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Refill Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser with a Straw

Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon. Include Out of Stock. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This is just ONE site, and you see how many folks are having issues. We've had these for a couple of months, only used the Lysol soap, and have had two failures.

Latest gives 6 blinking LED flashes over and over, no motor action - nothing. Multiple sets of batteries tried; same behavior. Their quality control is clearly poor on these, or it's a poor design - take your pick - but a waste of money in either case. We're dumping these and the overpriced refills, and going back to a standard hand-pump - cheaper, WAY more reliable, and less mess and waste. A constant ticking, the unit works fine, it's just annoying.

Craig, I haven't heard of anything like that, strange I just bought my 2nd unit. The first works great. This 2nd one works fine but it has a constant ticking sound. Any ideas what is causing this? Very interesting, I wonder if the problems that others have experienced are related to having moisture inside the enclosure, that is not something I had considered. Does anyone else with a malfunctioning dispenser not resolved by other methods care to try carefully drying out the insides?

My apologies for the inaccurate instructions, it seems that the product configuration has been updated in the newer models. The old machines had a large eject button in the back which was the primary sticking point when opening the enclosure. I accidentally knocked my stainless steel colored Lysol dispenser into the sink where there was a little water.

Upon drying it off, the red light was blinking. I came to this website and saw the postings and read the one about taking the 4 screws out of the base where the batteries are placed. I did this and in addition, I took out the 3 screws on the base. Be careful that these 3 are shorter than the 4 in the battery compartment.

I was not able to go up to the top and disconnect the dispenser tube as when I tried to pull the unit apart, there it hung up. In addition, pushing in the 2 projections that hold the soap was not a good idea. So I immediately ceased any removal attempt. I blew into the unit but a hair dryer would have been better to dry out any water in the internals.

I reassembled the unit and put the batteries back. I slid the switch to On and the light blinked. I did this a few times and the motor activated so I knew I hadn't blown anything. In fact on once occasion, the motor came on and did not stop pumping, so I slid it to Off. Having read a comment about leaving it alone, I left it over night. In the morning I slid it On and Off a couple of times and sure enough, the light went off and it dispensed 1 glob of soap. So evidently, the water that was causing the problem had evaporated and the problem was corrected.

It is now working properly. By way of update, the customer service at Reckitt Benkiser has been good. Trouble is I'm left with a rather expensive refill, which I'll have to break open to use as I don't fancy buying another one. Thanks Louis, that sounds terrible! Please update if you get a response back from the manufacturer, would love to hear what they suggest. I had the same problem as a few others.

I changed a rather expensive brand new refill and it discharged the whole lot overnight onto the toilet sideboard and carpet. Took ages to get the bubbles out of the carpet. Was very annoyed and left it for a while, decided to give it another go today and it is completely dead.

New batteries, but no lights or noise or anything. I have written to manufacturer and am awaiting a response. My Dispenser was starting right from turning it on. And the red Light was flashing for 5 times and stopped. And also kept running on. I took the unit to bits and found that the Miniature Microswitch had come apart.

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The one that swithches with the Cam. I glued it back together with Epoxy Resin Glue. Works a treat, I think the part looks cheap and nasty. My dispenser was putting out twice as much hand soap and then the light would start flashing. So I put hot water and vinegar in an empty refill dispenser container and just kept using the dispenser to clear out any clogs or obstructions. It now seems to work fine again. I forgot to mention for those people who have the unit dispensing soap when the lights are turned off , that the reason may be that the IR emitter is dirty or obstructed, but ANOTHER source of IR light is being detected by the unit Perhaps coming from the bathroom light itself.

It would be interesting to see if those of you with this problem took the unit to another room with different lights and tried the same thing without the problem repeating itself. I have a possible explanation and solution for those of you who are experience erratic dispensing and have tried cleaning the sensor with no improvement, or have the units dispensing when you turn off the bathroom lights.

First an explanation of exactly what's happening when the unit works correctly. The sensor is an IR infrared light sensor, and it is constantly monitoring a beam of invisible to the human eye infrared light. When that beam of light is broken or interrupted, the electronic circuit assumes that there's a hand under the unit and it dispenses soap.

The problem is that Lysol left out an important detail in the cleaning procedure. Not only does the sensor need to be clean so it can detect the IR beam but the source of that beam ALSO needs to be clean. So I imagine most of you are wondering, "Where is this invisible beam coming from? Behind that red lens is another LED that normally emits like a flashlight a constant beam of IR light.

The unit will dispense soap as if your hand was under the sensor, because you've interrupted the IR beam. I suspect that one of a few things has happened to the "broken" units.

