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As proof of its graphics mettle, consider that this laptop ran Dirt 3 at frames per second.

As a bonus, the laptop sports a solid battery-life average of 9 hours and 11 minutes, meaning if you ever get really into a task without having a charger handy, you'll have a good window of time to wrap things up. Key specs: That 16GB of RAM is especially useful for juggling multiple intensive programs at once without hitting any lag or freezing. Plus, the inch MacBook Pro sports impressive speakers. This MacBook Pro also rocks an 11 hour battery life.

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Worth noting, however, is that areas like the keyboard can run a little hot on the hands if you push this machine to its limits for a extended period. Apple MacBook Pro inch Review. Any programmer who needs a crisp, vibrant and virtually bezel-less screen for coding projects should take a good look at Dell's XPS 13, which sports a notably attractive display. This machine is one of the slimmest on the entire list, making it great for working on the go, especially when you factor in its strong battery life.

Key Specs: Dell XPS 13 Review. As with other laptops on the list, the 16GB of RAM is an especially valuable trait, as it enables the EliteBook to juggle a lot of heavy-hitting processes at once without crippling performance in the process. As our review states, this laptop has just about everything: For those who want to look good while they work hard, this is the portable, powerful, premium programming laptop to get. Do note, though, that the sound from its speakers are rather tinny — so if you like what you see with the Carbon, you might want to grab a set of headphones in advance.

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This laptop is designed exclusively for the coders who believe that one man or woman should have all that power. No matter what you need to run, or what you want to do, with this laptop, its specs mean it'll likely be more than up to the task. Note, though, that all this performance comes at a cost, both financially and in terms of the heat this laptop produces. For programmers in need of a touch-screen-equipped laptop with requisite coding horsepower, Microsoft's Surface Pro answers the call.

And it weighs only 1.

The Surface Pro's only real drawback is its somewhat underwhelming 7-and-half-hour battery life. Intel Iris Plus Graphics Display: With that said here is how I got a powerful laptop for a price so low. I started by looking for used computer stores in my area, specifically ones that sell off-lease computers. My main reason for buying an off lease laptop is.

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So why would you do the same for a laptop? I ended up buying an HP Elitebook p. The machine might have an older generation processor and seem a bit dated but with a maximum RAM capacity of 16GB and the ability to add an SSD, it had potential. After installation it was time for the Operating System. I put Ubuntu on the machine.

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It might have some scuffs on it but the bang for the buck value is hard to ignore. Sign in Get started. Oct 12,

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