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Show code. How do I use my Pampers Nappies promo code? Take a look through our featured Pampers promo codes until you find the one that you want to use. Pros Established brand. Pampers is a trusted brand with a hard-earned reputation for offering high-quality products. Loyalty rewards. You do not need to apply or pay a fee to join, as your first purchase automatically counts towards earning loyalty rewards.

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Which nappy fits best? When my kids were little Aldi was the best - Pampers used to leak everywhere. Dannii Bentham I have to use Tesco nappies on my two year-old as Aldi nappies don't fit. Kate Bartlett With my first child, nothing except Pampers worked. All the rest leaked! With my second I found Aldi great. Carine Du Plessis All kids are so different e.

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It was hard to find nappies that fit him correctly and that didn't leak. Christina Ibrahim Where can I buy cheap nappies? I swear by Aldi nappies. For years I was buying Pampers and literally throwing money away. I used Tesco's own brand nappies on my little ones. I tried Pampers which were good, Asda's own were not bad but not my first choice.

Christina Ibrahim I use Lidl nappies, they do a great value box.

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Otherwise, Pampers are a good deal through an Amazon subscription read more below. Ruth Simpson Aldi 1st size nappies are perfect and cheap. Amie Stevens Lidl own brand are fantastic. Cheap, absorbent and great for the skin. No hint of irritation or leaking.

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Georgia Laurie I have always gone back to Tesco nappies. Tried almost all the brands and never found one that is perfect. ASDA nappies have always given my kids a rash. Aldi never fitted properly and Pampers tend to leak. But the Tesco ones seem to cause less problens in our house. The thing that shocks me the most is how much they vary in price brand to brand! So many nappies for your money and they don't leak.

I have never had a problem. Samjonahtoby Hodgetts I have five children and my eldest four all wore Pampers. Having my fifth, I thought I would try the Aldi nappies which initially I loved, but as time went on I noticed that they leaked and also didn't always absorb very well which left my little girl with a sore bum. I've since tried Tesco nappies and I love them. Maria Feltham Back in the days when mine were babies, I did use pampers and huggies, and then Morrisons, now there is so much on offer, but my tip then was go for cheaper nappies from birth as you are constantly changing them anyway, after every feed etc as they make so much mess and use better quality when their nappies are more regular, but as gonna be a grandma soon, I'll prob be making use of shops own brand.

Also depends on sensitivity of babies of course. Carey Lam Parents move to branded products for training nappies As your little one grows you'll progress to training nappies. At first I used Aldi for nappies, then Pull-Ups for training nappies. With a training nappy you pull it down like knickers. It's for when they are a bit older.

If I remember the good ones are Huggies - but it's unbelievably expensive. I would say Boots nappies are brilliant until your little one is crawling everywhere.

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Which, at that point, she was in Pampers nappy pants because they were easier. It's basically a Pull Up but they do them from Size 3s and it's just so much easier for me cause once I've got them through on her legs I'll just stand her up and slide them up her legs. How to get cheap nappies at Boots Special discounts and price glitches were revealed at Boots.

A few parents explained why they preferred Boots nappies, and how you can save money there: