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I hope everything is easy for you to follow and understand especially for beginner sewers Enjoy and Like and subscribe for more quilting Tutorials Angela Wolf shows how to hem jeans without distressing, instead using Brother's MuVit Digital Dual Feed Foot to sew over the humps without skipping a stitch! These choices may be out of date. You need to go to wiki.

Our complete review, including our selection for the year's best embroidery machine, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki. Embroidery machines included in this wiki include the brother se, singer se, brother dze, janome memory craft e, brother ped, brother pe, singer xl futura, bernina bernette chicago 7, and janome memory craft.

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Most Recent Picks: Was ist eine "In the hoop" Datei? Meine Brother Innovis V3.

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In meinem neuen Video zeige ich euch, was eine Stickmaschine ist und wie sie funktioniert. Canon EOS d. Here are some of the great features and functions of the Brother Q Series sewing machines. Singer Beginners Sewing Kit: So let's go ahead and look into our bobbin area.

I'm just going to remove this case and get into our bobbin area. I open this up and I see here is my bobbin casing. Sometimes when you're sewing you might have problems, and the stitches aren't coming out right, or things are getting stuck, and you don't know what's going on. I always recommend taking out the bobbin and the bobbin casing. The first thing you should always do is just re-thread it and start over.

You'll take everything out, make sure your thread is not knotted or crazy on your bobbin. You can even pull some of it and cut it so that everything is nice and smooth. Then just go ahead and put it back in. Make sure everything is looking good. You can pull this and make sure everything is smooth.

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You can put your bobbin back in and start anew. If you do this, and you're still having problems, it may be for a couple of reasons. One, your bobbin casing, if you notice right now, it's locked in place. It's not falling out. Our notch here is in this groove where it holds it all together.

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  4. If your bobbin casing isn't all the way in, that could be a problem that you're experiencing. Another problem is you might be threading the bobbin in the casing incorrectly. I always like to just think of everything logically.

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    What makes sense? Our groove and our bobbin case is going to the left, and our thread is coming out to the left, everything is going to the left. So, when we put our bobbin in our case, our thread should also be going to the left. If you put your bobbin in going to the right so that the thread is going the other way, like this, then things are not able to move as easily.

    That could be something that could be something that's causing your bobbin problems. So, we'll just clip that.

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    After you do these things and you get everything set back up, if you're still having problems, one last thing that you can try is to get out a brush. You should've gotten a little lint brush that came with your sewing machine, or you can buy a little photography brush and just kind of get in the bobbin casing and dust out all the lint. You can even see I have some lint in here. But never use the spray can air because that will just push all the lint further in.

    Getting that lint out that may be stuck in the back will also help with any of your bobbin problems.

    NEW DISNEY MODELS: Brother M280D & M240ED Disney Sewing Machines

    So that's just a quick way to shoot your bobbin issues. Main Features. On display at Couling Sewing Machines, Lincoln. This video will explain how to machine embroider a design on the front center of a t-shirt.

    You will need an embroidery machine for this project. Look for new crafting videos on our channel on Mondays and Thursdays. On Saturdays, we post "Quick Tip" videos and share our personal crafting projects. For written information and links to supplies, please visit our web site through this link: Find us on: Web Site: Are you wondering which sewing machine to buy? Watch our recommended sewing machine guide for quilters. Free embroidery pattern November Projects and free patterns Explore an array of projects and free patterns to try with your sewing, embroidery or quilting machine.

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