the extensions, but eventually Microsoft Windows 13 will come out and you may run into compatibility issues. When you rent, Elecdata incurs these costs, keeps the software up to date on the handhelds, and provides you with office software if you need it, all included under your rental fee. Depending on your need, however, you may still save a lot of money in the long run if you purchase and keep your maintenance up to date.

If you need the gear set up and ready to go in the field tomorrow, you need to rent.