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I called the next day and the person I talked to was quite rude and said they always charged the credit card right away even if the item was not in stock. He told me that the remaining item was going to be shipped that day. I called again the next day for a tracking number and they still had not shipped it and did not seem to know when they would.

I asked for the order to be canceled and the money refunded, and was told that they would do so and confirm by email. I still have not received the email. I will be calling my credit card company to contest the charge. I talked to the salesman on the phone and he said I would be better off just ordering on line. Well, me being the dummy, I ordered it. When it got here I installed it and it worked for about 40 days and then blackened into soot.

I tried getting hold of AZ ponds to voice my complaint and as of yet, I have had no response to my email. It is a Sankyo bulb that they sell for their pond kits, but jacked up to over three times the price. And, like I stated, I still have had no response, no replacement, and no nothing from them. I feel like the bulb should have lasted much longer than it did, as it is listed for 8, hours. I had looked at several web sites and AZ ponds appeared to have the best prices. The free shipping was the deciding factor for me. When my package arrived I opened it to discover what was sent was not what I ordered.

They sent the wrong kit which did not include the same items I had paid for, too small of a pond net, and other items I did not need or want. I immediately contacted them about the problem. To the credit of AZ Ponds, they did admit the wrong kit was sent and said they would ship out the correct order. Here's the reasons for the negative rating.

When I asked questions about addressing the package, and when I should set it outside I was told UPS would address it, and to "just set it out" as they pick up Monday -Wednesday "I think". The male party on the phone sounded like "you should know this" and seemed annoyed at my questions. Anyway, I repacked and set it out Wednesday morning. It was picked up Friday. After all, they did admit it was their error in shpping the wrong items. In fact, I contacted them on a Tuesday, and the correct kit wasn't shipped out until two days later.

Total time to get the kit I had ordered and for which they had already been paid was approximately 14 days. I know I will never deal with AZ Ponds again. I called and ltold them it wasn't working. The first year it was it needs a chance to build up,the second year i had it hook up wrong So now after 2 years and countless emails and pics there giving half my money back ,the thing is a gloryfied sand filter and it sucks. After troubleshooting, I discovered that the problem is a bad lid or pot.

AZ Company's Policy: The company will not pay for shipping charges to return defective merchandise. Their canned response was that the manufacturer will not pay for shipping. So I called Sequence. According to them, they, in fact, will reimburse for shipping if the product is defective. I was also told that Sequence stopped dealing with AZponds. The question was raised how AZponds is getting Sequence merchandise. I have opted to work directly with Sequence and the issue is resolved.

If I had gone through AZponds, it would have cost me shipping, time and inconvenience to remove the entire priming pot, and operational downtime of the pump. I avoided all this through dealing with the manufacture, Sequence directly. AZponds' solution, if I wanted to avoid the operational downtime, was to buy a new priming pot and have it shipped to me before removing the old one.

AZponds' prices are good, but you may want to avoid them on the basis of severely lacking warranty policy. Their prices are competitive and delivery is fast. Except for some purchases from my local nursery, I don't buy pond supplies from anyone but AZ Ponds. I'm hoping to visit their store someday soon in Birdsboro, PA.

The prices of AZPonds attracted me at first to their site. I've attempted to purchase three different items from them at different times in the past. Each item pump, skimmer box and maintenance products had the lowest price on the internet. When I went to make my purchase with them, I was told that the product I wanted was not in stock but that I could get a similar item which would cost much much more.

Speaking with them over the phone was even worse.

The scoop on 'AZ Ponds & Supplies, Inc. (Al Zimmer's Ponds & Supplies)'

The man was rude and demeaning. I've been in the pond business for 5 years and have experience in pond installation and maintenance. The man acted like I knew nothing. Bottom Line AZPonds is very unprofessional, a poor representation for the ponding business. The company seems to be in legal trouble. After talking to another online shop about my experience with AZPonds, they told me that the pond industry as a whole is having problems with companies like these because they undercut prices against the manufacturers terms and offer poor follow-up services.

Positive colleensand Sutherlin, OR 1 review July 8, WELL first the experience was very negative, I being from the Pacific Northwest had great difficulty emailing them back, There email is thru outlook express and alot of carriers with vista do not make this easy I would return only because he restored my faith in the internet You did right by me Negative pondingman Paramount, CA 2 reviews June 7, This really is the worst company on the net. First ok yes they are cheap but is really all you want? Bait and switch practices, Poor customer support, Non Return policy and they make you feel stupid when you call with a problem.

Anyone can sell pond supplies and anyone can be cheap but you have to have a balance or price and support. I have found many other companies on the internet that are fair in price, have the products in stock that I order when I order and I do not get grief when I need to return something or get support. It really is not worth dealing with a company that is getting sued by there vendors and that continually craps on there customers.

I have bought from them in the past and will never deal with them again. Read all the negatives hear on Daves and you be the judge. Do yourself a favor and buy from another company. Put this company out of business for the better of the pond community. I explained to them that I had some major pond problems and asked them to please expedie my order. After 2 days they still had not shipped my order.

