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Most of the Black Friday deals on the PS4 Slim have evaporated, but there are still a few deals out there if you can snag them before they're sold out. If you do decide to go for a PS4 Pro, regardless if it's on sale or not, consider taking advantage of a Black Friday deal on a TV or computer monitor that supports 4K.

VR hasn't been able to reach as many people as some other forms of gaming tech, most likely because of the high price tag and lack of quality games. Rise to Glory and Superhot VR.

PS4 with Red Dead Redemption 2 sold out in minutes!

Things didn't always go the way I wanted, but that was a burden I chose to bear, and the story benefitted from my commitment, flowcharts be damned. If you happen to miss out on this deal, both Target and Walmart also have a fairly large discount on the game. Demons explode into bloody, fleshy messes. The big missing element here is the Glory Kill system, where hitting the melee button on a blinking enemy let you demolish them with a quick, gruesome fatality. In Doom VFR , you experience the pulse-pounding first-person shooter action of one of 's best shooters in an immersive VR experience.

The game at a discount but the sales end with Cyber Monday, so hurry on over if you're looking for another title for your PSVR. In our Dragon Quest XI: Both racing games are on sale this Black Friday, and Best Buy and Target are offering the latter at half price.

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With Target's Cyber Monday sale, you can save another four bucks. It's a spectacular action game with epic set pieces, big-budget production values, and hard-hitting combat that grows more feverish and impressive as you progress. What may surprise you is how mature its storytelling has become. God of War continues Kratos story in one of the most well-written video games of , and its major discounts persist through Cyber Monday.

With its best-in-class controls and visuals, and impeccable attention to detail for the small stuff, MLB The Show 18 is worth catching for any baseball fan. If you haven't gotten the chance to play the newest title in the MLB The Show series, Walmart is offering the game at a major discount through Cyber Monday. Target's Cyber Monday sale also affords some additional savings. It has succeeded, and this is likely the biggest and best that the franchise has ever been.

Monster Hunter World brought a new generation of players into the Monster Hunter series, with its accessible gameplay.

PS4 Pro with Red Dead Redemption 2 for $340

If you've ever wanted to play a Monster Hunter game, then try World. It's on sale through Cyber Monday at a fraction of its normal price. The combat mechanics click after hurdling a low learning curve, and the end result is a skillful dance where balletic dodges complement wushu-inspired aggression. The less you've been told about Nier: Automata before going into it, the better. The game mixes together action-based combat and relationship forming conversations. If you're at least interested in Refrain, but are wary of paying full price for something you've heard little about, then take advantage of these Cyber Monday deals on the game.

Until it went of stock, nearly everywhere.

Best Cyber Monday 2018 PS4 deals

Still, the step-up PS4 Pro -- albeit twice as expensive -- is widely available, with Red Dead Redemption 2 thrown in at no extra charge. With that in mind, here are the best PS4 deals we're seeing online. We've been hoping this was gonna happen. This won't last long. Looks like it's out of stock already.

Black Friday On PS4 - 12 Of The Best Deals!

We'll update if the deal comes back. While the following ones are listed as out of stock, we've collected the links here for easy access and checking, should they return. Keep an eye on Kohl's, too: As mentioned above, this bundle which, unlike Spider-Man, was never pitched as a Black Friday exclusive remains widely available. That's not surprising given the price differential, but considering you can get one of the best games of the year or maybe ever?

Red Dead actually looks considerably better on the Xbox One X according to resident game guru Jeff Bakalar , which you can get this week at the same price, albeit without the game included. This bundle was widely available as of Sunday, but has begun to sell out.

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Before you buy any titles, you should set up a PS4 owner with a yearly membership to PlayStation Plus, which enables online multiplayer, and offers discounts on online purchases -- and a handful of free titles each month. If you're going to be getting these bundles and games, you'll likely want to play multiplayer to take advantage of Sony's monthly selection of free games. Yes, plenty of great PS4 titles are on sale, too. Start by checking out the digital discounts at the online PlayStation Store. Compare those prices to some of the now-available discounts at GameStop.

Some of our favorites -- all fantastic PS4 exclusives -- are listed below. Originally published on Nov.