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Please use A, B, C code on proof to correspond with changes listed below. There is something for everyone here. Washington, Phoenix www. Open 7 days from 11am Serving traditional pub fare plus salads, burgers, sandwiches, steak and fish. Patio Bars and Dining Banquets and groups up to ppl. Also enjoy Irish music from noon till 8pm, followed by our favorite local band…. The Green party starts March 12th at Rula Bula.

Arrive in Style! Winchester Rd. Thomas, Phoenix Breakroom E. McDowell Rd. Cave Creek, Phoenix. Dirty Drummer N. Country Club, Mesa N. Arizona Ave, Chandler N. Baseline Rd. Winfield, Scottsdale Grapevine N. Brown, Scottsdale. Recently, scientific study has provided some confirmation that a toast to good health may go beyond the fact that enjoyment, refreshment and good times with good friends can lead to a healthier life.

There is growing evidence that moderate consumption of beer brings health benefits.

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While nothing is conclusive and certainly moderation is the key, there is good news, both on the nutrition and the health side. Norman Kaplan, a researcher at University of Texas Southwest Medical Center conducted a study of 70, health nurses. Healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente conducted a similar study using almost , people with similar results. Studies have also shown that moderate alcohol consumption may help increase high density lipoprotein or HDL, also known as good cholesterol. Alcohol drinkers in general have statistically significant higher levels HDL or good cholesterol. They also have lower levels of fibrinogen, a protein that is associated with blood clots.

Beer, specifically also contains higher levels of polyphenols which cut levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. The ingredients in beer serve to increases anti-oxidants in blood stream. Antioxidants serve to protect the cells against the damaging properties of reactive oxygen, reducing oxidative stress.

Continued on Page More than specialty and micro-brewed beers from breweries all over the Southwest and beyond! Consistently attracting 5,, attendees during the course of the two day event, even during economic down times, GAZBF continues to thrive and grow each year. The festival draws a wide range of consumers — from craft beer aficionados across the state to area college students, and visitors to Arizona — all looking for a fun-filled day of entertainment and variety, as well as an opportunity to sample from hundreds of the best beers available anywhere.

This year will also include innovative strategies in areas such as social media as well as onsite experience enhancements, such as laser paintball plus casino-style table games in the VIP Experience, professional massage in the Designated Driver Pavilion and more. The GAZBF provides a topnotch, exciting guest experience, and also has an outstanding reputation among local authorities for being well ran and for responsible crowd and alcohol control practices. All proceeds from the event benefit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a c 3 nonprofit organization serving the visually and printimpaired Community statewide.

Now in Tuscon Pizza! James santanbrewing. SanTan Brewing Company www. Chandler, AZ March 4th, - March 10th Besides the soothing experience of enjoying a beer, there is also scientific evidence to suggest beer can actually lower blood pressure.

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The alcohol we consume is ethanol, which is shown to have substantial antithrombotic effects, similar to aspirin. A daily aspiring is recommended by many doctors for their patients over 50, especially those at risk for hypertension or heart disease. One of the biggest questions surrounding beer is does it have any nutritional value? It does…beer contains many essential vitamins and minerals. There is quite a variety of nutrients in beer. Richer beers, notably Belgians have long been considered liquid bread. For years monks in Trappist Orders throughout Europe have used rich beers to provide basic nutrients during times of fasting.

Specifically, beer contains a substantial amount of B-complex vitamins which provide some very key health benefits. The most powerful of the B vitamins is B6 which lowers levels of Homocysteine which can increase the chance of heart disease. Beer also contains magnesium, selenium and dietary silicon which improves bone density and can postpone the onset of osteoporosis. Beer not only stands up to wine, but in many ways surpasses it. Wine for years has touted the fact that the flavanoids found in it are healthy, and this is true. However, Beer on average contains the same amount of flavanoids as red wine, and 5 times as much as white.

Dark beer contains substantially more than lighter beer, therefore much more than even red wine. Unfiltered beers contain even higher amounts of these good things. Very few of the nutrients found in the raw products for wine survive fermentation and filtering, whereas virtually all of them do for beer. This means that even though wine appears to contain many health ingredients, as a finished product, beer contains substantially more. It can not be stressed enough that moderation is important.

One to two beers per day is considered a reasonable amount. It certainly should go without saying that any information provided herein is not to be considered in lieu of a trained medical opinion. As with most medical studies, correlation does not necessarily equal causation. The evidence may just suggest that healthier people drink beer, rather than beer making people healthier. Regardless of the actual circumstances, it seems like one more good reason to consider a beer at the end of the day.

