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But what you do is you kind of look out for when there's the lowest prices and then strike with all of those coupons that you've been saving and stacking up. The manufacturers have actually been promoting coupons on their own Web sites. Proctor and Gamble has a Web site where you can sign up and print coupons. Kraft has a newsletter that you can sign up for that has coupons.

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Especially the stores themselves, they keep track of the blogging sites. CVS, for instance, they have told me that they definitely read the shopping blogs and they sort of adjust the program based on how the people are using it and, you know, the criticisms that they might see on blogs or on forums. Drug stores have actually been very popular among the shopping blogs, where you can get other things besides just groceries.

You can get cosmetics, beauty products, some kinds of electronics. And there is a whole culture online of shopping blogs for even high-end items: HD TVs, computers, electronics. But right now, with the way the economy is, a lot of these bloggers are focusing on groceries because they feel everybody needs paper towels and toilet paper and tooth paste.

And these are the things that if you can get practically for free for when you need them, you're way ahead of the game.


There is a Web site called The Grocery Game that does a lot of the leg work for you. They will create a custom shopping list for you that's even regional that will take into account where you're located and what grocery stores you have in your area, and you can print out a color-coded shopping list that will tell you exactly how much you're saving on each item.

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Now this is a pay service. You have to hunt the coupons down yourself, but, you know, you can look in magazines and newspapers. There's a site called coupons. The thing is, different stores have different policies on how they handle coupons. Some won't accept coupons that are printed online, but then other stores will let you double or triple coupons. So you really have to be familiar with your local store and what their policies are on coupons and special deals.

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Don't Tell Me! Coupons Make A Comeback Online Once considered a prime candidate for paper obsolescence, the coupon has a new lease on life. Coupons Make A Comeback Online. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. July 8, 4: For free YAY! I am so mad!

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Is there a way to order just the coupon inserts by mail? When you order delivery from Pizza Hut which we did last night they give you a free paper-so free coupons for us!! They were so good I bought 2 St. Louis papers today. Bought two papers and the PG inserts in both of them!! The Sunday paper itself was not damaged, other inserts were not damaged, just the PG inserts. Live and learn I guess …. I would take it back and see if they will let you get just another PG insert.

Just a note I found out last week. I am not normally a Dollar Tree shopper, but in passing by the store, I noticed a Sunday paper display near the door. She stated that they get the newspapers on Sunday and they normally sell out that day. I was so frustrated yesterday! I went to 6 different places looking for a Chicago Tribune with the inserts in it! I found one at Starbucks when I stopped for a drink. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post.

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