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This is a discount you don't want to pass up! By having this exposure to prior exam questions in exam-like conditions, you can help alleviate exam anxiousness. The Surgent instructors understand how difficult it is to listen to hour long lectures, so it made sure none of the video lessons goes over 30 minutes. By having bite-sized video lessons, Surgent CPA Review allows you to digest complex concepts in small bites so you can retain more in the long term.

Your CPA preparations can be extremely goal oriented, meaning you only watch the videos that you need. Alternatively, if you want to take the scenic route, you can learn from the many videos Surgent offers. Feel free to leave feedback on the video lessons; Surgent frequently goes in and updates their lectures so they can be engaging and informative.

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Surgent has task-based simulations in its CPA review course. These include the new Document Review simulations that are seen on the newest versions of the CPA exam.

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Hence, as you move forward with your study phase, you will be introduced to more and more simulations. And with the adaptive learning software, you will be given the right TBS that you need to practice with the most. Since Surgent prides itself on its efficiency, it has organized the multiple choice questions and content into three phrases: The course will continue to adapt once you move on to the study phase and begin answering multiple choice practice questions.

Surgent CPE Info & Tips

If you incorrectly answer a question, the adaptive learning software will remember and reorganize that question so you can try again in the future. The best part about Surgent, in my opinion, is that the bulk of your studying is done while you are practicing with multiple choice questions. When you get a question wrong, you will be provided with the correct answer and detailed explanation.

I loved this because I knew I was studying what I needed to know and not wasting time on topics I already understood. On top of your normal assignments, you will be provided with daily Surge Cards. These are generated specifically to your unique needs and will include relevant multiple choice questions, videos, and study sessions. The Surge Cards are like your daily medicine for your CPA study pains, pinpointing the symptoms that are bringing down your whole score and providing you with the correct remedy.

Surgent has more than 2, flash cards that you can use via its mobile app. You can download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores. These flashcards are a great study tool that let you study terms and questions on the go. However, their ReadySCORE adaptive learning technology is the killer app that makes this course far beyond the ordinary.

After taking an initial assessment test, ReadySCORE helps students to determine their overall exam readiness with a numerical score. When you first log in to Surgent CPA Review, your first step will be to enter your exam date and the days you can dedicate to studying. The software will then calculate how many hours you will need to study on each of your selected days to complete your course on time. You can change this whenever you want and the software will recalculate automatically. Then you can move on to the study phase.

Your dashboard will reflect all of these phases to you and keep you on schedule. Surgent has recently and successfully overhauled its product and redesigned the dashboard to give users a better experience. Everything you need can be easily found in your home screen, and once the software has determined your strengths and weaknesses, your dashboard will contain a personalized study plan that targets your unique needs. Here you can access all your assignments and continue with your study phase. Since Surgent CPA review is so adaptable, it can be confusing at first with regard to using the course to ensure you get the most out of it.

Here you can have your questions answered immediately and watch a live demonstration on how your Surgent course works. No other review courses have this personal touch at helping you figure out how to get the best bang for your buck from your CPA review course. Surgent offers unparalleled access to great CPA instruction. With the Premier course, you get a Dedicated Coach who offers you personalized guidance along your studying journey.

If you run into any problems during your studies, Surgent offers support via email. When you pay for Surgent CPA review, you will have unlimited access to study materials until you pass. And since Surgent keeps its course constantly up-to-date, you will never have to pay for updated content. The Ultimate Pass offers all the trappings of a comprehensive review course and more, while the Premier Pass and Essentials Pass offer complete study programs designed for a tighter budget. At this time, there are no other courses like it.

Students are also assigned dedicated success coaches to guide them along their CPA journey. Success Coaches assist students with study and exam schedules, study strategies, test-taking tips, and accountability. Students get 12 sessions with a CPA Exam success coach 3 minute sessions per section. Students will walk away from this course with a better understanding of how to use Excel to their advantage during the CPA Exam, as well as a skill set that will set them apart from other job candidates or colleagues.

High-quality bound textbooks and spiral bound printed flashcards. Printed textbooks include multiple-choice questions, simulations, and explanations at the end of each category whereas digital textbooks do not. Surgent prints textbooks on demand and textbook content are updated on a quarterly basis, ensuring candidates receive the most updated content at the time of their order. By comparison, most providers update their textbooks annually. Study on your way to work, in the car or on a beach while listening to the Surgent CPA Review audio course.

The chart below breaks down the major differences between the three different packages. Take a look to see which course suits you best:. Yes, Surgent has a pass guarantee.

cpe packages

You can read the details here. Adaptive learning is a learning technology that Surgent incorporated into their software so it can quickly reveal your areas of need and automatically create a customized study plan that focuses on where you need the most help. The goal is to reduce study time and increase efficiency. They are experts in their field and are engaging and skilled at breaking down the troublesome topics into easy-to-understand sessions. Some of the key instructors include Jack Surgent and Liz Kolar. You can check out the instructors biographies here.

Yes, Surgent offers a free app on both devices for the CPA review flashcards. There are over 2, flashcards that include terms with definitions as well as multiple-choice questions with solutions. You may cancel and receive a refund for all charges within 14 days of your order placement date. No more than one video part purchased can be viewed to qualify for the refund.

Notification of cancellation must be done via email within 14 days of the order placement date. Surgent really does knock it out of the park when it comes to saving you money. With a firm belief in not taking anymore money from you except for the initial payment, Surgent offers you the flexibility in a monthly tuition plan. See all the best Surgent CPA discounts below:.

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See what all the hype is about for yourself. What are you waiting for? I have used both of these courses extensively and found significant differences worth noting. Surgent also offers better accessibility and updates. Surgent, on the other hand, gives you access until you pass and free automatic updates. When it comes to the course content, Becker still falls behind Surgent. This is great because if you get a question wrong, the related material will pop up and you can read and learn right after you answered incorrectly.

I would pick Surgent over Becker any day, but check out their demos to see which course works best with how you learn! Honestly, anyone can use Surgent. With the adaptive learning software, the course becomes unique to your needs and you receive a personalized review course. If your goal is to pass the CPA Exam fast and without any unnecessary study time, Surgent is the course for you!

Furthermore, Surgent is the only non-linear course on the market, so you will end up saving hours of time studying with this style of prep course. It also lets you when the best time to take the exam is. Overall, I am very pleased with Surgent, and I would recommend it to anyone. I will be using Surgent for all 4 parts, no doubt! I did not feel like my University prepared me well enough for the level I would need for the exam. I was worried it would be impossible to be ready to take my tests. The video lectures helped a lot with just brushing up on topics that I had forgotten.

Practicing multiple choice questions helped me gain confidence. I took my time and tried to use the ready scores to help me know where my weaknesses were. I passed all 4 exams the first time.

Surgent CPE Promo Codes & Deals

I am so grateful that I used surgent and saved my money to use for celebrating my passing scores instead! I helps you concentrate in the areas you need help. The videos are not Long which keep you from dozing off at long lectures. Material is easy to learn and understand.