Stand behind the people who keep uS Safe. Scratches beard …Got any Flea powder? Ah just kidding, gimme a beer. McDowell Road, Scottsdale. For more information - www. Broadway Road, Tempe. Big Sky beer tasting at Iguana Macks!!!! Alma School Road, Chandler. Even those without a drop of Irish blood can be Irish for a day! Really, forget the green beer. If you want to drink beer like the Irish a pint of Guinness will do. A dash or two of bitters does help the drink considerably. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

This is a very green cocktail, perfect for serving at St. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Garnish with the olive. First Fridays March 5th Yes the infamous art walk is back into action, a time when downtown turns into a big street fair with open galleries, street performers, cafes and music. I have to say that the one time I went was not what I expected. Not so much art galleries- more hand made jewelryeww. Turns out, there are a few streets holding the event and I just happened to go to the wrong one. This time I have a plan, which I am sharing with you lucky readers.

Take the light rail to the Phoenix Art Museum, there you will find a free exhibit, bar yey , and a live band. Grab a map of First Friday routes and continue on outside where free shuttle buses take you to your art area of choice. I am picking Heritage Square. This area has been separated to form even more of an artsy vibe! Is it possible you say? Only selected street performers, vendors, and musicians will be aloud.

Then again that just might be your thing. As the night rolls in, take the opportunity to party in some downtown hot spots. On this day, every bar is the place to be so take your pick! Artlink, which is the non-profit organization throwing First Fridays is celebrating 22 years of success. This is a more relaxed and art oriented event than the more party vibe of First Fridays. Buying a ticket gets. Ever played virtual paint ball while drunk? Other games and contests will be present.

Sunday, Major Lingo will be playing a mix of folk, reggae, ska and psychedelic rock to get you moving and take you away from being that fat drunk guy. Just saying. This Sunday at 3: Give a donation and enjoy a day filled with a variety of vocalist, guitarists and groups playing Motown, Blues, Classic Rock, Jazz and Funk.

Got a hot event? Grand opening? Cool new promotion? Undiscovered gem? Please write to Maria at Nightowl azweeklymagazine. Please include pictures when possible. Cool, Underground Parking Gated and Secure. It matters. Brought to you by 3-D RockShow. Any Budweiser draft product Expires Mill Ave, Tempe With coupon only. Must be 21 or older. Not valid with any other coupon. Blessed with a love for the mother earth instilled by their forefathers in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico these modern day agriculturalists have successfully toiled the regions of Arizona for the past 35 years, growing red potatoes, watermelon, alfalfa, onion and hay.

Today, 3 Amigos Tequila has taken the tequila industry by storm, introducing an ultra premium tequila so refined and affordable that it has changed the way tequila is viewed in the spirits world. With its denomination of origin, tequila is one of the very few distilled spirits that require tenacity and agricultural mastery. Yielding a ripe plant is a waiting game of 7 to 10 years.

Producing fine tequila requires reverence for each and every stage of its creation. For this, the Gonzalez family employs a host of family members both in Arizona and Mexico to oversee the entire process. The Gonzalez family has reached deep into the roots of tequila and after many years of negative stigmas to this liquor, they are proud to offer tequila worthy of its Mexican origin.

Por fin, tequila in its finest and most elegant savoring. We encourage AZWeeklyMagazine. We also educate people with the process of tequila. Knowledge is power. We know that there are many brands of tequilas but our loyal customers time and time again stay true to drinking 3 Amigos Tequila. It is one of three organic tequilas out in the market. Yesterday, Today and for all our Tomorrows…Salud Amigos! Under the new format, both teams would get the ball at least once unless the first team to get the ball scores a touchdown.

If the first team to get the ball makes a field goal and the other team ties the game, action would continue until a team scores again. Under the current rules, the first team to score wins. There have been various concepts that have been discussed in recent years, but this particular one has never been proposed. The competition committee will discuss the new concept with teams and players at league meetings March in. Orlando, Fla.

At least two thirds of the teams would need to agree to the changes for new rules to be adopted. The Americans won 37 medals, breaking a record set by Germany in It also marked the first time in nearly 80 years the Americans had concluded a Winter Games with the most. Canada won the most golds with Overtime was adopted for regular season games in , a suddendeath format that allowed games to end in a tie if neither team scored in 15 minutes.

Overtime for playoff games always has been sudden death. Starts 7: The oldest stable in Cave Creek is only 10 minutes North of Scottsdale, but years back in time. We specialize in well trained, responsive horses, fantastic instruction and no road riding. Come and enjoy one of our fine young horses. Schoolhouse Road What is it? Everything you want, nothing you need. Saturday, Feb 6, 7: Pima Road, Scottsdale What is it?

Brazilian Jazz and The Girl from Ipanema. A tribute to the sensual lifework of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Tuesday, Feb 9th, 7: Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, N. Pima Road, Scottsdale March 5 - 7, 10 a. What is it? For more information, call or www. Every Friday, 9 a.

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Amphitheater, Easy St. Products include locally grown, pesticide-free, organic produce, artisan breads, fresh-baked pastries, salsas, jams,. What is it: Classical by training, eclectic by design, Peter De Sotto, Alexander Sevastian,Elizabeth McLellan and Mark Thompson of Quartetto Gelato delight audiences with a repertoire of traditional masterworks, plus the sizzle of tangos, gypsy tunes, and folk songs. Free admission. For more information, call or or visit www. Every Sunday, 1pm-4pm Where: Held in the outdoor amphitheatre, guests are invited to sit under the blue sky and listen to classic music every Sunday.