When the order was shipped their on line tracking system did not work and when I e mailed and called 4 times I was not able to get the tracking numbers for the shipment. When I finally got the tracking numbers I found out that they had shipped it to my PO box not my physical address. This caused a further delay in the arrival of the pond supplies. My pond is in ruins and I have received absolutely no help from AZ ponds.

There are lots of other reputable companies to order pond supplies from. Very well packed and shipped for free. The price cannot be beat! Thanks azponds! The products I have purchased are high quality, shipped quickly and packed carefully.

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  • Pond Supplies at affordable prices and FREE Shipping on most items! - AZPonds & Supplies.

I think they are a great mail order company and I will continue to look to them for pond needs that I cannot get locally. Kudos to AZ! I mean everything!!!!! Mark was very knowledgable and beyond that the free shipping was great and fast. I am from Colorado and shipping took less than a week. I think azponds ships from Fl or PA so that was pretty fast. I will keep using them when I need stuff. I purchased a uv filter and it did not function properly. I spoke with Mike in their office awhile back about a green water problem that I was having and was advised to go with a 36 watt uv for my pond.

He seemed to be very informative at the time and I decided to purchase this UV. I hooked the UV up exactly as Mike told me. After a month of use, I did not see the results I was told I would see. All I had was green water and could not see my show koi. I asked for Mike and was told that he was unavailable and had to wait on hold for 20 minutes until someone could help me. I offered to give them my phone number so that they could call me back, but was told numerous times, that someone would be with me right away.

After being on hold so long, a Mark took my call and I told him all about my situation.

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  6. He asked me alot of questions about my pond. When he was done, he told me that the 36 watt UV I have was too small for my pond and that I needed to go with a 80 watt UV. I asked him how his other co worker came to the conclusion that I should go with a 36 watt UV and all Mark did was pause and said that he didn't know. I asked Mark if I could return the 36 watt UV for credit so that I could go with the 80 watt UV and he said that they didn't take merchandise back once it was used.

    I tried to reason with him that I was told to go with the 36 watt UV by Mike who was an employee of AZPonds and Mark said that this is their policy and that there was nothing that he could about it. What made me mad about the whole thing is that Mark's tone became harsh during the conversation which made me feel like I was incompetent.

    Personally, I think they should have taken the unit back and gave me credit because of the bad advice I received from one of their employees. I don't think I'll be shopping on their website again. They won't accept returns even if they are used only briefly. So basically they won't accept returns, period. Yesterday I got a water pump from them and tested it out in the pond to find out it's a little undersized. So I called them this morning asking to exchanging to a bigger size Well I was out of luck cuz it's used for all but 2 minutes and they won't do anything about it.

    Koi Pond Filter: Laguna Pressure Flo Filter 1400 / 2100 with UV Clarifier

    Such return policy is almost unheard of in this country and no other reputable retailers will even think about pulling it off on their customers. I guess most of them try to make their customers happy instead of chasing them away. Anyway, this is first and last time I will ever buy from azponds. I hope fellow ponders will get something out of my misfortune and get to know the true color of that company. Positive hero San Diego, CA 1 review June 9, I order on a monthly basis from azponds and have for about two years now.

    They always have the best prices I stopped looking at other sites and my orders almost always arrive on scheduel. Mark is great to deal with but I talk to lots of their employees. Always a pleasure, have recommended to family and freinds! If you guys at azponds read this, I have a big order coming in soon!!! Negative ponder73 Simi Valley, CA 1 review June 7, watch out for the bait and switch with these guys, I fell for it big time. They advertise some very nice items at low prices, you buy them and then are told, oh sorry they are on backorder, and they try and sell you a different model that is not as good for the same price.

    Turns out they do not stock the backordered items at all. I find out later after chatting with my local dealer that they are being sued for their business practices and that the products they refer to you to fill in the backorders are made by Al Zimmer's brother in law at Laguna!!!!!!! It's quite the little scam they got going. Not saying don't buy from them, just be weary of backorders and their "suggested" replacements. I also bought a sequence pump from them.

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    Turns out that sequence changed motors to some Made in Mexico generic brand motor, but AZ ponds still markets them as having the high quality Made in USA Baldor motors. I was pretty shocked to see this when I got my new pump. Positive epba North Tonawanda, NY 1 review May 22, I have made several purchases from this store and was nothing but pleased with each item and also the service that I received.

    I have also called for advice on several occasions and got the same wonderful service. Needless to say that I am very happy and will continue to shop here. I have also, used the bid auction and have been very satisfied with the service. Al will personally answer an e-mail to help you feel more secure in ordering his products.

    He is truly a gentlemen who looks forward to providing the public with well-priced items they purchase from him. I can not say enough about him and his company. He has my business for years to come. I tell everyone who asks for advice regarding pond supplies to contact this company. Their online prices simply cannot be touched and are the lowest by far, of anyone else. The website was easy enough to navigate and they also have an online "auction" that allows you to name your price for many items and yielded me another chunk of savings.

