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Speeds are good. Prices are competitive. What more can you ask for. My experience has been that you get a lot more than you pay for. So Braddon and Gungahlin will be ok. Believe they will go to the Qbn poi when there are enough houses to justify the back haul cost. Tensions between cyclists and motorists have flared after another tragic death. Should these be regarded as traffic incidents, or do we need stiffer penalties for deaths and serious injuries? View Results. Ask RiotACT. By Emily Morris 6 December Thinking of switching to the NBN? The first step in the process is deciding on an NBN provider.

A reliable connection. Dropouts are seriously annoying, and can make it impossible to stream movies and play online games. High speeds. Generous data allowances.

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If your household has multiple Wi-Fi connected devices, and your family tends to stream a fair amount of online content, you will need a generous data allowance. A competitive rate. The best NBN providers offer great service at a competitive rate. Excellent customer service. If you run into a technical hiccup, you want a service provider with excellent customer service. A painless transition processes. They should show up on time, and get your home connected fast. Skymesh Skymesh is a reliable internet provider with a fantastic NBN offering.

Tags braddon fast internet internet NBN nbn providers. Submit Preview Cancel. Please login to post your comments, or connect with. NBN providers. Newest to Oldest Oldest to Newst. HenryBG 4: JC said: Whilst neither travels at the speed of light, copper is always slower. You might want to look it up before being so certain….

JC You are right! I looked it up. The VDSL2 is a copper based modulation. Super vectoring. HenryBG said: I believe signals run significantly faster through copper than they do through glass. You believe wrong, very wrong. Fibre will win hands down every single time. HenryBG IdlePeasant 8: IdlePeasant said: DMZ Excellent experience and works great for NetFlix HD,not 4k.

Bolbi said: RIP iiNet. IdlePeasant 9: Grail said: I will say this as cautionary advice: Good luck.

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Mysteryman Blamemonkey said: Leo61 said: SkyMesh works for me. Good thing about sky mesh is no contract. You can go month by month. Trending Now Most: Recent Viewed Popular News 23 New multi-functional stage to make Arboretum a major performance venue. Lisa Ries - 18 minutes ago.


Alison Elliott - 11 hours ago. Lauryn Roberts - 12 hours ago. Jenni Lawton - 25 minutes ago. Roxanne Ebina - 27 minutes ago. Roxanne Ebina - 1 hour ago. News 6 Environmental controls for Snowy 2. Tony Morris - 2 hours ago. Shaun Hazell - 2 hours ago.

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Mark Dando - 3 hours ago. News 1 Another step forward for Snowy 2. Jason Preston - 7 hours ago. Capital Retro - 11 hours ago. ChrisinTurner - 21 hours ago. Opinion Death of a cyclist: Some tolerance please. Scott Deakes - 22 hours ago. Marc La Galle - 22 hours ago. Bolbi - 21 hours ago. News 28 Dual fuel inquiries to probe ACT's bowser pain. A Nonny Mouse - 24 hours ago. News 2 Canberra Hospital cancer ward redevelopment set to start.

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Bec Millar - 1 day ago. News 1 Rabbits to be culled at Goorooyarroo reserve as sanctuary expands. Brian Smith - 1 day ago. News that a cyclist had died after being hit by a truck on the Federal Highway sent a shudder through Community Farewell to Rhys Summergreene, a man of generosity and compassion. News Truck driver charged over death of Canberra cyclist. It depends on what provider you choose to go with for your NBN service and what they're offering.

Once it was the case that most internet plans came with a two-year contract, but there are now service providers offering month-to-month plans. Just check if you'll need to pay for a new connection and equipment charges and if there are any penalties for breaking a contract. Your new NBN service provider should include the gateway as part of your package when you sign up and that way you don't have to figure exactly what you need. You then connect the gateway to your computer and it connects to the hardware boxes installed by nbn to deliver the internet to your home.

If you want to buy your own gateway because there's a particular brand or model that you want, ask the service provider first to check if they allow BYO devices. Need an upgrade already?