Admission is free.

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Food tickets and commemorative wine glasses are available for purchase. The festival will take place in downtown Carefree, near the corner of Easy and Ho Hum Streets from 10am-5pm. Parking is free also. For more information, call or visit www. Times are tough. We can work on the custom shirt later if we must, just promise me that once we are past these tough times you will go invest. For now I will share with you two things that will actually.

We buy: I have seen guys who would easily be defined by the entire civilized world as butt ugly and yet they were somehow sexy. In a word: Whether going casual and pairing a sharp looking gray of any shade shirt with a pair of jeans or at the office and pairing that gray shirt. Go forth! Look great! Ditch your black shirt, put on a crisp new gray custom fit shirt and conquer! Have a question? Address it to: Tobie Milford with the Whisperlites. Duck and Decanter , E. Yucca Tap Room , 29 W.

Southern Ave. Kirkwood Dellinger CD release party. Apache Trail, Apache Junction: Hollywood Alley , W. Broken Poets 8pm , Veyron Crash 8: Buffalo Chip Saloon , E. Cave Creek Rd. Tom Wagner Band. Robert Lang. Young Country. Martini Ranch , E. Stetson Dr. Radio Maker 8pm and Green Ears 9pm. Pranksters Too , E. Steel Horse Saloon , W. Organ Grinder. Pat James Band. All ages. Chandler Blvd.

Nine Ball.

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Tatum Blvd. Hans Olson. Blunt Club. Groove Defenders. Farmer St. Chicken and Waffles. Joe Amos and Digital Blues. Copperstate Tavern , W. Bethany Home Rd. The Lucky Devil , E. Terry Allen. Tramps and Thieves and Los Guys. Crown Kings. March 4th: The Jazz Divas March 14th: Greg Fishman May 5th: Joe Garcia www. Tyme Will Tell. Apache Trail, , Apache Junction: The Blooze , N 32nd St, Phoenix: Anthem Rush tribute and Breakdown Tom Petty tribute.

Self-Dub and The Andys. Louden Swain 8pm , Tramps and Thieves 8: Sail Inn , 26 S. Dubliner Pub , E. The Brazen Heads. Groove Nation. Cave Creek Coffee Company , E. Bill Dutcher. Fibber Magees , W. Matt Tenor.


Cruz and the Boomers. Rogue Bar , N. Saturday March 6th Martini Ranch , E. Ozomatli 8pm and Rock Lobster Country Club Dr. Mesa Amphitheatre , N. Center St. April 10th: Dan Emrey Band. A Careless Skyline with Cheap Plastic. May 2nd: Sanderson Ford Country Mega Ticket: The Bamboozle Roadshow July 16th: Webb Center for the Performing Arts , S. Vulture Mine Rd. March 12th: Steve Tyrell March 24th and 25th: Three Redneck Tenors April 8th: Marriott Dr. March 26th: Kenny G March Chickstock March 28th: Roger Hodgson of Supertramp www.

Second St. March 7th: Jon Nakamatsu March 11th: Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel: Chopin and the Future March 26th: Rosanne Cash March 27th: Rhythm Room , E. Indian School Rd. Sugar Thieves March 6th: Rocky Votolato, Adam H. Stephens and Bears of Manitou March 9th: Janis Ian March 11th: Poem, Ghost and Hooves March 12th: Arrowhead Fountain Center Dr.

March 5th: Cubensis Grateful Dead tribute March 6th: Yesterday Once More Carpenters tribute March 7th: Tribute to the Andrew Sisters March 13th: Andrew Strong of The Commitments March 25th: Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers April 4th: Jay and the Americans May 2nd: Mayo Blvd. Mary Hoffman and Trevor Hall March 9th: Pat Metheny April 20th and 21st: Rain Beatles tribute April 24th: Avett Brothers April 25th: Norah Jones May 9th: Merle Haggard www.

Rio Salado Pkwy. Paul McDermand with Esteban. March 8th: Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble: Contemporary Classics March 9th: HS Band Festival March 10th: A Supremem Evening of Jazz March 16th: Lake Shore Jazz: Eliane Elias March 29th: Tierney Sutton Quartet June 19th: Brian Bromberg www.

Rock vs. Wrestling with Hemlock www.

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The Asylum with special guests March 13th: March 11th: Willie Northpole March 19th: Vains of Jenna March 27th: Bang Tango April 3rd: Fayuca and Cousins of the Wize April 10th: Firehouse April 17th: Frequis and Bhangra www. We are your local direct marketing experts, one of Valpak franchise offices across North America helping. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Valpak Of Metro Phoenix locations. Data provided in part by Localeze and Valpak. Look through our coupons for many Phoenix attractions, restaurants, golf courses, and hotel resorts as well as package discounts for vacations.

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