    I received my order in 5 seperate boxes quickly including the 20 X 25 45mil liner. The liner box was completely destroyed, but the liner looked fairly intact, so I have installed it. My pump wasn't included in the original shipment and took a "where's my pump! I have installed all of my pond components and have found a few defective items including the thermometer isn't readable and an egg lite that leaks. I've just sent them an email for warranty instructions and they informed me that they will be sending out replacements no charge ASAP.

    Once my replacement parts arrive, I would have no problem changing my neutral vote to positive and would use them again. Their prices can't be beat and on the off chance that they ship you bad stuff, they replace it quickly or at least I hope. I'd recommend that they package the heavy liners in better materials so they're better protected during shipping. Submersible filters are placed directly in the pond and are useful for smaller ponds.

    Skimmer and waterfall filters are systems fully integrated into the pond structure. Offering non-kink and airline tubing. The Laguna Click-Fit connector system is a patented connection system ensuring simple installation and maintenance are just a click away. Laguna Aeration Kits ensure that your pond is properly oxygenated throughout the year. In the summer months oxygen is critical to stocked ponds particularly during very hot periods. In winter they provide the they help keep the water surface from freezing. Laguna offers foods for all occasion.

    A convenient floating feeding station is also available. Laguna pond nets are available in many sizes and shapes. Some nets have extendable shafts, and other models are collapsible for easy storage. Laguna protective pond netting keeps leaves and predators out of the pond, while keeping the fish from jumping out of the pond. In addition to preformed waterfall courses, pond spitters serve as an essential solution to providing aeration to pond water. Find decorative fake stones, heron decoys, and more! Filter media is important to ensure effective filtration of your pond.

    Laguna offers a variety of media that effectively perform filtration functions. When used in any of the Laguna filters or other filters also the Laguna filtration media keep the water in a pond sparkling clear, and the fish healthy. Find planting containers, fertilizers, and pruning tools here. Planting baskets, bags and floating bags are available in a variety of sizes. Use plant fertilizer spikes on a regular basis to maximize health and growth. Keeps plants manicured with the Laguna Pruning Tool without getting your hands wet. Laguna has a complete line of water treatments to ensure that your pond is healthy throughout the season.

    Offering biological and chemical water treatments. Laguna offers a wide variety of pond lighting, so you're bound to find perfect for your pond. Various sizes are available, in both LED and Halogen, and different color effects can be achieved. Pond De-Icers play an important role in the health and wellbeing of your pond throughout the winter. In colder climates that risk a total freeze it is vital to install a heater or De-Icer to keep a small portion of the pond open.

    The new and improved Laguna Pressure-Flo pressurized pond filter eliminates green water and kills algae. The Laguna Pressure Flo provides mechanical filtration coupled with a powerful UVC sterilizer to produce a clear, clean and healthy pond environment for ponds. The Laguna Skimmer is a heavy-duty surface skimmer and filter that provides essential filtration to ponds.

    The Laguna Skimmer has a lift out skimmer net for fast and easy maintenance. Proper installation of this unit will provide several benefits, including clear and healthy pond water, low maintenance,and a pleasant water garden environment for you and your family. With its rugged construction the Laguna Skimmer is made for lasting and durable performance. High capacity solids handling pumps to power waterfalls and pond fountain features.

    Laguna Growth floating fish food contains a special blend of the highest quality proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote rapid growth. Laguna Growth Food also contains very high levels of protein ingredients for rapid growth and increased health. Adding oxygen into a fish pond is crucial for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds during the hot summer months when oxygen levels decline, as well as during the winter months to prevent the pond from freezing completely.

    Laguna Air Pumps are safe for outdoor use, but it is recommended that the unit is enclosed in a garden shed or similar to protect against the elements, during the winter months. The net frame has a tear-resistant plastic guard that prevents the net from tearing due to constant contact friction. Both nets also features a non-slip handle and hanging string for convenient storage.

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    These Baskets are sturdy and durable. They are constructed to allow maximum water flow through root systems of pond plants, while preventing fish from grazing on root systems. We have the largest selection of Laguna Products available online. To continue Ice Dams- if you choose to run your pump during the winter, and it's powering a waterfall, it's important to monitor for ice dams. These are ice accumulations that can occur at the base of your waterfall during freezing conditions.

    So, as the pump runs, water has the opportunity to roll over this ice and ultimately out of the pond. Draining your pond. Which, can cause fish loss and ultimately pump failure. Coupon Codes

    The Pond Insider - Filtration. Filtration is a key element to mostly every clear and healthy pond. When choosing a filter, it's best to decide based on pond size and fish load. Ponds with heavy fish loads will obviously have more debris, so with those ponds you will want to consider oversizing filtration.

    Remember, you can never have too much. The sounds of a cascading waterfall and birds singing. Not a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining and you're resting by the pond feeding your koi. What could be better than this? How about actually hand feeding them!

    Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pressure Filters

    Follow the few easy steps below and your koi will be eating from the palm of your hand in no time. Laguna Pond Netting.