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One other possibility is that soap has gotten into the black tube that houses the IR emitter and obstructed the beam from the inside. Either way assuming the IR emitter IS still working , your next step will be to make sure that area of the unit is also clean and unobstructed. You are the man!!! I have 8 of these dispensers and each had the problem of continuous dispensing. The only difference was I used a soft toothbrush to clean the sensor and nozzle and than ran warm water over it Joan, some batteries like "Duracell Ultra" or rechargeable NiMH have been known to cause problems, but standard alkaline batteries should be fine.

Blinking in the OFF position sounds like the switch is broken. My light keeps blinking too, even though I have brand new batteries, it blinks all the time, even when it's in the OFF position. Is there a special type of batteries that it takes? My soap dispenser will dispense soap after my hand has moved away from it. The light will blink 4 times and it will dispense soap 4 times. We have cleaned the sensor, changed the batteries and it still keeps going off on its own. What can I do to fix it and not buy a new one?

After 2 months, mine started dispensing soap 3 three times in a row. Sometimes it would dispense on its own. Possibly the lighting conditions may be tripping the sensor as well. Once it dispenses pumps three times , red light blinks 6 times afterward. Tried different concentrations of soap, cleaned the external sensor, and replaced the batteries even though the originals were still good.

Did everything the internet said to try to get my dispenser to NOT dispense soap when the bathroom light is turned on or off. Had a terrible experience with the customer service person that I was instructed to call. Lysols CS rep was just reading a script. I told him I had done all the things suggested and that I wanted my defective dispenser replaced. He told me NO! Let me suggest to everyone who reads this: It is like throwing money down the drain as they will not replace a defective unit. I guess they like the dispenser to randomly dispense soap This is CRAP and the service is worse.

Don't put yourself through the hassle because there is no loyalty to the customer from Lysol. That is strange, unless the consistency of the soap is very different it should dispense the same amount since the amount dispensed is a built-in mechanical feature. Can you hear the gears turning?

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With my soap dispenser each push of the plunger which should happen once per dispensing is easy to hear. Does it sound like it is pumping more than once? There is some advice here for opening up the refill canister, you may at least be able to water down the soap a little so that it is not wasted. I just bought a no touch dispenser used up the first bottle of soap, bought a lysol refill bottle and not it dispenses way too much soap.

I tried cleaning the senser with a Qtip but nothing has changed. Any ideas as to what the problem is? I am having a similar problem to Soigne. Mine is dispensing excessive amounts of soap, but hasn't stopped working. After the multiple squirts come out, then the red light flashes three times. It does this with every activation of the sensor. I have checked the sensor and it is spotless. I replaced the batteries, no change. Replaced the soap, no change. I tried to follow instructions given earlier in these comments to dissamble it and check inside, but it seems that the design must have been changed because there is no way to get the gray insert out.

Both myself and my husband have worked on it, first by hand and then with a small screwdriver to try to pry it out. It doesn't seem to be designed in such a way that it's removable anymore. So basically the only option now is to just buy a new one?? I'm not sure I want one if it's going to malfunction and need replacing every couple of months.

Soigne, my recommendation is to call Lysol at USA and explain the behavior of the soap dispenser to them. Since you clearly have a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances under which it does not work you should be able to explain the issue to them and ask for further advice or a replacement product.

I believe that if they decide to replace the soap dispenser you will receive a set of coupons that can be used in any store to purchase a new Lysol soap dispenser. I am experiencing similar problems as Barry.

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First my soap dispensers started dispensing an excessive amount of soap then it just totally stopped working. I installed new batteries and the unit still did not work. The red light flashed a couple of times, but the unit still did not work. I cleaned the dispenser hole and the sensor and the unit still do not work. I bought new soap and the unit still did not work. I am unable to take the unit apart because I only have one hand. What do you suggest?

When you first turn it on, it verifies that the beam is unbroken otherwise if the beam is blocked the device will keep blinking. After that, if it dispenses for no apparent reason it could be due to oversensitivity of that sensor. If cleaning doesn't help I would recommend calling Lysol to see if they will replace it.

My soap dispenser keeps on dispensing when i turn it on. Any suggestions for what i can do to fix it? Mark, was your soap dispenser working properly before it started malfunctioning, or was it in that condition when you bought it? It could be an electrical problem, such as a broken connection on the sensor wires. If you want to check the wiring you can remove the refill, unscrew the screws in the bottom of the battery compartment, and then pop out the dark gray plastic lining.

Hi the only way I can get the light too blink is to pull the battery cover off then put it back on then it blinks six times but nothing happens after that cleaned sensor and changed batterys. But that did not help can you help thanks mark. Cynthia, either the device is broken in which case you can likely return it to the store , or the soap refill needs some adjustment.

Check to ensure that the sticker on the soap refill was removed and that the refill container is fully inserted into the dispenser until it clicks. You may also try turning the refill canister upside down so that the lid is facing up and inserting a pen into the hole on the refill canister. There is a rubber stopper in there that you should be able to push down just a little bit. This stopper could possibly be stuck or there could be a pressure vacuum in the canister, preventing it from dispensing.

