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As for the class no class argurment…I think that these are perfectly fine ways to help your bottom line.. I think not. I did something similar at a Dollar Tree store in town. I called and spoke with the manager to find out when their newspapers are picked up and it was on friday.

Why, Hello There!

So every friday I would drive over and I could have all the inserts that were left from the week. Sometimes I made out really well. I may be hitting up my local coffee shop. That would have been awesome. I may also call the activity center near me. Great ideas!! If i buy one in the morning and love the coupons, I go back and buy many more-for 75 cents, i consider it a good deal!

I live in San Diego and our Saturday early edition of sunday is also called the Bulldog. LOL I thought that was a local thing, but I guess not. Now look how much better her site is!!! I believe some people are unsettled being around those who are helpful. Some visitors come and think there must be something sinister LOL! There are enough real problems in the world without jumping at shadows. Many people are genuinely kind and supportive here and that will always draw fire.

I talk about coupons to lots of people, and many of them offer their extra coupons. One great source is an employee at a grocery store — she does product demonstrations. I get all the coupons they are going to throw away after the demo — about booklets each time! Thanks Collin for everything. I love your site and visit it daily! Man — I just want to thank Collin for all the time she puts into this blog.

One thing we should all know is that it takes time to save money. So, if we spend a lot of time doing it for just us, think of how much time she spends finding this stuff so we can find it in one spot. I personally love this idea and all the other comments that have been given. What may not work for one of us, is anothers goldmine. Two things……… I started a coupon basket at work and leave it in the break room. She circles the coupons she wants, gives all of the inserts to me, I cut out what she wants and return them to her, and I get to keep the rest.

Works for me! Many of the other posts included using coupons to make purchases for donations or gifts, as well. I hope the negative posters will think before they write again and realize that they probably hurt Collin. I asked at a gas station near our house on a Monday morning if they had any papers left and if they did if they would mind if I took them.

They usually have to tear off the front cover of the paper to get a credit back or something but the owner has been so great. Every Monday morning my husband stops in on his way to work and they give us whatever papers they have left over.

Recycling Centers: How I Get So Many Coupons For Free

Some days it is 2 or 3 and sometimes it is 10 or It never hurts to ask. They are very stingy with extra papers here. The Sunday paper stays out all week long, and is sold at the regular price. Currently, I used ecoupons. It only costs the price of a stamp. So just checking with Mer and Nana…I follow the paperboy on my bike early Sunday morn and just take the inserts out of all papers in the neighborhood. That way they still have the news in the paper…is that still OK?

I came upon this post late and I knew something was up from the number of comments. I know it can seem like a buzzkill when someone posts their own thoughts on a topic or situation. What is even worse is when other people chime in with bad attitudes and name calling, Sometimes we have to take the high road, read a comment and move on. Collin is a big girl and I highly doubt she gets offended so easily about what some people may say.

In the end we are all just trying to make our way through what can some times be a tough world, and if we find ways to make it just a bit easier, good for us. My Mom is friends with her local delivery person. It has been awesome! Every month or so, I buy her a gas card or a gift card to thank her for her time……. Just another note on differing opinions.

Guest Post: How to Score FREE Coupon Inserts (AND Food)!

Collin is obviously a generous soul sharing with others her experiences and knowledge and I feel we owe her respect. This is a blog to share our couponing and bargain experiences good and bad and perhaps make some online friends, not to judge and shoot people down for how they collect a freaking newspaper! Keep it to yourself. I love this site! What a great idea…. What a smart idea and kind to share! I love to visit my local library on Monday morning. They take all the coupons and ad inserts and place them in the recycling bin when they display the Sunday newspapers.

I always receive two or three, clean copies of the coupons and ad inserts. I then get a set from my Mom who would just throw them away and neighbors that do not want them. Without even purchasing a Sunday paper, I usually have sets of coupons for shopping! The little town where my mom lives just got a brand new Publix well, about 6 mos. They work for a super-market doing the product demos and giving out coupons inserts. I love all the people in my life who make it possible for me to coupon successfully. Thanks so much for posting this Collin! This was awesome and has totally got my wheels turning.

Several mentioned work trades, such as bring free stuff to those who give you coupons. However, my husband does so it got me to thinking about his buddies at work. Men love to eat. What works for one may not work for another. Find what works for you and RUN with it! My mom works at our local paper. So she always brings me extra inserts a couple of days after Sunday. She says they would just be recycled anyway. I go to the two recycle bins by my house about once every other week. I pick up anywhere from 4 — 20 inserts. I never get in. I just pick through what I can from the little hole in the side.

I am a chicken! I get what we need, I am a single mom with two wonderful teenage kids. I take bags of razors, soap, shampoo and deodorant to the homeless shelter in my hometown approximately 3 times per year. My kids and I also clean out our closets once per year and donate the gently used stuff. I know it helps, everyone can use a little help through-out the year. It might cost me a little for the extra purchases but that is how I feel I pay back.

Thanks so much for the great site. Women, Women! SEttle down! My heavens that is nothing to get feathers ruffled about. Who cares?! Check company websites. Visit coupon centers.

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Look at your local grocery store. Follow good savings blogs. And I rarely have to purchase a newspaper! Where do you find the best coupons? Looking for more? Read more posts about guest post. Read Older Post Amazon. February 19, at 1: Lanise says: February 25, at 9: Karen says: Yes, I love those digital coupons — a great way to save money! Anna says: February 19, at 5: Crystal Paine says: Kathryn says: February 19, at 7: Eleanor says: February 19, at Yes, I love going to my local coupon swap bin too!

Happy Savings! Kristina Holcomb says: February 19, at 9: Erin says: February 20, at Regina says: Best of all, these are not additional coupons that you have to take to the grocery store and there's no stacking or match-ups involved. It's very easy. Plus, these cash back programs normally offer cash back for items that you almost never get regular coupons for, like: I've also provided "How To Use" pages see the left column for these programs.

Super Coupon Girl | Recycling Centers: How I Get So Many Coupons For Free

There are companies called Coupon Clipping Services that pre-clip coupons for you and ship only the coupons that you order or entire coupon inserts to you. Enter your Zip Code to see if their rates are better than what you're now paying. I subscribed to a year at one of those specials and am getting 2 papers a week for less than the price of one if I had purchased it direct.

Plus, I'm getting Thursday thru Sunday, instead of just the Sunday paper. It's a super deal, so sign up and keep your eyes open.

But first–the 411 on Sunday newspaper coupon inserts:

And the best part is, when the 1yr daily deal subscription expired, I was able to negotiate directly with the newspaper to give me the same rate for additional years! I've been negotiating renewals at this discounted rate for years now!

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Simply tell them that if they're able to offer that rate through insert Groupon or whomever and still make a profit, then they should be able to make the same offer directly to you, and still make a profit! You should be able to get the Sunday paper at a substantially lower price for this type of quantity. You're not actually buying the coupons, but you're paying the seller for their time to cut the coupons and supplies, like postage.

It's illegal to re-sell coupons. Spread the Savings! Share This Page. You should already be using the Grocery Cashback Apps , so now lets save a bundle shopping online with Cashback Sites like Ebates , and save even more! See Cashback Percentage for any Store here: Cashback percentages constantly change.

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