Do you prefer the Labor NBN or The Coalition's plan?

We our wireless router reviews. You should be able to plug your existing phone into the phone port on the new gateway modem or router provided with your new NBN connection. These devices should come with a built-in converter to turn the analogue voice into a digital signal that can travel via the internet. There should be a port labelled 'voice', 'UNI-V' or with a phone symbol to indicate where to plug in the phone.

The new NBN router should be equipped for Wi-Fi and your wireless devices should be able to reconnect when you've set up your new wireless network. Likewise, your computer, smart TV, games console and any other gadgets that need a wired connection will plug into the ports on the back of the device marked 'LAN', 'UNI-D' or with a computer symbol. You should be able to keep your phone number, although you need to check with your service provider. The other thing to know about the NBN is that your phone will need power to work.

If there is a power outage your internet and your phone service may not work. You can opt to have a backup battery attached to the network connection box, but you may also want to have a charged mobile phone available if you don't want to be out of communications for any length of time. See our latest Smart TV reviews to find the best telly to stream your favourite shows. To check the status on when services will be active and to find out what connection type you're getting at your house, go to nbnco.

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The new network will be declared 'ready for service' by nbn, which means that the providers can go ahead and start connecting people and moving them off the existing services such as ADSL or cable. The service providers will be supporting both existing internet and new NBN services as it migrates customers from legacy to new NBN services. Consumers have up to 18 months to move to a new NBN service. Take your time to compare plans, ask questions about new equipment, new connection fees and contract length or month-to-month options. Now is the time to get ready to change to the NBN, if you haven't already, by choosing a provider and ordering a new plan and any new equipment.

Don't be pressured by sales pitches or scare tactics that you may lose your phone number or face a penalty if you don't move. You have up to 18 months guaranteed by nbn. Only terminate your existing service when your new NBN service is up and running. It's D-day and you've hit the end of the month window and existing services will be turned off.

Check that you're not continuing to be billed for your old service and have everything running by this date so you're not in a panic when the old service is terminated. It can take several weeks for a technician to come to your place and install the connection box for your house or apartment, depending on where you live and your provider's schedule. Then you'll need to have the service turned on, set up the new gateway the modem or router , plug in the phone and test that the service is active and running.

You want to do this at least a few months ahead of this final date so you're not caught out. If you do miss the disconnection date, all is not lost. Act quickly and sign up for a new NBN service and then you can request that your existing service is restored while you wait for the NBN connection to be activated — there is only a five-week window to ask for reconnection of existing services while you wait.

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In an ideal world, you get the NBN and your internet woes become a distant memory. Your internet connection, and therefore your life, runs smoothly and quickly with no timeouts, dropouts or zone outs. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where things don't always run perfectly.

The NBN like anything can have its bad days and particularly as it's a multi-technology network that blends copper, pay TV and fibre technology, there can be hiccups. Internet providers may need a little time to fine tune the new NBN services, particularly if large numbers are moving to the new network, and they need to provision enough bandwidth for everyone. If you have problems, it's best to contact your internet provider and ask for some assistance.

If the service is problematic on an ongoing basis, it becomes a more serious problem. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman TIO is the industry watchdog where you can lodge a complaint if you can't get it resolved satisfactorily by your service provider. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC has information on your consumer rights when it comes to internet services, including how to make a complaint to the ACCC if the issue falls under or fails a consumer guarantee.

Skip to content Skip to footer navigation. Top of the content. JavaScript is disabled. By Alex Angove-Plumb. At last, it's NBN time. Last updated: Where do I start? How do I know when the NBN's coming? What does my household look like? What do I need to compare? What speed do I need?

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  8. How much data do I need? How much will it cost? A plan for the elderly? Do I have to stay with my current provider? Do I have to sign a contract? Do I need a new modem? Will my phone, iPad and smart TV still work? NBN connection timeline What if I'm not happy with my new service?

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