Mary, can you hear the sound the dispenser makes while dispensing soap? It sounds like the plunger is getting jammed, that light trips when the tiny motor inside the soap dispenser can't complete a full revolution. I noticed the same thing when I refilled it with soap that was too thick, it would dispense two or three times audibly working harder each time , then finally it would stop and the light would come on. I think that the only way to diagnose the problem is to take the dispenser apart and see if there are any obvious problems, like the gasket around the plunger coming off or soap buildup in the reservoir or tubing.

Certainly that may not be worth the effort, so the best course of action might be to call Lysol. Please let us know here if they can determine the problem or end up giving you a refund. They have very good customer support, you can reach them at Mine does the exact same thing as the person above described, worked for the first few weeks, then the red light would come on and not dispense anything, changed the batteries, cleaned the sensor etc. Turn off and then on and it works once, dispenses twice, and then doesn't work any more and the red light comes back on.

Okay, both units appear to be working fine again since sealing up all holes in the soap cartridge sleeve and using extra 'O' rings as previously mentioned. And for those wondering what's the deal with the 'extra watery soap mix', I like to use Dr Bronner's liquid castile soap, but it's highly concentrated so you only need a very small amount of Dr Bronners maybe 5 or 10 percent mixed in the cartridge filled with water, hence the 'extra watery mix', and likely why it was leaking into the works below with the dispenser being designed to use much thicker soap.

Assuming of course this 'mix' is what was indeed causing my problems to begin with! Thanks again fritteritter for the great site and your kind assistance walking me through my initial repairs. Dawn, that sounds like a mechanical defect. When the red light remains on, it means that the motor was either working too hard or had some other problem pumping the soap.

It will remain "tripped" like that until you turn it off must remain off for a few seconds , then turn it back on. Sometimes this "just happens" and sometimes it is a chronic problem where every time the dispenser locks up. If you can't return it to Walmart as defective, Lysol will almost certainly send you coupons to cover the cost of a replacement, they are not too hard to reach on the phone. I just bought this at Walmart over the weekend for 6. I tried to email Lysol but when I hit submit it won't go through.

I am going to try to call them. Anybody have any other ideas for the red light problem. Plan bit more experimenting. Have completely sealed all holes in grey soap sleeve and added extra 'O' rings under soap 'nipple' to attempt to ensure no leakage into 'the works' below. Will likely have to wait few days for Disp 2 to 'reset' itself for proper functioning like Disp 1 did before attempt this new experiment. See 8 more comments.

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Check the Batteries If there is no red light after turning on the Lysol No-Touch, the most likely problem is dead or incorrectly-installed batteries. Identify Mechanical Failures If the red light remains on until the Lysol soap dispenser is turned off, the motor is over-working itself.

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Were you able to fix your Lysol automatic soap dispenser? Yes, thanks to this article Yes, figured it out myself No No, but the company replaced it See results. Lysol No-Touch Free Replacement Coupon Details Thanks to a report from a reader whose soap dispenser had a mechanical defect, we now have some insight into warranty fulfillment for the Lysol No-Touch.

Unlike traditional coupons, these clearly state: Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Does anyone know where I can get bottoms battery covers to the dispensers? Charles Fazio Chz aol. There are 2 sensors in this unit. With a beam between both.

Lysol Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser FREE at Walmart!

Thanks for the help! Soap was on the sensor. Used q-tip and works fine now. This product eats batteries and does not work cleaned sensor did not help. My dispenser keep dispensing soap at random times even when no one is around!! Jhayne, just pull it out My dispenser delivers three lots of soap each time I put my hands under it. It's happened before and it cured itself but not this time yet. I've tried cleaning the unit and replacing the batteries but to no avail. Triple dose of soap. Or more Quickly explain how I fixed my problem. We get inside as in the description: For anyone interested in that approach, you would need to do the following: Remove the batteries and soap refill.

Remove the screw from each of the 4 battery slots. Pop out the refill liner while pushing the Eject button 4. Pull the two wires attached to the sensor on the arm; the plastic sensor will swivel out of the sensor cover 5. Detach the base from the body, the tubing will disconnect 6. Remove the remaining 3 screws from the bottom of the device 7. Tilt the gearbox out to expose the bottom 8. Remove 3 screws from the gearbox cover The miniature microswitch is now accessible. You can open it with a safety pin, however, you need to be careful.

After cleaning and after assembling everything works as it should. My dispenser dispensies when I turn off my bathroom light. Morgan, thank you for sharing! I hope that your advice will help others as well. Let us know if anything works: Keep up the great work! Will update results when have some! This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons. This is used to prevent bots and spam. This is used to detect comment spam. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized.

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